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Sora no Manimani episode 8

I’m a little bit later than usual with this post. That’s because every time I got around to writing this I got bored and went off to watch Honey and Clover or Monster. It’s hard to blog about anime when you’re far too busy watching the stuff.


Yeah, Honey and Clover is fantastic. Go watch it folks. Not quite so enthusiastic about Monster though but I guess it’s a nice change from generic rom-coms.


So this episode was the inevitable cultural festival that play a big part in any anime based in high school. I don’t know about you guys but I wish I had a cultural festival when I was in school. I’m always a bit sceptical about anime’s accurate portrayal of Japanese everyday life, but it seems that even people who have no connection to the school go to cultural festivals. You can see why too if they’re throwing up planetariums and moive screening sessions. Plus there will always be at least one class doing the maid cafe (according to most anime anyway) at who doesn’t want to see high school girls in maid costumes.


Would you watch a spin-off series that featured the Adventures of Planetan and Edogawa’s cute sisters? I wouldn’t, no Hime means no watch from me, and I doubt anyone else would. Unless it was made by Kyo-Ani. Spin-off series of a minor character that barely appeared in the actual show itself? Why, the fanboys would be swarming on it in no time!


This episode was mainly just comedy with very little plot advancement at to be honest, I prefer it that way. While Sora no Manimani can be absolutely hilarious at times, it’s serious, romantic conversations usually fall short. Take the conversation between Saku and Mihoshi in the planetarium. Nice setting for the conversation, but the actual dialogue was so corny and could have been dragged from any lackluster rom-com in existence. ‘I was so happy you came back’ and ‘I felt kind of lonely’ are just so over-used and cliche and don’t really mean much anyway. Sora no Manimani does have the misfortune of airing in the same season as Spice and Wolf and Bakemonogatari. I don’t think there’s any anime that can stand up to those two when it comes to witty flirtatious dialogue, albeit rather unusual flirting in Senjogahara’s instance. In those two anime, the dialogue is just so cutting and original, SoM just can’t compare in the slightest.


I feel I should comment on Hime’s window scene since I’m a bit of a Hime-fanboy. It was a bit painful to watch to be honest. I know, you know, we all know that Hime doesn’t stand a chance in this relationship and yet they keep throwing in little scenes like this, just to remind us that Hime will be heartbroken when this all ends. Saku didn’t show the slightest sign of embarrassment when talking to Hime while he did when talking to Mihoshi or even Fumin. For a tsundere, that basically means the thought hasn’t entered his mind. It looked like there was some guy flirting with Hime in the next-episode preview so hopefully she’ll get some love there. If not, there’s always the club president I suppose.


The change in my attitude towards Edogawa has been the highlight of these episodes for me. At the start, I thought he was an annoying brat who kept charging on screen with his annoying level of hyperactivity. Last episode I admitted that the guy was starting to grow on me. This episode, the man was a comedic genius. All the best bits in the episode were provided by his utter randomness. The God-like pose, placing stars on the planetarium, to his beautiful photo shoot, all the funniest parts where supplied by his wackiness. Yes, his photo-shoot was beautiful, and third place was not enough for his sheer elegance and grace.


And that was about it for the episode. Well, they visited that purple haired girls house and looked at the moon while in yukatas, but that was all a bit meh. The important bit was the girl who looked like an English teacher from the 1920’s sent them a video inviting them to high-school astronomy meeting thing. At first I thought it was the local high school inviting the middle school astronomy club to their meeting, which made me think ‘hey wait, they’re not in middle school. They’re not wearing sailor fuku!’. Yes, that was my exact train of thought. My logical reasoning behind the characters not being in middle school had nothing to do with their ages, the plot thus far nor any other logical train of thought that anyone else would have gone through. My thoughts went straight to sailor fuku. Goddam you Japanese animation, what have you done to me!

You know, it takes about 22 minutes to watch the episode (since I skip the op and ed) but double that to take screenshots. This anime is so damn cappable.

The remastered version of Galactic Heroes

The remastered version of Galactic Heroes

Sorry lady you don't stand a chance. He's a middle aged Japanese man, he clearly only likes high school girls

Sorry lady you don't stand a chance. He's a middle aged Japanese man, he clearly only likes high school girls

The club president would be here but he collapsed

The club president would be here but he collapsed earlier

WTF, Elizabeth?

WTF, Elizabeth?

You know that fake-tan you loant me Mihoshi? Well...

You know that fake-tan you loaned me Mihoshi? Well...

I can't say I've ever seen the appeal of Yukata's. They look sorta pretty but otherwise...meh

I can't say I've ever seen the appeal of Yukata's. They look sorta pretty but otherwise...meh

7 days.......until the next episode

7 days.......until the next episode

::Edit:: Hey cool, this is the 500th post on Bokutachi no Blog. Thought you should know that.

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  1. Posted September 3, 2009 at 10:20 pm | Permalink

    lol screenshots shouldnt be taking that long

    We need more of Saku’s mom. I think she’ might be the funniest mom in anime, or the NHK mom.

  2. Posted September 4, 2009 at 2:30 am | Permalink


    Aha, a challenge! A better anime mum that Saku’s

    *checks MAL account*

    Ok, the only ones I could come up with are Hare’s mum, Weda, from Hare+Guu, Nagasumi’s mum from Seto no Hanayome and that random old mum who showed up in an episode of Gintama.

  3. Posted September 4, 2009 at 11:34 am | Permalink

    Saku’s mom looks and acts pretty close to Nagasumi’s mom doesn’t she? Nagasumi’s mom is just missing those wisdom lines. Both are equally awesome.

    This anime is so damn cappable.

    QFT. The on-screen gags are just hilarious.

    Even though the Hime x Saku window seems to be closing (and I wouldn’t mind if she stuck around as the comedic foil), but what do you think about Hime x Edogawa? If this show went on longer, we’d probably see an episode where Hime gets rejected, and looks for solace and ends up in Edogawa’s arms. Short guys need fluffy love too. =P

  4. Posted September 4, 2009 at 4:09 pm | Permalink


    I’ve thought about the Hime X Edogawa combo but he doesn’t seem to pay much attention to her, usually focusing his lens on the purple haired girl whose name I can never remember. I dunno how….comforting Edogawa would be if you’d just been rejected.

    Plus I’m only beginning to accept Edogawa now. He has a long way to go if he’s going to take my Hime! (I sound like an over-protective father)

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