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Sora Kake Girl: One of the worst first episodes I have ever seen, and I really do mean that

You know, I was actually looking forward to this show. Yeah, it was probably going to be dumb but I expected it to be entertaining. Instead I got one of the worst things I have seen in a very long time.


First off, the animation. When I saw the promo pictures I thought the character designs looked generic. I’ve changed my mind about that, generic suggests that people are sticking to a design that’s worked in the past. These characters look ugly. There were plenty of characters to see and they all looked just plain ugly. Seemingly every character was voiced by the exact same squeaky girl, except they had plastered some random colour on their head. The CGI looked awful and the fanservice was misplaced in a series that seemed like it’s aimed at 8 year old girls.


The story leaps around like a cricket on speed, except in a bad way. While some shows use hyperactivity to make it funny, here it just serves to make the show disjointed and retarded. A conversation will change without reason, it’s like listening to several Excaliburs chatting. Except Excalibur is better animated and has a nicer hat. Then there was the misplaced sudden heart-felt inspirational speech that just made the whole thing even more ridiculous.


Oh dear god, this fecking creature desu. Within 30 seconds of it’s appearance I hated it’s guts desu. That is, if it has guts desu. I spent most of the episode looking to see what new plot twist could possibly mean that this thing gets crushed/blown up/deactivated/disemboweled desu. My initial reaction to the appearance of the giant eye thing  was ‘oh great, maybe he can use some giant tea-cannon to destroy that fecking creature’ desu. At least the desu character in Gundam doesn’t say a whole lot, this fecking creature seems to be attached to that main character so there’s no chance it’s ever going to go away….desu.

Of course we have to have a poorly designed mecha piloted by an ugly girl wearing a revealing plug suit

I’ve watched a handful of pretty awful shows in my time, but this one really goes a step beyond (or behind?) most of the crap. Only Lucky Star sticks in my mind as having a worse first episode (but that’s a different story altogether). So Sunrise, my respect for you has plummeted. This is one of the most awful anime I have ever seen, and I really do mean that

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    well personally, I didn’t think it was that bad. Looks like standard sci-fi ecchi fare to me, and Lelouch’s reincarnation as a NEETbot made it worthwhile somehow.

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