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Sekirei Episode 1

Hullo there! I’m 5camp, the brand new member of this blog. I was wondering whether Brian would say something about me joining. You know the way they do that in shows, where the teacher says ‘there’s a new pupil who I want to introduce to you all today’ and in she walks, upon which the main character leaps out of his chair and exclaims ‘HEY! You’re that person from earlier’. Ok, very cliche, but relevant since that was the main thing I noticed about Sekirei. That, and the eternally bouncing breasts
\'I wish I was him\' say hundreds of loser anime otakus across cyberspace
I’m sure I’ve seen this before in several anime. Eureka Seven springs to mind

Sekirei had a fair amount of advertising on japenese tv (or at least so I heard. I live way off in Ireland where Japan is that country with lots of earthquakes and kung fu), so I was expecting something fairly decent, paticurly when it came to the animation and to be fair, the animation is fairly good. Nothing that will blow you away or anything, but commendable.But as for the plot…Our hero is a loser who failed the collage entry exam twice (cliche #1) and is feeling pretty down. So what better way to cheer him up then drop a teenage girl on his head (cliché #2), who lands on him in an erotic position (cliché #3). She happens to be chased by two women with astonishingly large, bouncy breasts in very little clothing with the ability to shoot electricity from their fingers. Since out hero is a water type, off he runs with the girl.The girl reveals that her name is Musubi, then has to stay at our heroes flat as she has nowhere to stay (cliché #4). So after she eats the rest of his money, not literally, they bump into the two bouncy breasted fighters again who attack him again. Suddenly Musubi starts making orgasm noises, kisses our hero and gains super powers (cliché #5). She says that she is Sekirei, a girl with magical powers, kinda like a HiME (cliché #6), and that he is a Ashikabi, a person who can partner a Sekirei and the Sekirei will fight on his behalf (cliché #7)

Those are some big...burgers

Ok, so it’s obvious here why you would be watching this. Clothes get damaged during fights, breasts are bouncing and panties are being flashed. Yes, this is a fan-service fighting show. If you don’t like fan-service then don’t bother. Beyond the fan-service, it’s not great. The fights were unimpressive, although they will probably get better later on in the series. The plot is ridiculous and did I mention cliché?

Mind you, I’m a person who heartily dislikes bouncing breasts. If you do like that sort of stuff then dig in. It eventually goes into standard harem style anime. You may choose from a wide range of girls (including a loli; there’s always a fecking loli) who will all fight over our hero to get him to choose them to be their Sekirei, or something like that. But yeah, I won’t be watching this.

I am so amazingly rich that I can gel my hair in ridicolus style and force people to say I look coolHe must be evil. All white-haired anime characters are evil

It finished off with a multi-billionaire claiming that all the Sekirei have to fight off Battle Royale style to determine who will be the winner and ascend into heaven. What number cliché am I on?

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  1. Loba
    Posted July 6, 2008 at 11:39 am | Permalink

    Welcome, Scamp! Short and sweet episode run through I say. Dragonboobs all over again? Nah. WHERE’S MY GUNDAM!?

  2. Posted July 6, 2008 at 1:32 pm | Permalink

    Sorry for not introducing you, Scamp. But still, you need to inform me about which anime title you are going review.

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