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Sakura Trick 9 – Kiss of Death

sakura-trick-yuzu-kaede-saviors-of-the-showThis was a super boring episode until these two saved it. Praise be to Yuzu and Kaede!

Sometimes I feel like the biggest jerk in the world while watching this, because I’ll see something that I know actual fans of the show are probably enjoying like crazy but is doing nothing for me. Yuu wiggling her feet clad in puppy/bunny socks (not sure which animal it’s supposed to be — for all I know it’s probably something different entirely) leaps to mind immediately. It’s supposed to be a cute image. Even typing the phrase “objectively cute” makes me want to stab myself, but that’s pretty close. (Swap in a boy Yuu if that tickles your fancy more!) But because I’m old and terrible, my feelings are dead to all the cute stuff. I’ve had my fill. So while all that’s going on I’m thinking “Man, Stardust Crusaders in only a few weeks!”

So yeah. I’m beyond enjoyment with the cute stuff unless it’s really funny and not “chuckling because of cuteness” funny. It’s nice to see a loving relationship where the folks therein really care about each other, but it’s also quite boring and makes me gag. They’re so lovey-dovey, and they’re also teenagers, so it’s crazy corny. If they sat around and planned the rest of their lives together, I’d probably hurl myself off a bridge to rid myself of the secondhand embarrassment. I’d say I would enjoy it more if there were a dollop of crazy drama, but I’m watching Dear Brother right now, which is akin to having a drama nuke dropped on your head every episode, and that is wearing thin, too.

Has my ability to enjoy silly teenagers in melodramatic situations finally been stripped clean by anime?? This is troubling.

Enough negativity, however! Even I’m not too cool to snap out of a “Harumph, cute cartoon girls! Harumph!” mood when presented with something simple and funny. The little bit with Kaede’s siblings playing House is fun. It’s a simple situation: you take a silly game wherein the participants take it WAY too seriously and put a lot of imagination into it. (This formula worked to great effect in a similar skit in Squid Girl.) I had a good laugh imagining the two kids dressed like parents and whining about their daughter not joining them for dinner. The quick cut at the beginning after Kaede initially brushes them off by sarcastically saying that she’ll play the role of “daughter who is drowning in homework” is great, too. They totally get the hint, but they want to play with their sister so badly that they’ll weave it into their scenario rather than leave.


Also, this dude is a fucking boss. I bet if you tried to run him over he’d just straight up grab the motorcycle and flip it over his head. Don’t even mess with him. If Haruka and Yuu flipped people who tried to mess with their relationship, I’d be SO back on board with them.

(This is probably evidence of how media warps your thought process. Two people engaging in a mostly healthy relationship? Zzzzz. The thought of flipping muthafuckas who get in the way of said relationship? YEP. I’m a loser.)

Speaking of being a loser, here is my poetry in a form that doesn’t work nearly as well in English as it does in the language for which it was intended.

sakura-trick-kids-marriageAn early lesson
About marriage: Listen to
Your wife’s tie advice.

sakura-trick-engine-revvingOf course teenagers
Would rev their engines early.
Practice makes perfect!


Haruka should’ve
Smelled a rat. Very sad.
A rodent friendship.

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