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Sakura Trick 3 – Kiss Kiss Fall in Love


(Wow, I’m the last one to post this time around. Yeesh. It’s been one of those weeks.)

In each of these first three episodes there seems to be one moment I latch onto and enjoy, that makes me enjoy Haruka and Yuu as two girls in a budding relationship rather than anime girls in a slice of life school comedy. In this episode it’s when Haruka tries to talk to Yuu’s older sister during a student council meeting and gets flustered. It’s the anime equivalent of talking to your significant other’s parents for the first time. We haven’t seen any parents at all in Sakura Trick that I remember, so Mitsuki may as well be the parental figure. (This line of logic makes the scene later on where Mitsuki walks in on Haruka and Yuu cuddling WAY funnier, as well.) Seeing her try to make a good first impression for her sake and for Yuu’s benefit is charming and funny.

It is occasionally fun to see Haruka dote on Yuu in this way: trying to make something happen to make Yuu happy, or being mischievous and playing around with her, etc. It’s giving a dimension to their relationship other than “We like to cuddle and kiss a lot” and “we do boring things at school together and spice it up with kisses.” I like to pretend I’m too cool for cute stuff and hide away things like me watching and enjoying The Idolmaster in 12 Days posts, but it’s things like that where the cuteness of this series actually shines for me. And then comes the boob grabbing! That is, after all, an integral part of every student’s experience.

There’s still a lot of stuff in Sakura Trick that I don’t care about (basically nothing in the second half interested me much at all; the everyday hanging out stuff and the comedy that comes from that doesn’t work for me at all since there’s no real bite to it), but considering I didn’t expect to enjoy any part of this series, I guess finding a moment or two each episode to like isn’t so bad.

Anyway, time for some poetry that may or may not be of literary merit and that probably relies too much on love of terrible puns and actual knowledge of what happens in this particular episode of this particular anime to actually be enjoyable to the reader. Have fun!

(Past commenting rules still apply, but you all seem pretty eager to comment in haiku, so I probably don’t need to remind you.)


A lazy afternoon.
Dessert is on Haruka.
The cream puffs vanished.


Today’s walk-in show:
More than sister bargained for.
Next time she must pay.


Dressing for success:
Strip out of one uniform
Into another!


A day at the pool.
Candy would make it better.
Let’s taste the rainbow

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  1. Killer Queen
    Posted January 29, 2014 at 5:37 pm | Permalink

    Eh, Imma skip this one.

    If they don’t have weird creepy shit in there that I can enjoy in a horror fan’s perspective, then Sakura Trick ain’t for me.

    Hello again.

    Oh. yeah. Haiku. Wait.

    Imma skip this one.
    Gay works best as side story
    Works best with horror.

  2. Varyn
    Posted January 29, 2014 at 6:34 pm | Permalink

    Ouran reference?
    I’ve got nothing else to say
    But have to Haiku

  3. gedata
    Posted January 29, 2014 at 11:53 pm | Permalink

    Kiss Kiss Fall in Love? are those words lyrics to something? Sounds like it.

    • shytende
      Posted January 30, 2014 at 9:06 pm | Permalink

      OP for Ouran High School.
      Completely forgot that it actually contained “Sakura Kiss” on its lyric.
      Don’tknow how to embed video there or I’ll post the link.

      You can also use Sakura Sakura Saku (one of Hidamari Sketch ending) as a future title, if you ever get uninspired.

  4. Posted February 9, 2014 at 7:18 pm | Permalink

    Years THEY can’t get back,
    There go MY twenty four min-
    How ’bout them cream puffs?

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