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Sakura Trick 12 – Kiss the Girls (END)


This is definitely the safest route the finale could have taken. Not unexpected, mind, taking the overall tone of the series into account, but it’s not exactly exciting. Nobody believes for even a second that Haruka would choose Mitsuki over Yuu, nor does anyone believe that Mitsuki is going to start some shit and make her sister’s life miserable because her crush turns her down. This just ain’t that kind of show, for better or worse. But if, like me, you don’t particularly care about the relatively serious parts of the romance, then this whoooooooooole episode is BORING AS SHIT. It looks nice — I appreciate all the colors and flowing hair and cherry blossoms everywhere and whatnot. But man, I could not possibly care less about everything that happened.

The whole spiel about “Oh, is this what love is???????” is the dumbest thing. I’ve written before that I enjoy Sakura Trick most when Haruka and Yuu are two dorks who are the most in love with each other but are so eager to express it that they screw it up. Through that screwing up, however, they make their feelings known, so it’s really endearing. So there’s not only attraction, but also a tacit admission they have a lovey-dovey thing going on. Even for two teenagers, when you’re as intimate with each other as these two have been, then you’ve got something heavy happening, so the whole “Love??????” thing like it’s some big, emotional revelation is pretty funny.

It makes sense in a series where this type of relationship is relatively uncommon. You take a world where everyone assumes people are straight and have two girls realize they are lesbians in love with each other, then that big revelation makes sense. That’s a life-changing realization. But Sakura Trick‘s world isn’t that world. From the start, it’s an idealized sort of series where basically every girl has some sort of romantic attraction to another girl. So I guess Haruka’s realization is the idealized “We are really in love!!” scene? I dunno, it just feels so false considering the rest of the series. Haruka and Yuu exist in a series where situations are set up to make them look like adorable goofs and make out, so any type of serious romantic gesture is just going to ring false.


But there were mustaches and impersonations of student council members, so I guess this episode was all right.

So, Sakura Trick as a whole. It’s competently made. I could see why people who enjoyed it liked what they were seeing it. It even has occasional moments that I enjoy. When it nails the humor and silliness of two kids fumbling through their first real relationship, it’s actually enjoyable. But so much of it falls into a formula that bored me quickly. I can’t fault it for falling into formula when so many anime (including many I enjoy) do the same, but I can’t I enjoyed it all that much, either. You can watch teenage cartoon girls stick their tongues in each others mouths only so much before it loses all meaning. The thing about sexual fanservice is that I’ve seen SO MUCH of it in anime that I’m almost dead to it now. I may as well be an anime eunuch. Do you see what you’ve done, cartoons?! Do you see?!

One more haiku for the road …

I’m finally done.
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    Ora Ora O
    Ra Ora Ora Ora
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    All the comments here need to be Jojo hype. Sakura Trick is not relevant when Jojo is less than a week away.

    Congrats on finishing this show though! I tapped out after about 7 minutes of curiosity but would occasionally check in here to see how you were doing.

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      JoJo hype is always welcome.

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    Shinmaru, you should write full review on Gin no Saji please.

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      We shall see what happens. I have a lot on my plate.

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    I think you missed a word in:

    but I can’t (say?) I enjoyed it all that much


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    I’ll just leave this here..

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