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Sakura Trick 11 – The Last Kiss

sakura-trick-mitsuki-freaking-outI’ve been taking a while to get to these posts lately, because I am a terrible person, but this week I had a legitimate excuse since I was at Anime Boston over the weekend and got back Sunday evening. I thought about doing this yesterday; however, I spent most of the day catching up on everything else I’d missed and generally recovering from the event. It was a lot of fun: I went to two great concerts, saw some neat panels, and had good times with old and new friends alike. Special shouts out to BokuSatchii and his friends and Flawfinder, who were my roommates and made the trip that much more fun. I had several great conversations about JoJo, robots and who is the cutest Monster character. (Spoilers: It’s long-haired, patchy-bearded, unbearably sad Tenma.)

Anyway, that is that and this is this. The story’s current direction is probably the most interesting it could go in. Yuu and Haruka have a bump in the road with someone disapproving on their relationship, though we actually know it’s more that Mitsuki is confused about her own feelings and probably a bit jealous of her younger sister. (That could get pretty weird, but considering the overall tone of the series to this point, I really doubt it will go anywhere too bizarre. Nor do I really think it would be all that appropriate for this story.) It could be OK to see Mitsuki reconcile her surface desire to see Haruka and Yuu be “normal” friends with her buried desire for that delicious kissu. How convenient that this all comes when a goodbye party is being planned for Mitsuki, eh?

My problem with the drama is basically the same as always. I don’t really care too much about the main relationship, so I’m not invested enough to get into it when the stakes are raised, especially when it’s clear Mitsuki loves her sister and Haruka too much to freak out and really stir things up. So the stakes have gone up, but it’s basically an illusion. (Well, everything fictional is an illusion, of course, but the goal is to get people to believe in the illusion.) I have a passing interest in seeing the dynamic shaken up, but nearly every time I’ve enjoyed the main relationship is when it’s shown Haruka and Yuu for who they are: silly teenagers in love. Not like “cool, romantic lesbians” but goofy ass kids who like each other a lot and are dorks when they express it. The bit in the first episode when they kiss each other too long and forget to breathe is still probably my favorite romantic moment in the series. It’s silly because teenagers are silly. Have you seen one lately? They’re ridiculous! (Then again, adults are also ridiculous. I am certainly quite ridiculous.)

At least the visuals are still good to watch. In particular, the visual flourishes with Mitsuki coming to grips with her feelings are quite good. That is at least something I consistently enjoy each week.

This was a decent week for humor in the series. I enjoyed Haruka being super obvious about “tripping” into a kiss with Yuu and being so delighted that she can’t hide how suspiciously happy she has suddenly become. It almost made up for all the dumb breast groping that Haruka didn’t enjoy at all. Almost. The new girl is also kind of funny. I like that reversal of a character being ashamed of being plain and boring at first and wanting to be more bombastic and eccentric.  Now there is someone who is damn proud of being in a cartoon. Nobody should want to be the boring person in the cartoon. Also, she has a pen with a mustache and I am ALL about that.

Anyway, haikus. I don’t even know why I still do these when I’m actually writing about the episodes. They don’t even really work in English …


The pres is a hero.
Delicious treats for students!
Pudding up with kids.

sakura-trick-pen-with-mustacheLook! A dapper pen.
Mustache on the head? Just fine!
A sign of true class.


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  1. Nagisa33
    Posted March 25, 2014 at 9:53 pm | Permalink

    For the first image I thought it was one of those puffed-up-cheeks angry faces. Her glasses looked like her mouth for a sec.


  2. Posted March 25, 2014 at 10:11 pm | Permalink

    My only regret is not being able to watch that Prince of Tennis movie with you guys because I wanted to go see the new Muppet film. Should get to that sometime.

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