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Region block North Americans from illegal streaming sites. Legal issues solved!

They are the self-proclaimed saviours of anime. The knights in shining armour charging through the internet, slaying those they deem to be unworthy. No, not the OEG. TAFAP, which isn’t an acronym for a porn site (which is what most sites ending in FAP usually are). They are True Anime Fans Aren’t Pirates and they will have about as much success at taking down piracy on the internet as a pigeon on a pogo-stick has at reaching the moon.

It’s all a bit silly, this website. Totally ignoring the reasons pirates exist in the first place, if the somehow manage to take down one website another 5 will appear in its place. They won’t create a shitstorm, although they might create a slight poo-smelling breeze if they’re lucky. Now that’s not to say I’m all for pirating and everything. I have my Crunchyroll membership and my small but proud collection of anime dvds. But you have to look at the reasons pirating exists in the first place.

Let us take one example why people go to these shady streaming sites: The anime is not available in their country. It may be licensed by Funimation or whoever and they may even have a few episodes streaming online so you can get a taste of the product and aren’t buying blind. But our little example, some 16 year old from Poland, can’t watch Spice and Wolf legally because there is no way she can watch this anime elsewhere. She tried the online streaming but was greeted with the usual video-shaped hole with a helpful little notice telling her she had gotten her geography all wrong.

So here’s my suggestion:All these illegal streaming sites should region block North Americans. Wherever the anime has been licensed and is available legally, region block that area from watching the video. That way, when a Funimation guy comes along to tell you that they own Spice and Wolf, you just ask them to show it to you. They shall be greeted with that black, rectangular hole in their monitor with a small message proclaiming that this video is a bit picky about its viewers. And just like that, no product has been illegally distributed where it was available legally. Problem solved!

(yes, my tongue was quite firmly placed in my cheek for most of this post)

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  1. Posted January 16, 2010 at 12:27 am | Permalink

    I totally agree screw region locking!

  2. Posted January 16, 2010 at 11:28 am | Permalink

    AGREEMENT! That’s an awesomely awesome idea, I’d say.

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