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Hand Shakers Episode 1: Moving and Shaking


I’d like to start this Hand Shakers post by talking about something tenuously related instead. This is both to promote that thing and kind of explain why I find this show’s incompetence compelling. There’s a little known (at least outside of the Chinese market) 2013 film called Switch, an Andy Lau-driven hybrid of Mission Impossible and James Bond that manages to litter every moment with bizarre (at best) directorial decisions and hilariously transparent Chinese nationalism. Character motivations change at the drop of a hat, scenes appear out of nowhere thanks to a mix of poor transitions and even poorer writing, and the villain is a bleach-blonde, Oedipal yakuza named Yamamoto whose evil lairs (yes, he has two) are littered with fetus motifs and skulls.

What saves it from being unwatchable is the fascinatingly awful set design (nearly everywhere, including an umbrella museum, has strobe lights) and the wonderfully unconvincing CG. The sound design is also strange—I watched it once with a state of the art sound system, and every other minute the speakers emitted a low rumble that shook the room, even if there were just two characters talking over mimosas. If you ever get the chance to see it, I heartily recommend it—just bring friends and/or booze. My point is that Hand Shakers is the Switch of anime—gaudy, incoherent, and fun to laugh at for these qualities. Read More »

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Interviews With Monster Girls Episode 1: Interview With the Vampire


Do you remember Monster Musume, that other show about cryptids and half-human amalgamations? Did you want more? Well a completely different studio heard the world’s collective cry for more and made a completely different show with only the most superficial resemblance to 2015’s smash hit series, i.e. it also has monsters in it who happen to be girls. And just like its estranged cousin, it’s surprisingly not shit. Read More »

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The Saga of Tanya the Evil Episode 1: Something Something Nut


I’m not saying that I watched this solely because of the studio name, but leave it up to something called NUT to bust out a light novel adaptation about a little girl being evil-ish in Alternate Reality Imperial Germany. Also leave it up to NUT to make The Saga of Tanya the Evil unpleasant in nearly every way possible. Also leave it up to NUT to make me get back into blogging because writing “NUT” makes me disproportionately happy. Read More »

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The Anime of the Year Awards and Top 10 Anime Series of 2016


2016 was an…interesting year in the wider sense of things, but in the narrow world of anime it has been one of the strongest of the decade so far. It might not have had the absolute highs of 2013 but it had a greater strength in depth where there were anime it hurt me that I couldn’t fit them on the list, and anime I wish I had finished but never got around to. It didn’t have the breadth of different tastes catered to as 2011, but also didn’t have that year’s extraordinary lows. It had the dumbass butt shows like last year but also critical darlings and intellectual masterpieces. 2016 was pretty great for anime is what I’m saying, so I’m here to count down my top 10 anime of this year, as well as hand out a couple of other awards.

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Vote for your best anime of 2016

As I’ve done for the past few years, I’m opening a poll for my readers (what’s left of you at least, although hopefully everyone is streaming back with all this hot content I’ve been posting lately) to vote on their favourite anime of the year.

Same rules apply as ever. It must be an anime series that ended in 2016, so no March Comes in Like a Lion, Twin Star Exorcists or Gundam the Origin. Similarly no split cours anime with sequels announced as soon as the previous season ended, which crosses off Drifters and Berserk. Everything else is cool, which includes long running franchises that ended this year like Fairy Tail. Vote after the jump.

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Top 10 Anime Moments of Suck 2016

c0sqgzjxeae9che-jpg-largeIt’s been fun this last year. Anime has been generally quite good and we just had our wonderful Christmas meals and a big comfort sleep after a massive dinner and too much chocolate. But before we enter the new year, there is one final cleansing exercise we must all embark on. On the day furthest from Christmas, as I have done in 2015, and 2014, and even 2013, even even 2012, as too in 2011, and even 2010, we must list the worst moments in anime in 2016.

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12 Days of Anime #1: Sukeroku’s final performance

img_0449Sukeroku’s final performance is the perfect final encapsulation of everything that makes Shouwa Era Rakugo Shinjuu such a great anime. From the very first episode I had always admired how the anime showed the entire rakugo performances because to properly use them to tell your story, you needed a level of nuance beyond most others. The voice acting had to be on point to get across how the characters were feeling and the different methods of delivery. The animation and directing could only really use very subtle movements and gestures to get across their meaning without it just being a boring radio play. Rakugo did this time and again, but it was in their final performance that they nailed it harder than anywhere else.

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12 Days of Anime #3: Dream of a hero

img_0447There was a fantastic moment in the first episode of My Hero Academia that I felt summed up what the show was trying to say. The main character had just been told he doesn’t have any superpowers. To a kid like him who watched videos of heroes endlessly and wanted nothing more in his life to be one, this was a crushing blow on a level like telling a kid with no legs that they’ll never be a sprinter after they watched videos of Bolt running at the Olympics. His mother at this point catches him watching his favourite video of his hero again with tears in his eyes, asking if he can still be a hero.

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