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12 Days of Anime #3: Dream of a hero

img_0447There was a fantastic moment in the first episode of My Hero Academia that I felt summed up what the show was trying to say. The main character had just been told he doesn’t have any superpowers. To a kid like him who watched videos of heroes endlessly and wanted nothing more in his life to be one, this was a crushing blow on a level like telling a kid with no legs that they’ll never be a sprinter after they watched videos of Bolt running at the Olympics. His mother at this point catches him watching his favourite video of his hero again with tears in his eyes, asking if he can still be a hero.

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12 Days of Anime #4: Mob Psycho’s bodybuilding club

img_0446Bodybuilders have always struck me as weird. It’s not about being fit and healthy, which I could understand. It’s the strange desire to achieve an unnatural image of ripped muscles so they can feel more attractive. Maybe it has something to do with body building magazine covers featuring frankly unhealthy amounts of veins ready to burst. Or the body building forums I stumbled in that felt one step away from pick up artist forums, as though you could get those dumb bitches in the sack by flexing those biceps like it’s some kind of stat you build until you’re able to cross that magic attractiveness threshold. Thanks to Mob Psycho 100, I now see things differently.

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12 Days of Anime #5: Yuri’s drunken dance

img_0445Pro tip: If you want me to like an anime, put in some strip tease dancing. It worked for Panty and Stocking it worked for Dominion Tank Police, and now it has worked for Yuri on Ice.

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12 Days of Anime #6: The Shogi Sister

img_0443It took me several episodes before I figured out what March Comes in Like a Lion was actually about. It was when they started talking to us about the main character’s adoptive family that it became clear to me. It was a story about depression. A kid with complicated feelings about his adoptive father and what impact he had on his step-siblings, his feelings around shogi and his loneliness in his life, alongside some more standard parts of depression such as being depressed that you are depressed. However it didn’t really hit hard for me what the catalyst for his depression was until we met his step sister.

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Day with The Cart Driver Season 2 Episode 6 – One game of Haikyuu


Sports anime suddenly got really popular. I wonder why?

Welcome back to A Day with The Cart Driver anime podcast with myself and Day from GAR GAR Stegosaurus. This time we’re doing the episode we’ve been threatening to do for a while: Haikyuu! Lots of lots of Haikyuu chatter. Mostly about the latest season and how much we liked it. Because we liked it a lot. Also bonus discussion of embarrassing parents.

You can download the podcast below, subscribe to us on itunes here, subscribe via whatever other feed reader you have here, or simply listen to it on the website. Timestamps below the jump.


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12 Days of Anime #7: Tsuki yells loudly

img_0442Going into the third season of Haikyuu, there was a potential issue I saw coming up within the story. I didn’t see any character development that was left for them to do. Kageyama and Hinata had gone through their arcs. They had even finished them off with the final match of last season with them facing off against Mai Waifu Oikawa again and prevailing using techniques they had built up over the course of the season. The match used for season 3 felt like it had been bolted onto the end of the main story, like a shounen action movie where none of the events really matter as none of them are considered canon. However I had forgotten about Tsukishima.

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12 Days of Anime #8: Boom Boom Satellites

One of my favourite anime openings of all time is the first Xam’d opening. Yeah that show eventually crapped out in the second half like an alarming number of Bones anime, but I still love that OP. I kept waiting for Boom Boom Satellites, the band who performed the OP, to be picked for another anime song. All we got was a random ED halfway through Gundam Unicorn and a very short OP for Ninja Slayer of all things. Then the main vocalist got cancer and quit from singing and that was it.

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12 Days of Anime #9: Vacuum Butt Cannon

spif66nThere was this one scene in Keijo that was a perfect demonstration of why this show is special. Our main character had just swung her butt around at supersonic speeds, ripping through the air and cutting the swimsuits of the other competitors in the game. For one second the girls grab their swimsuits and go kyaaa. But instead the scene suddenly becomes super serious. The eyes of the instructor widen. The music becomes menacing. The instructor says something along the lines of “this can’t be….”. She turns to the main character and informs her that she just used the dangerous technique known as….VACUUM BUTT CANNON!

It’s a 100% super serious, super robot shouting powerful moves, ridiculous logic applied to special attacks, shounen battle anime. With butts. Keijo is amazing and you should all watch it. That’s all I have to say.

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