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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 15 – I, Too, Share Polnareff’s Fear of Toilets

jojos-bizarre-adventure-polnareff-toiletShinmaru: Poor Polnareff. He will never be able to think about restrooms the same way again. Anime rarely delves into the consequences of the battles our heroes engage in. Sure, they’ll show the physical damage, but what about the psychological damage? Will Polnareff ever again be able to take a dump without thinking about zombies trying to stab him with their tongues? Or zombie babies crawling around and humping legs? I’m surprised one of the zombies didn’t crawl through the toilet at some point just to dig the phobia deeper in Polnareff’s brain. Think about going to the bathroom and then … well, I’ll let your imaginations complete that thought. It’s not a pretty scenario, though. I’m not sure I’d ever use a restroom again.

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Terror of Resonance episode 1 – Terrorism cures bullying

Zankyou no Terror - 01 -38[2]Terror of Resonance is about two teenage boys with Dark Pasts involving lots of dead children. Their names are Genki Boy, who thankfully actually has a brain and isn’t genki because his skull is filled with nothing but adrenaline, and Broody Boy, who lives in his own dark and serious chuuni world. According to one girl, the two boys have “a smile like the sun” and “a gaze like ice” so when they both look in your direction, you get a severe case of frostbite and all your fingers fall off. That’s how they destroyed the twin towers. That, and a little help from some explosives disguised as goofy teddy bears with a scrotum instead of a mouth.

Neither of these characters feel particularly human so they’re hard to get much of a feel for beyond their highly transparent outer personalities. The cipher we’re supposed to have is a teenage girl who is being bullied. Why is it that the girls in anime who are bullied are almost always pretty rather than the ugly girls that were actually bullied in school? Anyway, she’s not got much of a personality either beyond being put-upon teenager. Her bullying problems are solved by the pair of pretty boys as she gets herself involved in the bombing of the twin towers.

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Anime Expo 2014 — Days 0-1


The amount of Zvezda promoted at AX this year gave me hope for the future. Read More »

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Hunter x Hunter 137 – I Am So Predictable that Even I Can Predict How I’ll Feel


Last week I, as someone who is clearly an expert on parenting despite never raising a child and not being in any economic or social condition to do so, made a dismissive wanking motion toward Gon’s father, Ging, for being such a crappy, absentee father. Then, because I am self-aware enough to know that I am a dumb man-baby, I admitted that I would probably like Ging in spite of him being a giant jerk (or maybe because of it?).

It took him one episode to win me over. I’m the easiest person in the world to please.

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Sword Art Online II Episode 1: Gun Gale Online? More Like Gun GAAAAY Online


To answer the question that’s most likely going to crop up, yes SAOII sucks and probably will suck worse as it progresses, just like last time. And yes, the first episode does an abnormally good job of disguising this fact, just like last time. Read More »

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Akame ga Kill Episode 1: All Authority is Bad as Long as You Disagree With It


Say what you will about Akame ga Kill, but it sure knows where to place the annoying male childhood friend—in a cage to be tortured and slowly poisoned to death by a girl pulling jarringly silly faces. That doesn’t mean that the writing isn’t patronizing, but at least we won’t have to deal with another shitty character in a show that’s shaping up to be full of them. Read More »

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 14 – Tom & Jerry Cheese


Good ol’ withered, corpse-like cartoon cheese. Yum!

So, yes, I was at Anime Expo this weekend, and while I was able to watch JoJo, I didn’t have time to write about it until now. Apologies for that! Look, it’s just important that I take pictures with Yamakan and buy figures of high school girl characters, OK?! Also, it is stupid hot where I live right now, and I’m still tired from the long weekend, so I put this off longer than I probably should have. Oh well!

I was initially disappointed to see this would be a two-part battle, mostly because I like that the series has picked up the pace and going through the Stand fights relatively quickly. Giving everyone more time to wander around the fog-covered town worked out for the best, though. I could watch an entire series of old man Joseph Joestar trying to interact with people in different countries. His acting out dialing on a rotary phone made me laugh a lot. (Also it reminds me of how old this part of the manga is, because rotary phones are still a thing.) Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have him as a grandpa? He’d embarrass you if you were a kid, but eventually you’d grow to appreciate him. That is Joseph’s role here: To be your goofy grandpa.

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Shounen Hollywood episode 1 – Creepy idols

6It took me until halfway through the first episode for me to realise the cast of Shounen Hollywood were supposed to be teenage boys. Supposedly they’re between the ages of 15 to 19. I thought they were in their 30s. When the main character started narrating about his early life, I thought he was a middle-aged man talking about how he was happy to be working in a salaryman job. When he reached the recording studio and started sweeping up, I figured he must have a job at the stage as a janitor where he looks at the life he could have had. When he speaks to his friend who is watching the latest idols, I thought either they were reminiscing on a life they once had or his boyish attitude reflected that he had the boyish charm to become an idol. When they started dancing I thought it was some sort of fitness class. Even when they started saying their age I thought at first it was a weird act in the way adult actors pretend to be teenagers. All of these options would have been preferable to what actually transpired.

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