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Hunter x Hunter 124 – Tears, Tears, Tears

hunter-x-hunter-killua-cryingHalfway through this episode I was all set to make obvious jokes about how Palm suddenly became Bayonetta, but then this happened. Look, Hunter x Hunter. My emotions are frayed enough every week. Don’t do this to me. Don’t make Killua spill his guts about his fears and worries about Gon and cry his eyes out. I’m only so strong. This is too much for me.

The whole episode is one confrontation. At the end of the previous episode, we saw Palm emerge from the cocoon reborn as a Chimera Ant. This begs the question: Is she at all the same anymore? We know that certain Chimera Ants can regain at least some of their human memories given a strong enough push. Then Killua sees Palm, and what the narrator says next is the crux of the episode — and the arc as a whole.

“While her appearance hadn’t totally changed, Palm was clearly no longer the same person. And that greatly disturbed Killua.”

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Akuma no Riddle Episode 1: Tokaku and Haru’s Excellent Sapphenture


Akuma no Riddle probably has one of the least informative first episodes of the season. All we know is that our protagonist Azuma Tokaku transfers to a school with a suspiciously segregated classroom of mostly assassins to kill one of the students, the mystery of which student is to be murdered is quickly resolved because assassins can apparently detect each other by smell (and presumably also shit-eating grins), and then lesbianism blooms.

But it knows how to make up for a lack of content, and that’s by making profoundly unlikable people fun to watch for about twenty minutes of screen-time. Akuma no Riddle manages this by not caring about creating realistic personalities, in the process making the classmates contracted to kill Azuma’s target unabashed psychopaths with their own quirks and methods for trying to get close to their target. There’s a fair amount of subtlety at play, funnily enough, and that’s the last thing I would have expected. Read More »

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Haikyuu episode 1 – Frowny face


Don’t worry mate, if your volleyball career doesn’t work out, you can always pursue a career in scowling.

First off the bat, Haikyuu is the best animated thing this season. It was even better animated than the Bones anime original mecha series and that’s saying a lot. Some of this fluid animation is used for seemingly otherwise unremarkable scenes, like an incredibly well animated guy tumbling into a wall and falling into a funny pose. Great animation does not necessarily mean visually interesting, as every KyoAni anime should indicate. And yes, I prefer the look of shows like Jojo’s to Haikyuu. But it’s still very expressive and brings an extra layer of character to the series.

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Brynhildr in the Darkness Episode 1: It’s Just Balls


Say what you will about the first episode of Brynhildr in the Darkness, but it made me go through an emotional exodus the likes of which I haven’t had in years. Or rather it was a constant stream of bemusement, before the episode finished and the preceding stream of absolute dreck caught up with me. After that, I had a laughing fit the likes of which I haven’t had in months—maybe even years. I just witnessed a show that straddled the thin line between hilariously awful and unwatchable, both because of its content and that content’s delivery. And the best part is that there’s more. A word like amazeballs, bereft of anything approaching decency, might actually be the perfect way to describe it. Read More »

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Captain Earth episode 1 – Longest launch sequence ever

Captain Earth - 01 - Large 39Captain Earth has the longest giant robot launch sequence I think I’ve ever seen. First they’ve got to align three orbital space rings. Then the pilot grabs a glowing gun key and jumps into the robot cockpit, which happens to be inside a rocket. Then the rocket is launched in a proper full on rocket launch sequence with fuel cannisters being ejected and everything. After breaking apart, all that’s left once it reaches space is the skeleton of the giant robot. Then it is fired into the rings where jet legs things are launched from inside the orbital space platforms and screwed into the skeleton. Then it does that again for some other armour stuff. Then it fires through a final ring where it gets the head attached. Then the rocket thrusters turn into hands, the head pops out of its protective barrier and the eyes glint. From the moment where they say say launch to the scene where the robot poses takes 2 minutes and 35 seconds.

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Irregular at Magic High School episode 1 – Casanova’s Bizarre Adventure

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 01 - Large 18When going into Irregular at Magic High School, I wasn’t expecting to get ironic enjoyment out of it. Sure I heard the main character was basically Mr Perfect. Sure I’d read a little bit of a manga to see this Casanova in action. But watching him act out in his full charming form with that calm, soothing yet authoritative voice was something else. I assumed this would be like Sword Art Online where the main character was perfect because the plot demanded it. He was ordinary yet inexplicably loved by everyone and had powers just because. He’s who you project yourself into. I can’t see how anyone can project themselves into Captain Charming here. You can only stand back and swoon.

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Mushishi Season 2 episode 1 – The alcohol speaks to me

Ginko is baaaaaaaaaack bitchesScamp: Hello again, you bleached hair, emo-fringed, mysterious spirits, homoeopathy spouting loony. It’s been 9 years since we last saw you. Actually it’s been three months thanks to that special that aired back in January. That special episode managed to completely ease my fears that Mushishi would somehow not escape the intervening years unchanged. The moe boom has come and sort-of gone since it originally aired. Who knows what Ginko could have turned into in the meantime…

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Blade and Soul episode 1 – Everyone has hay fever

blade-and-soul-ep-1-review-seventhstyle-007Something that bugged me in this episode, and as soon as I spotted it the first time I couldn’t stop noticing it, is that every every girl has a shiny red nose. It’s like simply being a girl in this world means you are afflicted by terrible hay fever and it is pollen central at the moment. Not that their Rudolph noses are the biggest problem when it comes to their anatomy. Between the mishapen boobs and the weirdly formless legs, the women look rather alien in this show. But those noses are what bugged me the most.

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