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Winter 2015 Anime First Impressions part 1: Active Raid, Prince of Parkour, and some shorts

[HorribleSubs] Prince of Stride - Alternative - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_10.48_[2016.01.07_15.21.24]New season, new anime. New batch of first impressions. These are always fun as you watch me get excited for new anime that will ultimately let me down, dismiss a future classic because I don’t think it will go anywhere, and feel disappointed after anime I was excited for limp into view. Also sexual bullying via the medium of marshmallows.

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Haruchika First Impressions: I Could Be Playing MGSV Instead I’m Watching Anime


After an experiment where PA Works decided to make something that adults not mentally stuck in their high school years would enjoy, it looks like they’ve settled back into what they do best: Making shiny-haired slop about teenagers with mundane problems enjoying their youth in a way that only adults with regret could do. Well okay, that’s not entirely fair—there are also shiny eyes in Haruchika. Read More »

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Winter 2016 Anime Season Preview

One-Punch Man - 06 - Large 02You mean…the new season starts tomorrow? Oh dear, I better finish that season preview then.

Welcome to The Cart Driver’s Legendary Anime Season Preview, winter 2016 edition. The new season doesn’t air its first anime until tomorrow so it’s all good, I’m still on time. This is officially the latest I’ve ever gotten a preview done, with the last one being way back for the winter 2009 season back when I wasn’t even writing at The Cart Driver so the formatting is all wrong and I get so much wrong I can feel myself physically retract inside my body in pure embarrassment. I have matured since then though and I totally won’t get any of these predictions wildly incorrect and be proved wrong within a week of this going up as the first episodes all air and my enthusiasm is dashed against the rocks of disappointment. Fun fun fun!

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2015 Anime of the Year Awards and Top 10

Prison_School_Screenshot_0723-meWhether 2015 was a good year for anime depends on what you’re looking for in anime. Do you want dark, edgy science fiction or fantasy with brooding heroes, giant robots and epic battles? Then 2015 was rubbish. Do you like trash? Well then 2015 might just be the best year for anime of all time. There was super-powered dumb fighting girls trash, pure bromance ass wrestling trash, and even trash that defended the sanctity and importance of trash. We here at The Cart Driver Dot Com enjoy both types of anime, so therefore we’ll call this a mixed year for the medium. We’re now in 2016 so it’s time to do what we always do and dish out awards and count down the top 10 anime of the year.

Some quick notes: The anime must end in 2015 to be eligible, not start. This prevents you from considering something like Hunter X Hunter after 13 episodes rather than the actual 100+ episodes it actually aired for. Split-cours anime like Durarara or Gate are counted as one season for the purposes of this list. There is also no attempt to be ‘objective’ about this, as though there could be any such thing with anime. This is merely an amalgamation of our collective favourites.

You can view each individual writer’s list here: Scamp’s top 10 anime, Shinmaru’s top 10 anime, Inushinde’s top 10 anime. If you want the joint list, just read on!

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Shinmaru’s Top 10 Anime of 2015


My watching habits took a sharp turn in the second half of the year for personal reasons. I am rarely able to watch most of the shows in a given year that I might enjoy, but this year in particular I’m certain there are gaps in my experience. Despite that, I have a surplus of TV series/OVAs/movies I feel comfortable putting on a top 10. People will always say “[x] was a bad year for anime,” but frankly, this year seemed about the same, quality-wise, as any other year. I found plenty to enjoy!

Honorable mentions: Little Witch Academia 2 (didn’t grab me quite as strongly as the first, but I enjoyed it), the Love Live! movie (tons of fun to watch in the theater; don’t think the movie itself will stick with me), The Boy and the Beast (a good, straightforward family movie), Death Parade (wish I got more out of it, but the good parts are real good)

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Inushinde’s Top 10 of 2015


Boy this year went by fast. It seems like only yesterday that I was struggling to think of ten anime to put on my year end list, and debating whether to replace Parasyte with Valkyrie Drive. Wait, that was only yesterday. Onward to nine anime that I feel deserve to be given accolades (and Valkyrie Drive).  Read More »

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Scamp’s Top 10 Anime of 2015

Shimoneta - 01 - Large 28This was a very difficult list to compile. In previous years the final list usually picked itself with little issue. In fact even as I’m writing this intro I still don’t know the proper order between 3 and 7. It’s been a year full of anime that really struck a chord with me even while I recognise they have significant issues in other areas. The top 2 took those positions largely because they knew exactly what they were going for and executed it without any real issues. I don’t think it’s been the greatest year, but these top 10 I will look back on fondly.

A word on the also-rans: One Punch Man was certainly one of the more consistently entertaining anime this year, but it was so lightweight that even now barely a week after it ending I can’t really remember a specific great moment. Similar story with the new Little Witch Academia movie. I appreciate Osomatsu-san but it’s comedy doesn’t quite do it for me. Rokka would have made the top 10 if the ending wasn’t the worst anime ending ever. Iron Blooded Orphans and Durarara aren’t over yet so aren’t eligible. This was also the first year where I could watch the new Ghibli movie When Marnie Was There, but I haven’t gotten around to that yet. Shame on me.

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Reader’s Poll for Anime of the Year 2015

Here’s the poll for folks to vote for their Anime of the Year for 2015 before we all tell you why you’re wrong and we’re right. Unless you vote for what we chose, then in which case you are right and good. The same rules apply as last year. It’s specifically for anime that ENDED in 2015. Any anime aired as a split cours (where there is less than a 4 month gap between seasons) is counted as one season. This means anime like Osomatsu-san or Gate are not eligible as a second season has been planned that is less than 4 months after the first season ended.

Poll is below the line. By all means comment and tell us your choices. You will still be wrong, but it’s still nice to know how wrong you are.

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