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Mikagura School Suite episode 1 – Yay anime!

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku - 01 - Large 18First impression posts continue. Inushinde appears to be suffering from post con flu and I’m surprised he even managed to get the Plastic Memories post out. Meanwhile Shinmaru hasn’t taken part probably because he’s not allowed to write a first impressions of the new season of wrestling. So it’s left to me to act like an old man and wave my knobbly stick at new anime like Mikagura School Suite and go “what is this anime, some highschool club crap, back in my day we got this as visual novel adaptations people pretended to like” and so on. Except I’m only 24 and Mikagura is part of a whole new trend.

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Ore Monogatari episode 1 – Adorable troll anime

Ore Monogatari - 01 - Large 01Ore Monogatari is the story about an adorable big troll. He has leopard print shorts and a ginger afro reminiscent of a certain FAVAROOOOOOOO! He wants to make friends with people but he’s just not cute enough. It’s like a sort of reverse Shreck. Oh right, and there was also this other generic shoujo anime stapled onto the end of it. Almost forgot about that part.

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Seraph of the End episode 1 – Kill all the adorable children

Owari no Seraph - 01 - Large 31When the important climactic moment of an episode has an evil vampire, for whom child prostitution metaphors have been dangling around uncomfortably, kills off an entourage of adorable children who had all been promised freedom and curry as their parental figures stand around and watch it happen in horror, you know you’re not dealing with an anime that has an awful lot of subtlety. But hey, sometimes I’m kinda into that if you do it bombastically enough. It’s not Attack on Titan levels, but they’re certainly taking a fair few steps in that direction.

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Plastic Memories Episode 1: Moegan’s Run


I was hoping that I could start this with a joke at the expense of Plastic Memories’ name. Something like “Hey, it’s a shame that I won’t have any memories of Plastic Memories”, except phrased without the haze of sickness strangling my capability for wit. But no, Plastic Memories is just garden variety memorable—maybe it won’t be for the right reasons in the end, but there’s enough here to stick in my mind for at least as long as the spring season. And really, that’s all I can reasonably ask for since I’m already getting more ARIA later this year, and I think that’s used up my allotment of unreasonable demands for the next century or so. Read More »

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The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato episode 1 – Nothing happened today either

_HorribleSubs__The_Disappearance_of_Nagato_Yuki-chan_-_01__480p_.mkv_snapshot_03.29_[2015.04.07_10.58.46]I will admit that I do not give every anime equal opportunity to prove itself. Sometimes I go into a new anime with high expectations and a huge benefit of doubt as it stumbles through early material because I have convinced myself I will probably like it. Other times, usually for light novel adaptations, I go in with no real intention beyond to see how bad these things have become and hoping I can make an entertaining blog post out of it. With Yuki Nagato I was intending on being a massive troll and calling the entire Haruhi Suzumiya franchise a pile of crap, but the more I watched this episode, the more I had to throw aside those earlier post ideas. Because to talk about The Melanchly of Haruhi Suzumiya after watching The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato would be silly because the two bear absolutely no similarities whatsoever. For one, at least something actually happens in Haruhi Suzumiya.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 37 – Shoot the Bullets Through the Hol (Horse)

eat-shitBrother, you’ve been eating shit this whole time.

Last week I was lazy, but this week I was up in Seattle for SakuraCon, so I’m behind on the shows I watched from last season that finished late and/or are continuing, much less all the new shit coming out this season. I hope there’s next to nothing I enjoy, or else I am going to be behind forever, doomed never to be in the current conversation for Japanese cartoons. What a cruel fate that would be.

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Show By Rock episode 1 – Completely deranged

_HorribleSubs__Show_By_Rock___-_01__480p_.mkv_snapshot_06.07_[2015.04.06_23.53.15]This is what happens when you give a whole bunch of talented people bursting with new ideas on how they will change the face of the anime industry a phone game to adapt into anime. Let’s try make some sense of this.

The story is about a completely generic moeblob called Cyan who is too nervous to join the afterschool music club. She wants to be an idol so she can perform in a stadium of thousands, be beholden to creepy older men with an obsession about her sexual purity, have her rights and identity stripped away by the industry as managers pimp her out to rich organisations, both metaphorically and sometimes physically, until the age of about 20 where she’s thrown out like trash with little to her name beyond a damaged sense of pride and forgotten dreams. So instead of becoming an idol, Cyan wastes her time playing a dumb phone game instead.

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The Heroic Legend of Arslan episode 1 – Pretty prince boy

_HorribleSubs__Arslan_Senki_-_01__480p_.mkv_snapshot_13.24_[2015.04.06_10.41.42]This was almost as gay as the opening episode of No.6. Not quite as gay, and I sure hope it doesn’t devolve into magical bee queens like that show did. But then again both stories started with pampered rich kid from well off society meeting and being taken semi-hostage by kid from different culture until they start to develop possible ~feelings~ for each other and oh god this isn’t going to be another No.6 now, is it? Because this first episode was really quite good and I would hate to see it collapse.

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