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Gakkou Gurashi Episode 3: School UNliving Club


I’m sorry.

Well I sure didn’t expect Gakkou Gurashi to have one of the best-directed episodes all year, managing to effortlessly get across an instructor’s insecurities in a way that makes her immediately sympathetic, while making that only a complement to the existential terror of reality itself breaking apart for all but a select few. And it even gets bonus points for pointing out the weirdness of Yuki’s stupid pointy hat. Read More »

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I write for MAL now

_HorribleSubs__Shimoneta_-_03__480p_.mkv_snapshot_07.37_[2015.07.26_17.03.47]I sold out!

As some of you may have heard, the website MyAnimeList, the site for obsessive compulsive anime fans like myself who feel the need to track their viewing habits of all their anime, were recently bought out. With their new owners comes new plans for the site, including featured articles written by highly talented individuals such as myself. It’s in a very early phase now but expect plenty more articles in which I somehow manage to fit in references to Popee the Performer so I can inflict that wonderful abomination on some poor unsuspecting souls.

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Fantasy Anime League Spring 2015 finale – Don’t forget to don’t forget

vlcsnap-2015-07-20-13h13m10s770Fantasy Anime League is over. Possibly forever if they don’t get anyone to help with their stats checking. After giving it a few days for the dust to settle, it’s time for Shinmaru and myself to pick over the remains of our FAL teams and see what went wrong and, more importantly, which of the two of us won. Because while we may both have completely abandoned our teams, that doesn’t stop bragging rights from mattering.

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Gakkou Gurashi Episodes 1(ish) and 2: Delusion Express


Hi Gakkou Gurashi is good so far, but I’m tired, so here are girls munching on phallic imagery, because there just isn’t enough of that on The Cart Driver. Read More »

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Summer 2015 First Impressions Bonanza No. 3!

disco-infernoHi, have a picture of everyone’s favorite dancing machine, Disco Inferno.

This will probably be the last of my update bonanza posts for the season. As you’ve likely noticed, second episodes are out in bunches, and I’m barely catching up on the first episodes I want to see. I’d like to start writing about a couple of series soon (still undecided as to which of those they’ll be, but I’m sure the second episodes will make that clearer), and these posts take up more time than expected to put together. I’ve hit a bunch of shows people are interested in, anyway, I think.

Let’s go!

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Code Geass R2 episodes 21-25 – But what about the cart driver?

cart driverFinally, I can use this picture and have it be relevant.

This blog has existed for just over 5 and a half years now. I myself have been blogging for over 7 years, having started on an older team site before jumping ship. I named this blog after this specific scene. Yet I’ve never actually written about the episode in question. It’s time to end that and end this 3 month journey back into this ridiculous anime. The final episodes of Code Geass…apart from Code Geass Akito the Exiled for which the third episode came out on home video recently which I plan to cover soon…and the other picture dramas and Nunnally in Wonderland spinoff OVA…and all the spinoff manga where Suzaku is a superhero or the story is set in the middle ages…or all the DS games…basically what I’m saying is Code Geass never ends! This trainwreck is not over yet.

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Summer 2015 First Impressions Bonanza No. 2!

mongo-wtfHi, have this picture of Steve “Mongo” McMichael and his dog, Pepe.

I’m back with another batch of shows! I won’t bore you with a dumb extended intro today. Let’s get to it!

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Summer 2015 Sequel Throwdown: Non Non Biyori Repeat and Symphogear GX


Sequels to two of my favorite shows from the past few years?! This summer sure is looking bright. And dry. And hot. So very, very hot… Read More »

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