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Death Parade Episode 7: Death Pregaming


The real Death Parade starts here, and also intense inebriation. To be fair, if I had an indeterminate shelf life, I’d also want to get loaded 24/7. I mean you can’t exactly die, so there’s no risk of Hendrixing yourself. Though arbiters seem to eat and drink, so maybe hangovers are unavoidable. Still, it’s definitely a less creepy hobby than keeping the corpses of your former patrons around.  Read More »

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Durarara x2 episode 7 – In-between animation? What’s that?

Durarara x2 Shou - 07 - Large 20The animation had been bugging me a little in Durarara this season, although every time I meant to bring it up I instead went on weird tangents about how great Yahoo answers is. Any full shots of characters standing up made them look like overly long noodle people. Not quite XXXHolic levels but still distracting. Plus the general animation seemed to be a step down too. Last season had some pretty great fight scenes with Shizuo punching people out of their clothes and the like, while this season has had nothing that level.

But all those complaints shrivel in comparison to whatever the fuck happened with this episode.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 31 – Pincer? I Barely Know Her!

jojos-bizarre-adventure-not-as-charming-as-dioI get that a lot … :(

Mariah’s Stand would be so much fun to have. It’s activated in a silly, convoluted way, but you can fool people if you’re smart enough (like Mariah did with Avdol) or if they’re dumb enough (like Mariah did with Joseph), and if it’s the latter, then you’re already starting off with a good laugh. (You can’t tell me that Mariah didn’t laugh her ass off for a good while after Joseph shocked himself by touching an electrical outlet attached to a rock.) From there, you don’t have to do much except lead people around and make light preparations — perfect for the person who wants to stroll around and have a nice day out. If you want to sit around and have a smoke while laughing at people, you can do that, too!

The one comedy mine I wish this episode had tapped a bit more is Mariah spending her time doing random things while Joseph and Avdol struggled to free themselves from her magnetic powers. Mariah at a cafe, Mariah reading comics, Mariah working out, etc. Maybe all she enjoys in life is sitting around and having a smoke. I guess I can’t judge too much.

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Parasyte episode 19 – Humanity fights back

Kiseijuu Sei no Kakuritsu - 19 - Large 25I have completely forgotten everything that happened after Tamura Reiko pops her alien clogs in the manga. I guess in my mind that moment was such a big coming together and tying up of so many of the anime’s central themes that my head just sort of checked out after that. Hence it’s actually a really nice surprise to watch now and go “oh shit yeah the police got more involved and started scanning people” but I can’t for the life of me remember how this was solved or how any of this went down. It’s actually really exciting…which in a way has made me swing back around to the “maybe I shouldn’t read manga after all”.

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Gundam Build Fighters Try 19 – Hand-to-Hand Robot


I’m enjoying this run of “You might have caught up to me … EXCEPT NOT, ACTUALLY!!!!!!” battles. The structure could get repetitive after a while if the “second forms” or whatever aren’t clever or interesting enough to carry the battle, but it’s at least more interesting than curbstomp battles where the result is never in question. Plus, since we’re entering into the final four (much quicker than I anticipated, really), there probably won’t be much time for this to get repetitive.

The thematic structure of this fight is basically the series at its core: the individual vs. the team. Junya’s team just splits off on its own from the start, because they’re all — Junya in particular — about that individual power. “Fight on your own, and get beaten on your own.” If you lose, you weren’t strong enough. Junya’s team doesn’t even have a particular plan; they simply react to Team Try Fighters turning the battle into three one-on-one fights. The difference between the two teams is that Fumina and Yuuma sense that Sekai wants to fight Junya and work out a plan of attack to allow that to happen, even if the plan boils down to “Rush ‘em!” They’re all on the same page.

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Durarara x2 episode 6 – Someone introduce this man to wikipedia

Durarara x2 Shou - 06 - Large 10This man’s entire life appears to be based around Google’s auto-complete first suggestions when you type in something generic like “why do”. I just tried that and got “why do we yawn” which is a damn good question. Although I also got “why do dogs sit on cats”, proving again Google’s auto-complete function gets us some weird responses. And those responses nearly always come from the wonderful world of Yahoo Answers. I don’t think I’ve ever said this before, but my passion for Yahoo answers is endless. I want to know the people who post on there with these weirdly specific questions they seem to be tortured by, as well as what people post those vague responses to questions they don’t really know the answer to but must respond to this complete stranger anyway. At least thanks to Durarara I now know the type of person who posts those questions: Russian Assassins. Yahoo Answers is full of Russian Assassins. Thanks Durarara.

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Death Parade Episode 6: Death Valentine’s Day Special


Where some other show would acknowledge Valentine’s Day through hackneyed awkward chocolate giving, or characters not being on the receiving end of hackneyed awkward chocolate giving, Death Parade opts for explosions, clothes being frozen off, and wonderfully anticlimactic bathroom deaths.

More than any other episode up to this point, Death Parade has really knocked it out of the park by making a story that elicits equal parts sympathy for two goofballs trying not to get too maimed in the world’s most fatal game of twister, and unabashed laughing because of the shit they were put through. It makes sure that I can giggle at two people dying totally undeserved, bizarre deaths without feeling bad for it. Well, I guess one could argue that a guy driving his girlfriend to suicide with a callous breakup doesn’t make him completely blameless, but nobody deserves to have their body chunklets decorate a hotel room for it. Read More »

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Parasyte episode 18 – Cyberpunk

Kiseijuu Sei no Kakuritsu - 18 - Large 10So I don’t throw out spoilers in the opening paragraph for people who glance through posts while scrolling the site, I’ll instead mention how nice of a surprise it is that Parasyte has really caught on with English speaking fandom. It was top of ANN’s user poll for anime of the year 2014 (questionable when it was only half finished but whatever), completely dominated Fantasy Anime League on MAL the season it aired and is currently just short of the top 30 on the site. I really did think that adapting an old ass manga like Parasyte would turn people off but that hasn’t been the case at all. So good on you Madhouse for getting that large audience.

Well, large audience abroad that is, because it seems like Japan doesn’t like Parasyte at all, but Japan is dumb and likes Gundam Seed Destiny.

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