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Unlimited Blade Works Episode 1: Shirou is Actually Okay Kind Of


As The Cart Driver’s resident Type Moon expert (having actually read a Type Moon thing or two at some point, and not just to giggle at the sex scenes), I feel it’s my solemn duty to throw aside such promising fare as Cross Ange and Denki-gai to write about this little-known “Unlimited Blade Works” thing on a weekly basis. That, and despite its verbosity, I find a lot to like here. Make no mistake, Unlimited Blade Works’ first episode is verbose as fuck. It’s nearly 50 minutes of straight talking/Shirou following, though doesn’t suffer too much for it, thanks to the art form that ufotable’s turned distilling Nasu’s work into. Read More »

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Shirobako episode 1 – Drag racing

Shirobako - 01 - Large 09My favourite part of this episode was the 5 minutes of fake-out at the beginning. You thought it was going to be a story about a bunch of high school girls in a club together being aggressively happy about everything, telling the story of an idealised youth. You know, that same story PA Works have been telling time and time again since Hanasaku Iroha? And then suddenly 5 minutes in it shifts to an adult office working environment crossed with some Initial D for good measure.

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Psycho Pass season 2 episode 1 – Girl Force

[HorribleSubs] PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 01 [480p].mkv_snapshot_04.16_[2014.10.09_19.13.03]At the end of the first season of Psycho Pass, Akane had gone through a pretty significant shift. She had gone from this nervous rookie to a badass who jumped onto the side of moving trucks. Her more naive view of the world was broken but she kept her ideals and continued to fight for them, realising what it is she found important. It’s really worth remembering that before jumping into the first episode of this new season of Psycho Pass because apparently Akane is now the most badass mofo ever to walk the streets of future Tokyo. Staring down killer robots, cooly stepping to one side and blowing it up without flinching. I know she went through pretty significant character development in season 1 but holy shit that year between seasons has really turned Akane into a hardened ass-kicking policewoman.

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Parasyte episode 1 – I have 7 eyes and 8 jaws, nice to meet you

vlcsnap-2014-10-08-21h57m55s30I’m a huge fan of the manga for Parasyte and was cautiously optimistic coming into this anime. One thing I was a little afraid of was whether it would be full of censorship. Body horror is right at the core of Parasyte and stripping that out would diminish the horror these things are supposed to instil in you. Literally 5 seconds into the anime and NOPE this isn’t censored in the slightest! We get to see people’s faces morph into giant mouths with 8 jaws rip the head off their wives, and the world is a better place for that.

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Gundam Build Fighters Try 1 – Imagine a Gif of Me Clapping and Crying During the Credits


Little known fact: I’m actually Orson Welles. Citizen Kane is one of my better films, but don’t sleep on The Lady from Shanghai either. That movie’s weird. I’m also really dope in The Third Man.

Know what else is also dope? GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS. The show’s first season, which bled over into winter — thus making it eligible to make my top 10 of 2014, WHICH IT ABSOLUTELY WILL, BY THE WAY — is some of the most fun I’ve had watching anime this year. I rarely marathon shows anymore; I have neither the time nor the energy to partake in that often. However, I couldn’t help it with Build Fighters. By shedding any pretense of not being a total toy advertisement (because it absolutely is, let’s not front, even though a bunch of anime are made to advertise something or other), Build Fighters also shed a lot of the cynicism I might have had about it. I can roll with a show accepting what it is and having fun with it. Build Fighters is trying to sell me toys, yeah, but it’s also giving me characters with pluck and heart; fantastically animated, tense robot battles; and an overall silly story that explodes in an awesome way at the end. Not high art, but damn entertaining.

This new season of Build Fighters seems as if it will unfold along similar lines.

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Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 1: Amagi Decent Start


Every once in awhile, I like to imagine that a flash of doubt in its writing occasionally crosses the collective mind of Kyoto Animation. No matter the truth of the matter, there are mutterings that maybe the mighty KyoAni machine might be winding down. So, for the sake of catharsis, they make something like Amagi Brilliant Park, about a once bustling theme park that’s been relegated to irrelevance that has to be brought back to life by a third party, and cram their subversive message of doubt and rebirth into something that, at a glance, toes the KyoAni line. And then they read that I thought this, and in inexplicable gratitude decide to hire me full time as the official Kyoto Animation Snack Taste-Tester who everybody thinks is cool and wants to be friends with.

Of course there’s (unfortunately) no need for KyoAni to have self awareness of this caliber, since Scamp’s Favorite Studio is successful enough to buy their collective weight in gold, fill an Olympic-sized pool with it, and invest in the science necessary to keep it in a perpetually liquid non-scalding state, but Amaburi is still the most initially tolerable iteration of their “generic boy is surrounded by generically eccentric girls and gets into generically kooky situations” formula in quite some time. That’s about the best endorsement of the show that I can think of: It’s initially very tolerable. Read More »

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Garo episode 1 – Sculpted chibi male butts

vlcsnap-2014-10-06-17h08m23s97This is the season of the naked male arses. Mappa started us off with Bahamut ending with a fine piece of dude backside. Even the Fruits de la Harem VN adaptation, which otherwise had more pantyshots than plot points, showed us a full shot of some guy bottom. Then Garo came in, not only with a regular shot of manly rear ends, but even of a chibi ass. Truly we live in a glorious age of anime.

Oh right, Garo. Yeah it was pretty good.

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World Trigger episode 1 – Don’t watch this anime

vlcsnap-2014-10-06-23h15m34s12I don’t normally pull the “I watch this so you don’t have to” routine because it comes off as big-headed and insincere, like I’m only watching anime to hate it. You should watch anything that looks like it’s interesting to you and take advice from others on what else is good. That said, I’m going to do that for World Trigger because something this lazy, this bland, this utterly lacking piece of poop doesn’t look obviously like trash on the outside. There is absolutely nothing good about this anime I could possibly recommend to anyone, even for novelty sake.

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