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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 42 – Is The Cart Driver the Best Anime Blog Ever?

jojos-bizarre-adventure-jotaro-yes-yes-yesWhy, thank you, Jotaro! You’re a swell fellow.

It’s kind of hilarious how quickly the tables turned on D’Arby in this episode. That’s what he gets for having a Stand that’s only useful in specific situations and planning his entire attack around that. There is a nice sense of irony that someone who cheats by looking into people’s souls and determining what they will do is undone by placing so much trust in the soul and ignoring everything. See what absolute belief in the soul gets you? Y’all don’t want to get punched real hard a lot, do you?

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24 CommentsHeroic Legend of Arslan / By Scamp /

The Heroic Legend of Arslan episode 5 – The Fellowship of the Ring

Arslan Senki - 05 - Large 04I’m not the only one getting a real Fellowship of the Ring vibe from these episodes, right? Arslan is Frodo, Daryun is Strider, Narsus is Arwen obviously. Narsus’ little friend is another hobbit. Yeah it totally works. The only issue is the other hobbit isn’t nearly homosexual enough with Arslan to be representative of Sam and Frodo but I’m sure we’ll get there eventually. Arslan is already showing signs of wanting to cook together.

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1 CommentKnights of Sidonia / By Inushinde /

Knights of Sidonia S2 Episode 4: Independence Tanikazday


Knights of Sidonia manages to circumvent the inherent knowledge that everybody will be okay by presenting a fucked up scenario where Tanikaze has to Randy Quaid the gauna hive’s Hyggs cannon, or end up losing his home and the bear cyborg whom he’s grown to know and love. Really, it’s something we’ve all had to do at one time or another. Tanikaze is a character for the ages, who our great-great-grandchildren can look to as a bastion of relatability.  Read More »

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Blood Blockade Battlefront 5 – My Bloody Valentine

blood-blockade-battlefront-aligura-leapI’m almost certain that I or someone else has used that title on the site before, but whatever.

That Aligura. On the one hand, I can’t help but applaud her for knowing what she wants. On the other hand, it’s often said that trying to mold your partner into your ideal love is an unhealthy practice — literally doing that is, um, something else. The abstraction of the tomatoes and ketchup somehow made thinking of the process that much grosser for me than if I’d actually seen it happen. (Well, I suppose we did see it, sort of, during Dog’s brief flashes of Aligura injecting the living blood of Deldro into Dog’s body. By the way, I’m just choking back laughter while avoiding typing the name “Dog Hummer.” I am 8 years old.) We are all but squishy tomatoes in the face of advanced technology and endless love.

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Code Geass episodes 13-16 – C.C’s wide array of silly hats

dirt bikeC.C riding a dirt bike up a mountain while wearing a goth loli dress complete with matching silly little hat. My favourite part about this scene is a few moment before we see C.C chatting to some random dude on the road as she’s trying to find someone. This dude happens to be riding this very same dirt bike. A few scenes later and we see C.C on the bike. How C.C got this bike from the man is left up to our imaginations. How C.C kept her dainty little hat on while riding the bike is also left up to our imaginations.

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April 2015 Roundup

_HorribleSubs__Punch_Line_-_02__480p_.mkv_snapshot_20.42_[2015.04.18_23.52.54]Before we jump into a monthly roundup, I was in a book! Lauren Orsini of Otaku Journalist wrote a book Build Your Own Anime Blog with a load of interviews from prominent anime bloggers and me (doh ho ho self deprecating wit). It’s a pretty sizable old read there with tons of interesting stuff from what I’ve read so far. Like really quite large with some really quite fascinating people interviewed. If you read that and don’t instantly start a successful anime blog then I would be shocked. Or at the very least read if for my part and learn all about The Cart Driver Dot Com and the people behind it. It’s available on Amazon Kindle if you are interested.

Anyway, on with the monthly roundup.

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The Heroic Legend of Arslan episode 4 – Mount your friends

Arslan Senki - 04 - Large 27Narsus throwing a bunch of thugs down a trapdoor then just leaving them there was my favourite part of this episode. It’s like he dropped them down there then realised he didn’t know what to do next but had to look cool in front of his old friend. So instead he started treating them as some weird toy he could throw plates at to knock them back down. Which is kind of a dick move really. I bet Narsus was the kind of kid who waited until a spider had just finished spinning its web before knocking it down with a gleeful evil laugh. I’m not sure I’d trust this Narsus fellow. You know who else thought they were an awesome painter but kept getting shot down? Hitler. Yeah I went there.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 41 – Oh! That’s A JoJo!!

jojos-bizarre-adventure-oh-thats-a-baseballThe two baseball bats as exclamation points sells this for me. Even though the actual games are way beyond what would have been available at the time (drawing the faces of your baseball team??), the cartridge design and art is so on point. Oh! That’s A Baseball!! would absolutely have been on the lower shelf in the small video games section of a Kmart in the early ’90s.

First off, Joseph Joestar is the hero of this episode. He was already hilarious in the last episode for all his shouting and backseat gaming, but he goes to the next level by crapping all over Jotaro’s lack of experience with video games. Were he born just a decade or two later, Joseph would probably spend his retirement heckling people who stream Bloodborne on Twitch. For now he’ll have to settle for dealing with the shame of having a grandson who has never played a video game. What does that nerd do with his time, anyway? Read a lot and better his mind? Shove that geek in a locker.

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