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Blood Blockade Battlefront 10 – Don’t Eat the Tuna

blood-blockade-battlefront-god-of-chowSo says the almighty God of Chow. If there is one deity I am inclined to listen to, I suppose it would be this one.

I was wary about introducing yet more people into the cast a few episodes before the end, but wow, it took Zed just a couple of scenes to totally win me over. He’s excellent as the understated straight man who can cut through Zapp’s BS without being an asshole. Not bitter at all about being assigned as Zapp’s junior and just fitting in as best he can. Zed’s just a normal fella, but his normalcy is incredibly entertaining.

My favorite Zed part in this episode is him being open-minded about all the restaurants he visits with Leo and Zapp. Eating fish? Who cares! Fish eat other fish all the time. Why should it be weird if he does it? Some alien is vomiting food to be served to customers? Well, if it’s good enough for animals, then it’s good enough for me! If Zed has been training with the master for a long time, then he probably received few opportunities to truly eat well. The virtue of not being a picky eater.

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24 CommentsJoJo's Bizarre Adventure / By Shinmaru /

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 46 – The Longest Five Seconds in The World

jojos-bizarre-adventure-catburger“What, you thought dogs are the only animals I wish to see suffer?” – Hirohiko Araki, probably.

Now that DIO’s fun car ride with Senator Armstrong Phillips, the battle begins in earnest. The first episode of the battle is quite fun, but it isn’t quite as flashy and interesting as I hoped it would be. Turns out David Pro saved that for THIS episode! Good on them. Everything worked for me. Kakyoin’s plan to figure out DIO’s power being ruined so suddenly and brutally — so good. Kakyoin cultivates everything so well, and then BAM! Suddenly he’s flying toward a water tower with a giant hole in his torso, wondering how everything went so wrong. It’s such an effective, basic shot to convey the shock and surprise Kakyoin feels at just getting torn the hell up by an impossible opponent.

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25 CommentsMonthly Roundups / By Scamp /

May 2015 Roundup

Arslan Senki - 08 - Large 15Another month, another season slowly fizzles away as almost everything turns out to be poop on a stick. Which is the case each season, but hey at least there are some anime worth talking about. And if not…well we can just talk about something that aired previously because fuck trying to find something from this season. Hey I did that last month with Code Geass and would have probably done it again if not for one show.

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3 CommentsBlood Blockade Battlefront / By Shinmaru /

Blood Blockade Battlefront 9 – Wonder Wheel

blood-blockade-battlefront-black-laughing-in-a-cemeteryBBB normally looks pretty good, but damn, some folks had extra fun making this episode. Lots of memorable shots and transitions: the above shot of Black in the cemetery before all the tears start flowing (I’m guessing it’s Black and not our buddy, the King of Despair, even though it’s ambiguous since his eyes are closed), the transitions between the cool battle scenes and Mr. Despair flipping his coin, the quick transition between Despair chilling with his buds and White watching everything unfold at the hospital (eyes are still pretty darn important in this show), etc. Too much cool stuff for me to mark down and specifically call out.

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12 CommentsCode Geass / By Scamp /

Code Geass R2 episodes 5-8 – That camera angle


It’s like in between seasons the Code Geass animators suddenly discovered the wonders of alternative camera angles.

There was a particular episode of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex where we see an internet chatroom (a futuristic internet chatroom where people go into this cool conference hall and have intelligent conversation rather than repeat memes and bad spelling repeatedly) discuss the possibilities behind who is the Laughing Man and what their aims could be. For the whole episode. And it was fantastic. Admittedly this is not really Code Geass’s style since nothing ridiculous happened in those 20 minutes but there was a tiny bit of dialogue in these latest episodes that I thought was super clever. Suzaku had shown up at school and his friends, knowing he was the person who caught Zero, tried asking him who Zero really was. Is it a girl, is it a prince from another land, is it Prince Clovis.

That last one in particular got to me because of how much sense that theory made, and how far from the truth it isn’t really. How many other crazy yet believable theories exist out there. They hint at them every now and then with magazine covers, but Geass is more concerned with piling on the plot twists. Shame, but it would probably bog the pacing down. Stand Alone Complex and Code Geass are pretty different anime in many ways after all.

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9 CommentsJoJo's Bizarre Adventure / By Shinmaru /

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 45 – ZA WARUDO?!

jojos-bizarre-adventure-dios-sassy-walkIt’s beyond great that DIO needs to dress up with a fancy cape and walk all sassy-like when he goes out on the town. Does he have a wardrobe of capes, or does he have just the one because he probably doesn’t venture outside too much? He is the “sit at home and read all night” type, after all.

Finally we enter Dio’s World. I’m guessing that most everyone reading knows DIO’s power — you don’t even need to pay much attention to JoJo to know that; I knew long before jumping headlong into the series — but in case there’s someone out there who is a high-level spoiler dodger, let’s refrain from calling out the specifics of the Stand until the show does, yeah? (I don’t think it’s particularly difficult to guess, though, given that it’s a much less esoteric power now than it would have been, say, 20+ years ago. It’s definitely much simpler than the final boss Stands in later parts.)

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15 CommentsFantasy Anime League / By Scamp /

Fantasy Anime League 8 weeks in – Four fifths of a good team

_HorribleSubs__Kekkai_Sensen_-_02__480p_.mkv_snapshot_23.56_[2015.04.12_21.56.44]Fantasy Anime League continues to rumble on with over 400 people taking part each season. As we pass the halfway mark it’s time to take a look at how we’ve done so far. Or more likely, sit and despair at how there’s nothing you can do to change your inevitable failure as everything had been basically decided from the second you sent in your starting team. It’s always that one anime you didn’t choose that blew it for you. If you’ll forgive me to jumping to my own team for a second, it’s like watching Arsenal and knowing they are one signing away from competing but they just never sign that accursed defensive midfielder they desperately need.

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Knights of Sidonia S2 Episode 7: Tanikaze’s a Jerk


Due to a busy week making me forget to even watch the last episode of Sidonia until a week later, with the left representing the frustration at that and the right representing my physical state, blogging it kind of fell by the wayside. But what I would have written there is still applicable here, since it’s mostly just me saying that the pseudo-romcom bits suck and giggling at the Freudian implications of a fleshy graviton cannon expelling a stream of gravitons into an eager and waiting dwarf planet. It’s not a bit that would last two posts, so I’d might as well compress it into one. Read More »

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