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Summer 2017 Anime first impressions: Touken Ranbu, Clean Freak Aoyama-kun, Knight’s and Magic, and Restaurant to Another World

IMG_0568Sometimes when a new season starts, each new anime is a bundle of hype and thrills, with each new show bringing unexpected delights as your watchlist inflates like a hot air balloon standing under the American president. Then other seasons it’s a constant stream of failures, where you keep checking in and you think you can’t get any more disappointments but each time you are somehow still surprised by the new levels of low, like following American politics. This summer anime season is closer to the latter than the former so far.

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Eromanga-sensei Review: Not Just a Town in Australia


Eromanga-sensei is a show that I didn’t have high hopes for. I expected it to follow a little too closely in its more well known sibling’s footsteps, without carving a strong identity of its own. While it does carve out the core of what I think is ultimately a better identity, my hopes were pretty much met at the baseline. But that core is well worth discussing, because it does some surprisingly good stuff with the Masamune/Sagiri bond that’s offset by just not doing enough with it. Read More »

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Summer 2017 Anime Season Preview

dat face

I might not get Tanya faces anymore but if Compulsive Gambler can bring me these sorts of delights, I might be all right.\

Welcome to The Cart Driver’s legendary Anime Season Preview, Summer 2017 edition. I am your host Scamp and with me today are a whole lot of great new anime and a whole lot more terrible anime, but that’s why I’m here to help. Unlike last season where most everything worth watching were sequels so we kind of knew what it would be like going in, these season has way less big hitters in the sequel area. Monogatari turns up for its usual yearly series and for those strange people who are into Symphogear, that returns too. But mostly it’s focusing on all these new anime and all the new streaming platforms they will be on…yeah, more on that later.

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May 2017 Anime Roundup

IMG_0556It’s a week later than planned, but here’s my roundup of all the anime I watched last month. This month even included a much anticipating movie that has been wowing audiences everywhere, and no I’m not talking about Your Name. Also includes a catching-up process to a completely ignored full CG anime that’s not streaming anywhere. Guess which one I liked more, me being the big contrarian I am.

…at least, I pretend I’m being contrarian, but then the rest of the preview is just more Titan and Hero Academia.

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Why Tanya the Evil may end up being my favourite anime of 2017

IMG_0546Tanya the Evil may end up being my favorite anime of 2017. Considering it’s the first anime by a studio with no hype behind it and that my first impression was that it would be an anime for neo nazis, that’s quite the achievement. It tells the story of a sociopathic salaryman who is reborn as a little girl in the middle of magical-World War 1 because God wanted to teach them about what happens to atheists. I could try sell the anime to you by posting a bunch of Tanya faces but instead I shall use the longer option and diligently explain why it’s good…while also posting a bunch of Tanya faces.

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April 2017 anime roundup

Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin Soul - 03 - Large 07New season, old anime. Because while I’ve tried a whole bunch of stuff this season, all the ones I’m really enjoying are sequels. Mind you, those sequels are really good so I’m not exactly complaining. Last season didn’t have much anime worth watching either, but the ones it did have were fantastic. If we go every season with only 3-4 anime worth watching but all those anime are amazing, then it will be the best year for anime ever.

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Spring 2017 anime hot takes

IMG_0535This was going to be First Impressions but since episode 4s are already starting to appear I figured Hot Takes would be better. I thought there wouldn’t be much worth watching this season beyond the sequels, but then I watched a whole bunch of the new anime and I turned out to be basically completely correct. But hey, at least those sequels are pretty good. Although if I’ve missed anything then please do let me know.

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Spring 2017 Anime Season Preview

Welcome to one of The Cart Driver’s fabled anime season previews, spring 2017 edition. Just 6 more until I’ve been doing these for a full 10 years. Yup, this site aint over until I’ve stopped posting these. Yes I know technically the first episode of the new My Hero Academia has already aired, but that’s just a sequel. We’re here for all those juicy new anime, like….ummm….which sequels are airing again?

That’s unfair, there are a few mildly interesting looking things, and every season sneaks in a little Tanya the Evil surprise here and there. Let’s roll through them all, shall we?

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