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Psycho Pass season 2 episode 10 – Water Closet

PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 10 - Large 27I figured it out guys. In this episode Kamui managed to trap about 500 people in a train using waste water. In other words he got all these people in an oversized compartment and filled the surrounding area with piss and shit. Do you see it now? WC? It has nothing to do with what colour Sibyl is. It really is Water Closet! Kamui just wanted to create a giant water closet all along. Guess I don’t need to watch the last episode now.

…thank christ this disaster is nearly over.

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Parasyte episode 11 – White Knight

Kiseijuu Sei no Kakuritsu - 11 - Large 05I’d forgotten about this scene from the manga! In there she groans to herself after, muttering “oh god he was on a white horse and everything” but if anything I think I prefer the anime version of not saying anything at all. The whole sequence is so long that I was genuinely cracking up towards the end of it. I’m not sure which was my favourite part. From the bit where she’s wearing the Disney princess white dress in a field of beautiful multicoloured flowers, to where Shinichi shows up on a white horse with derpy parasite mouth with gleaming armour covered in so much bloom that he looks like one of those angels from Bahamut. Or the part where all his clothes mysteriously disappear at some point and his grizzled manly body has so much shading and six packs on its six packs. The whole sequence is so delightfully cringe inducing. Glad to see Parasyte found its sense of humour again.

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5 CommentsGundam Build Fighters / By Shinmaru /

Gundam Build Fighters Try 10 – BEARGGUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gundam-build-fighters-try-my-heartThere is a ton of shipping material in this episode, but this shot is EASILY what made my heart go doki-doki the most. Beargguy on its own is already the most adorable gunpla. MAMA-BEARGGUY with a tiny Beargguy kid is so fuckin’ cute that it should be illegal. I should be arrested right now for looking at this and sharing it on the Internet, and so too should all of you be arrested for glancing at it.

Actually, I’m not doing talking about Beargguy yet. Despite functioning as a fun cooldown episode after the excitement of the national qualifiers in the previous episode, this reminded me a bit of the fun fight episodes of the first season. The battle itself is pretty basic, but I love the continued theme of Beargguy being this gateway Gunpla that attracts people who might not normally be into the building scene but also is capable of being pretty boss when care and effort is put into its creation. It’s not just “cute Gunpla that girls like”; people have fun with it and get shit done. Beargguy rules. (It also has the added bonus of being China’s Gunpla of choice, so of course China’s little brother is going to know the ins and outs of it. More season one connections!)

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The Cart Driver’s 2014 Anime of the Year: Reader’s choice poll

Normally each year I throw up a Reader’s Choice poll on the sidebar for Anime of the Year without any fanfare or introduction. It doesn’t need any because it’s self-explanatory. However this year with split-cours anime being all the rage, I thought I’d put up a little notice first so people don’t choose the Other Not Listed Here option for non-eligible titles.

All anime series that ended in 2014 are eligible. This includes OVAs and anime that started airing before 2014, like Gundam Unicorn and Hunter X Hunter. No movies because they’re hard to pin down when people can actually see them. Anime not yet finished like Parasyte are not eligible. So far so straightforward. Now comes the tricky part.

Split-cours anime are counted as one single series. Split-cours are defined as any TV anime that had less than a 5 month waiting period between seasons. This means is only one entry for the likes of Space Dandy and Chaika. Anime with the second cour already set to air next year like Tokyo Ghoul, Stardust Crusaders or Unlimited Blade Works are not eligible.

Anyway, now you understand the criteria. Poll comes after the jump:

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8 CommentsFate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works / By Inushinde /

Unlimited Blade Works Episode 9: Fate GAAAAAY Night


If there’s anything to take away from this series apart from Rin looking really flustered on a regular basis, it’s this one screenshot. This is the closest we’re going to get to the infamous sex scenes and all their horrendous glory, I guess. Read More »

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Ghost in the Shell Arise – Final full review

vlcsnap-2014-12-08-16h23m35s194Ghost in the Shell has gone through a few hands in its life. From the cyberpunk manga origins by Shirow Masamune, before he turned into a weirdo who only drew calendars full of pictures of impossibly proportioned naked girls covered in machine oil, it then went to Oshi. There it had its most visually striking entrant with a gorgeously directed movie, albeit one lacking a little in character. Then he made a second movie which we should all probably not talk about. Then it was handed over to Kenji Kamiyama and was allowed to spread its wings a little in two full length TV series. With this space it was able to explore a wide range of typical cyberpunk topics with frightening levels of depth in what I consider to be the strongest the franchise has ever been.

The latest instalment sees it placed into the hands of Tow Ubukata as the chief writer and I will admit I was a little bit worried. This is the man whose most famous previous work was Mardock Scramble, a novel series that certainly had its interesting ideas but sorta lost track of them around about the time Norio Wakamoto was being eaten by flying homosexual sharks. Actually I think it was the dolphin that was homosexual…anyway, gay marine animals aside, it was a huge mess. So I tuned into Ghost in the Shell Arise with my expectations tempered significantly.

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Psycho Pass season 2 episode 9 – Nessun Dorma

vlcsnap-2014-12-07-16h58m21s144I feel like I’m on a hidden camera show now. When a bloke shows up with the ear of a granny in a delicate case behind a burning building full of mutilated foreigners disguised as exotic animals that was used to burn alive corrupt business owners after feeding them disguised brains and guts of humans, I was already ready to stretch my typing fingers and start laying into yet another weak episode from this season. But then Nessun Dorma started playing and suddenly I felt self-conscious. As though someone was now deliberately doing this to provoke me and see how incredulously I’d act. This isn’t even incompetence anymore. This has to be a set up. Where are the cameras? Who is doing this to me? Hello, is that you MTV?

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10 CommentsGundam Build Fighters / By Shinmaru /

Gundam Build Fighters Try 9 – GATTAI


SURPRISE GATTAI is one of my favorite robot tropes. Look at this thing! It’s almost like a giant Gundam bird except instead of wings it has two swords at the ready for maximum decapitation. Be still, my heart.

It says a lot about how well built both teams in the finals were that I thought that Team G-Master had a legitimate shot to win. I expected Team Try Fighters to win; however, I could see a scenario in which Team G-Master actually wins and then the show bullshits some reason for Team Try Fighters to sneak into the nationals anyway. That would likely be a weaker story and not all that fitting for the type of series Gundam Build Fighters Try is, but the possibility of it at least marks this as a reasonably competitive match. Previous matches have been fun, but I haven’t gone into any of them thinking that Team Try Fighters has even the slightest chance of losing.

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