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A Day with The Cart Driver podcast episode 3 – Everything is Utena


Every new anime from this season is Utena. Except when it’s being Bible Black.

In this latest episode of a married couple bickering about anime, myself, Scamp, and Day from Gar Gar Stegosaurus, discuss the rest of the new anime we’ve watched this season. But since it’s us, we also manage to slip in conversations about how I dislike j-rock, throwing pennies at the White House, colonialism themes in anime, racist tropes and anime nipples. You can listen below or direct download and listen later. Timestamps are below the jump.

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The Perfect Insider Episode 2: Spoiled Moe


Holy fuck, this is the most stereotypically noitaminA show in recent memory. I mean that in an actually good Paradise Kiss way, not in a Guilty Crown way. And I don’t know how the fuck this slipped me by last week, but I’m going to make up for it by hopefully touching on what it did well with an extra week’s worth of content to back it up. Well, an extra week’s content on Moe being a sterling example of rich moe.

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MAL articles roundup #6 – Tsunderes, twintails and new season

Owarimonogatari - 02 - Large 12New season, new articles, new writing about random anime fetishes. Wait, did I say fetishes? I meant archetypes. There’s also a new season of anime to write about, which means I’m on board the Owarimonogatari and One Punch Man trains. Not the Gundam train though. Turns out too few people care about Gundam to make that worth writing about this season. Which is a shame because it really is quite a good show. I recommend watching it.

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Shomin Sample Episode 1: Shame Sample


It’s probably pretty telling of a show’s quality and appeal when nobody subs it for several days. But hey, at least we finally got that perennial inhabitant of Scamp’s fake season charts, subbed courtesy of (who fucking else?) Funimation! I guess not even fake charts are sacred anymore. Read More »

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A Day with The Cart Driver podcast episode 2 – New season anime lingerie

Concrete Revolutio Choujin Gensou - 01 - Large 09

The new season is here so you know what that means? Time to bitch about how bad some of the endings were from last season! Well, mostly just bitch about Rokka, the other endings were all right. Don’t worry, we mark all the spoilers properly for you. Oh and we do talk about anime from the new season too, from One Punch Man to Haikyuu to Gundam (obviously). Also some talk about anime lingerie.

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Owarimonogatari Episode 1: The Beginning of the End


In typical Monogatari fashion, the 48 minute introductory episode becomes one of the most verbose 48 minute stretches in existence. And, in equally typical Monogatari fashion, this isn’t at all a bad thing. Thanks to the smoke and mirrors that Shaft uses to make up for the fact that everything is just two people talking in an otherwise empty room, it becomes a refreshingly frank explanation of Araragi’s distant, adolescent mindset. At least it gives him some character beyond molesting his sister’s virgin mouth with a toothbrush.  Read More »

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MAL articles roundup #5 – Yanderes and season finales

yandere boysListening to some Yandere Boys, having the time of my life.

Summer season over. I’ll probably do some first impressions post on this site rather than MAL. However for anime I’m going to cover weekly on MAL, that will include Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans which had a quite strong opening episode. Owarimonogatari I’ll obviously cover too given how much fun writing about Monogatari has been in the past. The other two will be One Punch Man (nobody else claimed it so I figured why not) and Concrete Revolutio. But for now here’s the end of season posts and some bonus stuff.

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Gakkou Gurashi Episode 12: SYMBOLISM



I don’t know whether to be happy or disappointed that Gakkou Gurashi gave a moment of terribad on par with Yuu from Charlotte going on a grief-induced skewer rampage against Japan’s delinquents and/or House of the Dead binge. But it did, and now we have to live with the ravenous horde of undead being turned away from the school because they’ve been told to go home. It doesn’t matter how much it’s been led up to, that will never not be ridiculous. Taroumaru eating every zombie and sacrificing himself in the process would somehow be less dumb. It could be about me fluffing out an introductory paragraph with comparisons, and it would somehow be less dumb. Read More »

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