18 CommentsDeath Parade / By Inushinde /

Death Parade Episode 2: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors


I can appreciate a show that opens a tale of suspicion, physical/emotional spousal torture, and uncertainty with a jaunty musical number. Read More »

10 CommentsJoJo's Bizarre Adventure / By Shinmaru /

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders 26 – Egyptian God Cards

jojos-bizarre-adventure-ndoul-god-cardIt’s rumored that if you gather all nine Egyptian god cards together, you can form Exodia. OBLITERATE

Nice to see what a little strategy will do for a fight. This is the kind of simple battle with a dash of nuance that shows JoJo when it’s really clicking on an action level. For me, JoJo fights are most fun when the combatants are feeling each other out and probing the limits of what their respective powers can do against each other. The heroes inevitably stumble into the ideal situation and setting for their opponents’ Stands, so most battles are spent finding out what gets them horribly maimed and trying to avoid that while also using their newfound information to lure the opponent into a more favorable position for them.

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5 CommentsParasyte / By Scamp /

Parasyte episode 14 – Evil laugh

Kiseijuu Sei no Kakuritsu - 14 - Large 13I enjoyed this! I was starting to feel a little down on Parasyte after spending a few episodes on its considerably worse female characters and one more bad episode might have pushed me into mini rant territory. But then big mouth shows up again and modifies his face so he looks like the Terminator and suddenly I am right back on board again. See Parasyte, when you have more emphasis on your goofier side while still building on your themes instead of having girls pine over our angsty lead, you’re a much better show.

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2 CommentsGundam Build Fighters / By Shinmaru /

Gundam Build Fighters Try 14 – Preparation

gundam-build-fighters-try-everyone-is-sleepyIf only every day could be this fulfilling.

It’s by now that I am wondering if Build Fighters Try will be the same length as the first season, or even longer. By this time in the first season, we were way into the main tournament, rivalries had been established, and in episode 15 Fellini and Reiji/Sei had that dope ass fight, followed by Aila eating ice cream and going on an adorable gunpla building date with Reiji in episode 16. What a great two-episode block of anime! Here, we’re still preparing, both in terms of teams getting their gunpla ready for battle, and in terms of more potential rivals being introduced. It’s fun and all, but is everything really going to be burned through in 11 episodes or so?

I’m not in tune with the business side of the industry by any means, so I couldn’t look into BD releases or whatever and use that to estimate how many episodes will be in the series. It just seems to me that the pacing has worked such that it seems like they’ll need more episodes to work things out … then again, I have no idea how the tournament will be structured. The first one had points in various activities working toward a single-elimination tournament. This one seems like it’ll be elimination from the start. Who knows? But I would like to see more robot fights that matter now. Maybe I’m just being an impatient jerk. Perhaps one day I’ll rewatch this series and everything will fly by just fine.

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47 CommentsFirst Impressions / By Scamp /

Winter 2015 anime first impressions – second take

Death Parade - OP - Large 03It’s been tough to keep up with the new season. Between no internet and no laptop, I had to download anime illegally at libraries like some drug addict who had to keep his addiction going by burning random household medicines when his dealer disappeared. However I’ve finally caught up so it’s time to lay some truth down. Thanks to Shinmaru for posting his first impressions bonanzas and I usually wouldn’t butt in, but this time it’s different. Because I think this might be the best anime season since…as long as I’ve been into anime? Spring 2011 and Spring 2010 were both pretty good, as was Fall 2008. Either way, early indicators imply that this is shaping up to be a great 2015. So let’s go through the first impressions of each new anime I watched, from best to worst.

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13 CommentsFirst Impressions / By Shinmaru /

First Impressions Bonanza No. 2


This has nothing to do with this season of anime — I just missed having the opportunity to use Hisoka and his glowy dong.

As promised, here is the second batch of first impressions! I decided to stick to the same number as I had yesterday; thus, I watched a new show purely for the purposes of bringing the show count to five in this post. I’ll let you all decide which one that is!

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32 CommentsDurarara / By Scamp /

Durarara!! x2 episode 1 – Massive character reintroduction

Durarara Shou - 01 -28[2]You didn’t think I’d miss this, did you? While not technically the first anime I covered weekly (that was the first season of Natsume Yuujinchou oddly enough), the first season of Durarara was the first I covered when I moved away from my old Bokutachi no Blog stomping ground and started up The Cart Driver Dot Com. This site was almost called DRRR.com at some point because I found that shorthand term of referring to Durarara so amusing I wanted to immortalise it, until I eventually decided against it for something that would at least ensure I’m the top search term for it on google. It’s been 5 years since then and I’ve seen a number of people, even grand old stallions like Shinmaru, saying they’re lost with all the characters and forgot what happened and who most of them are. So for this episode, let me (who bear in mind also hasn’t seen the first season in 5 years) explain to everybody who all these characters are and where they fit in.

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18 CommentsFirst Impressions / By Shinmaru /

First Impressions Bonanza No. 1


Howdy, everyone! Usually The Cart Driver Dot Com is abuzz during the first couple of weeks of the new season, but with our Fearless Leader Internetally indisposed for the time being, we’ve fallen behind on first impressions. I cannot speak for my cohort, Inushinde, but it turns out my work schedule is not particularly suited for watching a bunch of anime and then writing rapid fire reaction posts to sprinkle throughout the day. My darn weekend is during the slow anime period of the week! I’ll try to make up for that today with some quick first impressions of various series that have aired so far. I should have the time to write up another post today or tomorrow — I’ve watched a bunch of other shows already, but let me know in the comments what y’all would like to see!

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