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Sakamoto desu ga? Episode 1: Sitting on an Atomic Nothing Waiting For It to Go Off


It’s amazing what an injection of self awareness can do for making a shitty trend palatable again. I find it way better for the show to want me laughing at its lead, rather than it unintentionally encouraging me to do so. At least then I know that an adult had a part in writing it.
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Spring 2016 Anime first impressions part 2

Bakuon!! - 01 - Large 33Don’t ask.

Next batch of first impressions. A touch less impressive than the last bunch with a few disappointments in there, but still an exciting season so far. Even if the ones I’ve enjoyed most so far have been the dumb comedies with cute girls and the serious manly anime have been a bit disappointing. I think I’m turning into Inushinde.

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Spring 2016 Anime first impressions part 1

imageNew season and already like 20 things have aired. Here’s a post about only 5 of them. I’m catching up slowly, I swear. I still haven’ watched the last episodes of a few things from last season. But there’s new shiny stuff to watch so who cares about the old anime.

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Mayoiga Episode 1: A Girl Named Soy Latte


I will never get over these names, or the fantastic redundancy of this image.  Read More »

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Winter Anime Season Wrapup Part 2 – Dagashi Kashi, Haikyuu, Osomatsu-san and the shorts


The Beatles were also fans of Osomatsu-san.

The new season has started and already there’s been some excellent anime. I was particularly fond of the first episode of Mayoiga, or The Lost Village as we’re apparently calling it now. This season is looking to be one of the biggest in anime for a long time, and I’m not even talking about the quality of the anime on show. Start digging into the money paid for streaming rights of Iron Fortress and My Hero Academia and watch your brain fall out of your ears. But whatever, that’s next season, and I’m too busy rounding up last season.

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Winter 2016 Anime Season Wrapup Part 1 – Shouwa Era Rakugo Shinjuu, Durarara and Iron Blooded Orphans

Durarara x2 Ketsu - 01 - Large 27I’ve been at a bit of a loss on how to write about all these anime. I’ll have to figure out something better for next season. Heck since I’m not doing it for MAL, I might try write episodic posts again. Covering Big Order after the fun of blogging Future Diary, or maybe laughing at the weirdly inevitably mess Mayoiga turns into. That would be fun. But I don’t want to leave last season without having my say on the anime I’m finishing. I ended up with something of a scattershot approach to watching anime this season, considering I never watched any of Konosuba or Grimgar which people seemed to like, and in particular only watched the first episode of Erased. I liked it too, I just sorta forgot to watch more. But here’s what I did watch and me telling you where I think you should watch it too.

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The Bokumachi Finale Will Probably Suck: Or Why Episode 11 Sucks


I can say that for the most part, this is a well-made show with a lot of love behind it. I like the characters, and for the most part it hit all the right emotional notes. But the penultimate few episodes left me in the cold, in the same way that a hamster using a dead hamster as a raft probably feels left in the cold. Needless to say that there are spoilers below the break, so be warned if you haven’t seen the highly telegraphed reveal yet.
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If you prefer the childhood friend in Dagashi Kashi, you are bad and wrong

Dagashi Kashi - 08 - Large 23I’ve increasingly seen people watching the Japanese sweets show Candy Crus-sorry, I mean Dagashi Kashi, who are expressing their preference for the character Saya. This childhood friend archetype is indeed an agreeable character with her beady eyes, infectious smile and a snagle tooth that evidently runs in the family. She’s so cute, you just want to protect that smile. I feel like even the manga author himself must have been caught up in the love-fest for this character as the latest episodes have focused more on her. I am here to tell you that you people are wrong. You are everything wrong with anime. You are destroying the industry one waifu declaration at a time.

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