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Fall 2014 Anime Season Preview

fmpThe world famous Cart Driver anime season preview has arrived, Fall 2014 edition. The rest of 2014 hasn’t really been up to much. Is there a chance the Fall season will turn it all around? Well, do you love light novel adaptations that feature a single dude being surrounded by a group of attractive ladies in high school? You do? Well lucky you because there are loads of anime for you to look forward to! Do you enjoy literally anything else? Well maybe there’s slightly less for you.

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Aldnoah.Zero Episode 10: Aldnoah.Zero-Effort Character Development


For awhile now, I’ve been pretty lukewarm on Aldnoah.Zero. Normally I wouldn’t have anything to say on it that isn’t just lamenting Slaine getting utterly shafted while Inaho smugly, and improbably, deadpans his way through life-threatening situations. But the category is still nominally up on the site for some reason, so now’s as good a time as any to say that the Vers Empire is complete ass. Boring, ill-defined ass. It’s the Yoko Ono of space fascism. Read More »

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Hunter x Hunter 146 – Ging Is Father of the Year




All credit to Ging, though: Once he got over the initial “HOW IN THE HELL DO I DEAL WITH A CRYING CHILD” hump, he actually gave Gon some good, basic advice. Take responsibility, try to better yourself and move forward. I mean, he could’ve done better taking that damn advice himself and actually raising Gon all these years, but do as I say and not as I do and all. Ging’s not saying anything untrue here. Kite DID underestimate the strength of the Chimera Ants. Gon WASN’T strong enough to take them on at the time. He doesn’t say any of this in a disparaging way; it’s just a truth that Gon can learn from. Shit happens, and you deal with it the best you can.

And then Ging tries to get out of talking with Gon some more later, which leads to the audience crapping all over him. Baby steps!

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 23 – Yellow Submarine … OF DEATH!!!!!


Shinmaru: “Well, this is certainly an odd door handle …”

Somehow I forgot about this Stand being this creepy. I think hearing it cackle like it does is what sends it over the top. It’s like a little giggling T-1000, but a weird mask thing and not Robert Patrick. Also, to my knowledge, the High Priestess was not sent from the future to murder the child who will grow to lead the revolution against the machines. I could be wrong; perhaps there is something I’ve forgotten from the extensive lore of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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Returning to Eden of the East

Eden of the East - 01 - Large 10In winter 2009, Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter was making headlines on ANN about how it was blowing apart records for audience figures watching late night anime in Japan (despite not being as good as the first season). I was still a pretty new anime fan at the time and was only vaguely aware that anime was shown on television in Japan, so to educate myself I did a bit of reading to find out why Nodame was doing so well. It was part of this fancy Noitamina TV timeslot that was showed mostly anime targeted at 20-something ladies, aiming to produce anime outside of anime’s usual target demographic of the 20-something dude. I was writing a season preview at the time and saw that the show airing there next season was something called Eden of the East, which looked like it could be pretty good. Then Eden came out and it blew my 18-year-old mind so since then I’ve always kept a very close eye on the timeslot.

Over time though, stock of both has fallen off somewhat. Noitamina went and aired Guilty Crown and Black Rock Shooter at the same time and quite frankly has never been the same since. But this isn’t a post about Noitamina. This is about Eden of the East. A year or two later after the TV series proved to be favourites amongst critics and fans, two sequel movies came out. They were originally intended to be part of the original airing run but had to be cut out to fit into the TV airing. Those movies were not so well received. They’re not actively bad per se. In fact I’d call the second one actually quite good. But almost everyone was so lukewarm on the movies that Eden of the East, so highly regarded a year previously, suddenly dropped off everyone’s radars and I barely see it talked about today. Returning to Eden was a little scary, as it always is to return to old favourites you’re not sure will still hold up. So much of Eden is its potential. With the knowledge that it doesn’t deliver, I was not sure whether it would hold up at all.

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Hunter x Hunter 145 – Yo, FUCK Pariston


Man, THIS fucking guy.

At first I was ready to say, “This is some hot bullshit!” about Pariston’s predictions falling into place at the perfect time for him to take the election. But I thought about it a bit and realized that the point isn’t that everything falls into place for Pariston, but that he believes wholeheartedly that everything will. It’s building on what I posted in last week’s post: Pariston has utter confidence in what he’s doing and his ability to read people and situations to his benefit. Failure is not an option — the idea of it doesn’t exist to him. He’s bulletproof and knows how to position himself to stay that way.

Does he know for certain that everything will happen as he imagines it? Probably not. He’s intelligent enough to read the signs and tell what’s most likely to occur, but as Pariston says in the middle of the episode, he’s not omniscient. But he believes everything will happen that way and conducts himself accordingly. He’ll do whatever the hell he needs and wants to do to get on the correct path. Pariston’s filibuster at the end is the perfect example. He’s saying a lot of things without saying much at all — all he needs to do is sap time. Maybe Gon will show up in short time. Maybe he won’t. I’m sure Pariston was prepared to stall the election as long as necessary for something favorable to occur.

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Tokyo Ghoul Episode 9: Yes We Kaneki Ken


I don’t know if it’s because Hannahmontanagatari made me pay closer attention to how my shows are framed, but I’ve found myself really interested in how series are driven by their protagonists, and whether the methods are competent, or involve pounding masturbatory compliments about the main character into the audience’s collective skull. Of all the shows this season, Tokyo Ghoul is one of the best, stressing both Kaneki’s strong will and his relative powerlessness against the powers that seek to do him harm. It shows what I feel to be long term problems with its implementation, but Kaneki isn’t portrayed as the second coming of Christ with an obsessed younger sister. In a season like this, that’s a godsend. Read More »

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August 2014 Roundup

Sailor Moon Crystal - 04 - Large 18I’m on holiday this month so wooh behind on anime. I’m sure Hanamonogatari was fantastic and would have got the What’s Hot spot. But nope. Instead I’ll just have to hope Inushinde does instead. He wouldn’t just put some idol show in there instead would he….right?

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