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Gundam Build Fighters Try 6 – Teamwork Is My Superpower


“Speak softly and carry a big robotic fist.” — Teddy Roosevelt

I wasn’t expecting the series to give Fumina a leap forward so quickly! I like her special power — it fits her personality, and it should lead to some fun, sneaky stuff. It’s cool how Fumina has built her whole approach on people underestimating her. She’s not fighting with a chip on her shoulder, but she’s taking a negative and mining all the positive out of it. Everything Fumina is doing is made for her to look as unassuming as possible: She’s got a goofy looking machine, she doesn’t have a flashy fighting style, and she makes a point of acting as support and making sure everyone knows it. I’m sure she’d like respect, but fighting with her friends, having fun and winning probably mean more to her, so she’ll take advantage of a fault if other teams are going to make it easy.

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12 Days of Anime project call to arms: Christmas 2014

even more pissed kageyama

Every Christmas for the past….7(?) years, anime bloggers come together and write a series of posts leading up to Christmas day. 12 days of writing about moments in anime over the past year that impressed you. Or left an impact on you. Or was shockingly awful. Anything that was memorable in some way or another that you deemed worth recalling at the end of the year. I wasn’t the first person to do this call to arms, nor will I be the last. But for the sake of keeping with tradition, here we go:

I cordially invite anime bloggers to join the 12 Days of Anime project.

The rules: Starting on 14th December, write about a moment of anime from this year each day until Christmas day. It doesn’t have to be from an anime that aired this year. It doesn’t even have to be something that happened in an anime. It could be how you went to a cow appreciation fair because you watched Silver Spoon. So long as it happened to you this year, it’s eligible. If you’re looking for examples for the kinds of posts to write, I’ve been doing this for the past 5 years. However you’re free to use whatever selection method you feel like. You also don’t need to sign up or announce you’re taking part. Just start writing on the 14th December. If you’re not used to that strict a writing schedule, I suggest you start writing them now and schedule them to post in the future.

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Unlimited Blade Works Episode 5: Rider to Hell Retribution


Finally, it’s time for the best servant– or rather time for her to make an appearance, threaten Shirou in a sultry manner, and leave when she risks being outnumbered. In all of Fate, Fate/Zero included, this Rider has always been my favorite servant. I like both her cold professionalism, and her place as an important mid-tier servant that’s not overwhelmingly powerful to the point of being dull to watch, but is still incredibly dangerous to underestimate. Also she has a purple motif, and purple’s the best color. Since I stopped reading the visual novel by this point, opting instead to unintentionally inbreed my dynasty to the point of extinction in Crusader Kings 2, I look forward to seeing what’s made of her. Read More »

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Gundam Build Fighters Try 5 – A World of Robots


That realization when a kid is way cooler than you’ll ever be. (And by “you’ll” I mean “I’ll.”)

One of my favorite aspects of kids shows like this is when they concentrate on one thing and have everything in their world revolve around that one thing. That was a huge reason why I enjoyed Phi Brain and watched all three seasons of it — the world is literally “everything is puzzles and ties into puzzles, no matter how ridiculous it is.” I admire that commitment to a particular motif. Gundam Build Fighters has that same spirit (and of course does it better because it’s robots and not puzzles). One of my favorite moments in the first season is the reveal that Sei’s dad is part of the GUNPLA COPS (OK, it’s not exactly Gunpla police, but it’s close enough for me to get excited and type in all caps). The idea that someone is for Gunpla conduct violations is incredibly silly, but the show treats it so seriously that it works. Build Fighters is behind the idea 100 percent, so I can be behind it, too.

Build Fighters Try has some of that, as well. Sekai training himself to match his robot’s range of movements is a bit silly on the surface. It’s a friggin’ figure, after all. But the show commits so fully to the idea that Sekai is learning exactly what his robot is capable of in terms of movement and speed and that Sekai is dedicated to training himself in an environment that will help him adapt to different settings in the Gunpla Battles that I can’t help but be swept along with it. It’s the same with the idea that there are these intense rival Gunpla model builders who despise each other with murderous fervor. (Though, honestly, I probably wouldn’t be surprised if this were actually a thing.)

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Psycho Pass season 2 episode 5 – Angry Birds

vlcsnap-2014-11-07-13h27m30s237There’s a scene from a later episode of Code Geass R2 (you know a post is going to be gold when it starts with a reference to something from R2) where Lelouch lines up a bunch of unmanned mechs with lances to create a line of lance arches for him to walk under. There was nobody else around. He did that just because he’s Lelouch. It was a short scene but it stuck in my head for how utterly silly it was and I kinda loved it. In a way that was a lot of Geass’s appeal. There was a lot of high-stakes nonsense but it was thoroughly entertaining nonsense.

Meanwhile in Psycho Pass, a man pulls out a mobile phone game and starts shooting baddies with his angry chicken game. It honestly took me a while to realise him killing dudes in the game corresponded to him taking control of the mech and shooting people in real life because it’s such a silly concept. I thought it was just symbolic, as he’s shooting down enemies in a crappy phone game, real people are being shot down on his watch. It’s such a silly scene and I laughed right the way through it. But I enjoyed that nonsense. Which is why I now feel kinda conflicted.

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Parasyte episode 5 – Altruism

vlcsnap-2014-11-06-15h12m27s95To me, Parasyte’s approach and thoughts on altruism is the most interesting part of the whole story. Just in case your eyeballs fell out of your sockets when Migi was going through its explanation and you now can’t be arsed to google, altruism is simply  the concern for the welfare of others (it’s something right wing politicians don’t have doh ho ho). Specifically the moment in this episode that I find the most important is why it was our main character decided to help the kid being beat up. It wasn’t from some innate desire to help him. It was because he wanted to assert his own humanity. If he didn’t, he couldn’t be sure that he was still who he thought he was. Which may not even be true since he was a huge wuss beforehand. To him being a human and being Good in his eyes is the most important part.

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Unlimited Blade Works Episode 4: Rin Makes Skeletons Go Boom


Well, after last week breaking the mold of people talking plot-important details at each other, we’re back to the routine of talking plot-important details at each other. But you know what they say, one step forward toward riveting action, two steps back and facing a hungry giant lizard skeleton. It’d be cool if the show referenced the movie by having her fight a stupid CG dolphin skeleton, but I guess I can’t get everything. Read More »

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Mushishi Season 2 Episode 14: The Not-Terrible Time Traveler’s Wife

Mushishi Zoku Shou - 12 - Large 02A problem with covering Mushishi weekly is it has never been the kind of show that you are desperately clamouring for the next episode to come. There’s never any cliffhangers or anything of the sort. It’s not the kind of thing you get excited about. I’ve seen many people say that they often leave a few weeks of Mushishi on the backlog because they’re happy to wait for the right mood to watch it in. With every episode being self-contained, it’s easy to drop out and come back even months later and feel like you’re just slipping on an old pair of highly comfortable slippers. Which is our excuse for missing out on a Mushishi post last week and why this one is late too. Because we weren’t in the right groove maaaan.
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