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Ookiebookie Fooribookie season 2 episode 1

Or whatever the hell it’s nonsensically complicated and impossible to spell without copypasting from MAL is. Instead of being a weeaboo,  I’m just going to call it Big Windup from now on. I will not, however, start calling Seto no Hanayome ‘My Bride is a Mermaid’. Although I really should start calling her Holo. She even writes her own name like that. Guess I’m still a weeaboo.

So I decided to check out the first season of Big Windup for a few reasons. The main reason was because there was a new season on its way, obviously. The other was because I was slowly realising I had taken a liking to sports anime and this was one of the best rated ones that focused on the tactics and teamwork. Other is because it involved a lot of guys having bonding sessions and fujioshi bait and for some reason I seem to like those sort of anime (yeah, really). I watched the first 4 episodes on Funimations youtube channel but was actually a bit disappointed. If anything, it was too down to earth. The characters were so normal that they had pretty dull conversations. Oddly enough, Mihashi was by far my favourite character because he had the most extreme personality. I loved how whenever someone called his name he would do the typical Mihashi reaction of ‘shiver-spin-look for somewhere to hide’. But when the series turned to the epic 11 episode match it really picked up and became the proper team-driven sports anime I had been promised it was like. It was only then that the different elements of the story put themselves together to become an extremely enjoyable anime.

So history of my Big Windup fandom out of the way, welcome to the new season! Unfortunately it started being as down to earth as the early episodes of the first season were which as I said, aren’t actually that interesting. For example when the two guys were in the restaurant discussing Mihashi’s team it was a bit dull. Discussing tactics was interesting, discussing their baseball history was not. These scenes are obviously required to make later baseball matches work better so it’s not like they can omit the scenes but it is something that impacts my enjoyment of the series as a whole. It did give us the prospect of watching female cheerleaders this season that doesn’t require you to watch Heroman.

There’s not a whole lot to say about Big Windup though. If you’ve watched the first season you’ll watch the second, simple as. The only thing I want to mention is finally someone mentioned the coaches massive boobs! A team full of teenage boys spend their time round a women whose tits are so big she has the prop them up with her crossed arms and squeezes them together whenever she gets excited and yet they didn’t once make reference to them in the first season? It just didn’t make sense! Then they pointed out this season that the very reason they didn’t make reference to them is precisely because they don’t want to sexualise their coach. Ah well, if you guys don’t want to stare at them then I will.

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    I have to say that I laugh every time I read “Ookiebookie Fooribookie” when visiting this site.

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