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October 2015 Roundup

One-Punch Man - 04 - Large 35What’s that? There wasn’t a monthly roundup last month? Never mind that, there was probably nothing important to say anyway. Let’s instead jump right forward and just talk about this month’s anime!

What’s Hot

Scamp: Gundam the Origin

Gundam The Origin - 01 - Large 57

I was considering writing about Iron Blooded Orphans, but instead decided to finally check out Gundam the Origin and that was pretty great too! It turns out that despite the fact I couldn’t get through Zeta Gundam and its absolutely terrible lead character, I am a fan of the original movie trilogy. Even bigger than I originally thought, given how much I fanboy over all the stuff in Origin. Ranba Ral continuing to be one of the coolest guys even in his younger years was particularly fun. Watching the first Zaku appear was like pumping pure fanboyism into my veins. Even dumb stuff like seeing a teenage Mirai or a young Amuro with his newly bought Haro toy got me. I only saw the bloody movies earlier this year and yet apparently they left a bigger impact on me than I thought. On top of that, Origin is good on its own. It has issues, and its cartoony over-dramatisation can be a bit silly, but it’s fun with memorable characters with distinct personalities, cool animation and a memorable story. I might even go so far as to suggest if you want to get into UC Gundam, just go with this since it’s fairly easy to understand by Gundam standards. If anything its only real problem is Char/Casval/Edouard as he’s not the most charismatic of leads right now and very difficult to relate to. It feels more like Sayla/Artesia’s story.

Shinmaru: Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans

Gundam Tekketsu no Orphans - 05 - Large 11

Getting excited about a Gundam series brings me some trepidation since the hit/miss ratio ain’t great (sorry, I like Gundam, but it’s true); that being said, the basic foundation of this series is so solid. The “downtrodden of society rising up against oppressors” angle isn’t unfamiliar to Gundam, but I like the spin on it here — these are all kids who joined the military because they had no other choice, either because they were contracted by force or because they’d otherwise die on the streets. They’re working class scrappers in the shittiest situation. They have shit robots — what they eke out of them is due to the skill they’ve had to hone. Even the cool mobile suit they have isn’t some super power hype as hell god robot. What advantages they have come more off like someone selling plasma to ease the burden of their college tuition rather than some rich, mysterious benefactor giving them cool toys.

Speaking of the rich benefactor, I like that she’s someone who has to confront her own privilege, assumptions, and naivete rather than some billionaire with a plan to change the universe. Kudelia is helping not out of a sanctimonious sense of obligation (at least not after she sees firsthand how limited her view of the world is), but because she truly wants to find the right way for herself and for other people. And the group of kids trying to make their Outer Heaven work are pretty appealing, even with the show making no bones about how they will do whatever it takes to survive (the stuff in episode 3 is pretty hardcore). I’m cautiously excited about this show.

Inushinde: Sakurako’s Bone Boner

Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru - 05 - Large 32

There’s something relaxing about watching a girl and her pet milquetoast protagonist traipsing around Hokkaido in search of mysteries to solve, often veering on the side of the morbid. I won’t say that it’s a particularly good show, since the characters’ personalities are gratingly staid and the actual mysteries lack any sort of cohesion, but it has a wonderfully washed out aesthetic that gives every scene a fitting sense of melancholy. I guess the aesthetic is what makes the show a pleasant, if somewhat unengaging watch, ignoring the prismatic skeleton transformation sequences. Coupled with coherent writing, it’s a nice enough show to put on in the background while I think of more ways to associate the show’s title with sexing.

What’s not so Hot

Scamp: Concrete Revolutio

Concrete Revolutio Choujin Gensou - 05 - Large 08

It’s funny how, in the season with a brand new Gundam, the anime with the awful Tomino-esque writing is coming from somewhere else. I hate the way the characters speak to each other in Concrete Revolutio so much. It’s like nobody ever talks to each other. Each line of dialogue feels like they skipped 8 previous lines so nobody seems like an actual person. These aren’t conversations, they’re just random babble spouted at each other while attempting to sound deep. I’m not even sure if the dialogue was coherent that I would like Concrete Revolutio anyway. Every time I got a grip on the storyline, I found myself thinking that the main dude in the story was a complete arse about everything and totally wrong about every solution he came up with. I had high hopes for this show and now I feel stupid. Goddamnit Bones.

Shinmaru: One Punch Man

One-Punch Man - 05 - Large 22

This is more of a “what’s not” with a couple of caveats: 1) I’m watching few shows this season, so I guess I have to write about something I’m enjoying (and I AM liking One Punch Man), and 2) I guess this is more about expectation than One Punch Man being the actual worst show I’m watching? I like the premise of One Punch Man, simultaneously celebrating the inherent silliness of superheroes and using those building blocks for fun comedy and some super cool animation. My one problem with the series is that the actual Saitama character gets stretched thin at times.

The “regular guy who worked super hard and somehow became a hero” shtick is fun, but it’s when that character gets wacky that it ceases to work for me. I like Saitama more as the exclamation mark — the episode with the lab of genius clones creating violent super monsters is the perfect use of him. You have this absurd backstory that plays out over the course of the episode, but then Saitama steps in and trucks the monster after it’s “YOU HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN MY FINAL FORM” bit. Perfect. The Golgo 13 model is my ideal for this series: it’s about other characters playing out their shit before Golgo blasts someone/Saitama punches someone.

Inushinde: Concrete Revolutio

Concrete Revolutio Choujin Gensou - 04 - Large 33

I don’t think it’d be too controversial a statement to say that, more often than not, good shows often spring from good ideas. And if there’s one show full of good ideas, it’s Concrete Revolutio. Pseudo-retro style reminiscent of when animation had more characters than frames? Awesome. Heroes who are immediately sympathetic being sought out by an organization straight out of a Saturday morning cartoon? Also awesome. Allegories for the failings of post-war Japan? Cool, I like it.

Unfortunately, where it falls down is everywhere else, with the show trying to coast off of the idea and aesthetic to make up for a near total lack of coherent short-term direction. It’s like somebody picked up a proof of concept and filled in the blanks on the fly, ignoring anything that might create investment. I found myself digging Concrete Revolutio a bit more after each of the three episodes that I managed to work through, but the operative word in that sentence is “work”. It’s the anime equivalent of reading Asimov that’s been wrung through Google Translate three or four times.

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  1. Abonymous
    Posted November 7, 2015 at 12:13 am | Permalink

    Nice to see the dream team back together. Also Sieg Zeon!

    Golgo 13 was kinda what I was expecting out of OPM at first. So I found myself bored when the plot focused on Saitama in the episode leading to the Hero Exam. Hopefully the Hero Organization adds in more characters like Genos to fill in where Saitama can’t.

  2. Themaster20000
    Posted November 7, 2015 at 12:27 am | Permalink

    Gundam IBO is really good so far. The cast of characters are great so far. The fights have tension,look great,and more importantly have a purpose in moving the plot forward. The only thing am worried about is the stupid love triangle that’s developing;the show doesn’t need that shit.

    Worst show so far is the new Garo. You have a main character who is just generic shonen man.The script sucks ass.The storytelling and direction is flat.And the animation is godawful for the most part. It’s such a phoned in production by Mappa.

    • Scamp
      Posted November 8, 2015 at 7:51 pm | Permalink

      I don’t think they’re going to do anything with that love triangle…at least I hope not, since it would be the goddamn dumbest love triangle ever

  3. Shikamaru
    Posted November 7, 2015 at 10:54 am | Permalink

    Any of you watching Noragami? The bishamon arc has been amazing. Even if you haven’t seen the first season you should watch this new season. You won’t regret it. It has been so good that Noragami might be my new favourite anime of the year.

    Utawarerumono on the other hand has been really mediocre. It’s almost like a harem anime now. It was really good when it started and the suddenly more women appeared and it suddenly turned into harem. WHY!?!?

    Great to hear that people enjoy Gundam. I’m also really liking it, but who will die? Mikazuki, Orga or Biscuit. One of the has to die, right?. I’m going to say Orga.

    Heavy object has also been a diappointment. I just wish they would make more Index. That show I like a lot.

    • Ken
      Posted November 7, 2015 at 8:08 pm | Permalink

      The second season of Noragami is awesome. It’s less comical and more dramatic than the first season. Here’s hoping that they conclusively nail the ending this time.

      • Scamp
        Posted November 8, 2015 at 7:53 pm | Permalink

        You know, hearing this actually makes me less interested in the Noragami sequel since the more dramatic parts of the first season were what turned me away from it in the first place.

      • gedata
        Posted November 8, 2015 at 10:19 pm | Permalink

        To be fair, the conflict has more than it than “here’s this dead kid who’s sad and lashes out because he’s dead cuz that’s totally not fair and stuff”

        And the last bit of season 1 was filler which means it doesn’t count (or matter). Just do it.

  4. Beefeater
    Posted November 7, 2015 at 4:14 pm | Permalink

    For me the “hot”s would be Osomatsu, Hacka Doll and One Punch Man.

    Disregarding (to me) a shaky third episode, Osomatsu had a strong start and I’m growing fonder of it every episode. Well written and paced, actually funny (and sometimes touching), aesthetically pleasing, good soundtrack, good characters. It has the whole package I’m looking for in a comedy, or anime in general.

    Hacka Doll was the surprise of the season for me. It’s an app advertisement comedy short co-produced by Trigger, and you can tell they went wild with it. It has a lot of Osomatsu’s appeal, including some biting social commentary. But most of all just really entertaining, and always with a fresh story every week.

    OPM is… OPM. A commendable adaptation for the most part. It’s impressive how the show stays interesting and funny despite the simple premise. Some unforgettable characters.

    Valkyrie Drive is a good fap session with a god tier ED.

    • Scamp
      Posted November 8, 2015 at 7:54 pm | Permalink

      Osomatsu has been something quite incredible really. I’m not sure what to make of it at the best of times but I sure am glad it exists

  5. Moral Panic
    Posted November 13, 2015 at 11:31 pm | Permalink

    Pretty much the opposite opinion for me. Gundam the Origin was terrible. It doesn’t know whether it wants to be serious or it wants to be a comedy, the CG is terrible and the entire tone of the show is schizophrenic. Coming from Unicorn it is a huge downgrade.

    On the other hand Concrete Revolutio is a suprise hit for me. I found the way the show this veneer of being a very simple good vs bad show, but keep hinting at a deep moral greyness to be really appealing. The time skips also help to flesh out the show and remove any sense of monotony by showing us another side to the characters. Normally in these shows the romance is really, really bad (see IBO) but here they’ve managed to show affection between characters alongside the typical anime pining. OTP will probably turn out as standard, but the road to get there has been rather refreshing.

  6. Nagisa33
    Posted November 15, 2015 at 5:12 am | Permalink

    Iron Blooded Orphans and Owarimonogatari are where it’s at.

  7. Posted November 15, 2015 at 6:45 am | Permalink

    As for me:

    What’s hot?

    Gundam: Iron Blood Orphans, Noragami Aragoto, Owarimonogatari, Lupin III (2015)

    Seriously, Noragami Aragoto is just that good (so far). I have the same case with you where the drama in the first season left me in the cold but it’s not the same with this one. Just. Watch. It.

    What’s not?

    All others including One Punch Man. Talk about fizzling after two episodes.

  8. Mr A
    Posted November 19, 2015 at 11:48 am | Permalink

    With how I also like IBO, I’m currently looking at your guide on where should I start in this U.C gundam timeline. With Origin added to the mix, I think the Franchise guide of Gundam should be updated.

  9. Posted November 22, 2015 at 11:25 am | Permalink

    This season has been really top heavy. A few really good shows, and then a bunch of clunkers! Already looking on to next season! Gate second cour and Fairy Tail Zero!

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