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Occult Academy episode 8

Poor old Smile and JK. They were both big fans of Tokyo Godfathers. RIP Satoshi Kon. I’ve still not seen any of his movies. I have seen Paranoia Agent and Magnetic Rose though, both of which are very good. Especially Magnetic Rose, highly recommend that if you feel in the mood to have your mind blown. I’ve also noticed that the first anime he worked on, Roujin Z, is one of the many assorted 80’s and early 90’s OVA’s that I downloaded on a whim, so I guess that decides what I’m watching next. Gotta wait until I get to England though to watch his movies. DVD rental services in Ireland have a pretty miserable selection and sure as hell don’t have any Satoshi Kon movies.

Anyway, back to Occult Academy.

So this episode tries to explain why there was a dead cow on the ground with all the blood sucked out of it in the last episode. TK doesn’t have any visible fangs, unless his dowsing robs have suction capacities, like alien powered straws. However that explanation was far too simple for Occult Academy and decided to explain it using the Chubacabra. Everything I knew about the Chubacabra prior to this episode was from an episode of Dexters Laboratory I watched as a kid, so I had to wait for some tsundere explanation service from Maya before we got the full deal about them.

However something is clearly up with these Chubacabra. I watched that episode of Dexter Laboratory quite a long time ago now so my memory is rather fuzzy, but I distinctly remember them being a bit more fearsome than they were depicted in this episode. These were quite possibly the weakest and more disappointing monsters I have ever seen. If Kozue had brushed them with her hand while looking for her glasses she would have at least knocked them out or broken several bones in their body. The dad had brought out a nailgun that shot 4 rounds at a time, and yet they were clearly wasted on these creatures. Even when he shot the big one, the first shot took it’s head clean off and all the other 4 nails did was bury into the underside of it’s recently decapitated head.

I mean, look at this. That thing is the size of a fucking upright Rhino with fangs as long as my arm. Those fangs should have gone straight through that poor helpless schoolgirl killing her instantly, or at least resulting in serious internal bleeding and several damaged internal organs. Yet all that happened was her clothes got a bit damaged. Now I know when it comes to anime girls, they sustain damage at a rate of clothing disintegration, but remember that this thing was meant to have drained a cow of all it’s blood. Do you know how big a cow is? They’re huge fucking lumbering beasts and pretty intimidating things to try tackle. Even a platoon of those chubacabras couldn’t take on a cow. I doubt they could take on a chicken.

No, something is up here, and I have a theory!

There is no such thing as the Occult.

Let’s look at this from the alien perspective. They obviously can’t land instantly on Earth. They first need to land on earth and create the Nostradamus Key, or something along those lines. Now while they’re on earth they need to come up with ways to prevent people from discovering them and any supernatural occurrences that may occur around the area they are in, because obviously there will be residual energy flow from their construction factories that will result in strange things. To prevent this from happening, they hire a bunch of earth-knowledgeable people and make them pass these things off as something natural to earth.

However, how do you pass off something like mothmen as being natural on earth? That’s simple. Go to one place on the planet that people will actually believe these occurances are actually occult nonsense and won’t go inspect any further. When you consider Mayas vast knowledge of Occult stories, anything can be twisted into being the Occult somehow. Heck, the whole school was founded under the a loony who was convinced these things really existed. Perfect place to set up your raiding base. What you will need is someone on the ground, helping them out.

And we have exactly that. I have my doubts the vice-principal knows that she’s helping the alien invasion. Maybe she thinks it’s a government job (it wouldn’t surprise me if the aliens had infiltrated the government). One of her most important tasks is to destroy the evidence that makes itself known to Bunmei. If they kept any of their material that made it into the human realm were recovered and kept for the coming years, it would be picked up by Bunmei’s futuristic phone and he’d know something was up. Everything he’s photographed so far has been dead in the future, except for two people. One is the vice-principal, who was kept alive by the aliens for the servitude, but hardly in livable conditions.

The other person that was alive in the future is their operative on the ground, the hybrid alien JK. He has been loyally following orders and carrying out his mission of distracting Maya and Bunmei from ever discovering the aliens secret. However it’s been coming increasingly clear that the aliens don’t trust him anymore. Perhaps they don’t trust his increasingly intimate relationship with Smile or something. Either way, they haven’t told him about their latest plans, which is why JK had no idea about the dead cows and the task was left up to the vice-principal. Which would also explain why JK wasn’t in the best shape in the future. He was cast aside by the aliens and is now trying to live in the post-apocalyptic future with his three asexual reproduced kids.

::Fake Edit:: It was only after the proof-read did I realise I’d called him TK throughout the post. However can you blame me when he’s busting out moves like this? GET CHANCE AND LUCK!

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  1. vucubcaquix
    Posted August 25, 2010 at 2:35 am | Permalink

    I forget who it was (blogger) that was mad at how Ami shrugged off the chupacabra’s bloodsucking. I think that it probably DIDN’T take any of her blood, but rather put her to sleep so that the little broodlings would have a fresh meal.

    Oh, and my puerto rican friend wouldn’t shut up about how insanely awesome this episode was. Yeah, I’m sure she was totally impartial.

    • Posted August 25, 2010 at 9:21 am | Permalink

      I’m guessing it was psgels, he’s usually the first off the block, though I admit I was also confused by how little damage Ami sustained, but your explanation regarding Ami being intended as food for the little ones makes complete sense now. And lol about your impartial friend! I like how the show takes mythologies from all over the globe though, as opposed to concentrating on those from one particular culture or region.

    • Scamp
      Posted August 25, 2010 at 3:49 pm | Permalink

      Probably Tenka Seiha. Something as obvious as that to complain about, he will complain about it. I swear, that guy could blog Cowboy Bebop and still whinge the entire way through the series.

  2. luffyluffy
    Posted August 25, 2010 at 2:50 am | Permalink

    Holy shit, you live on an island. (So do I, by the way~)

  3. Posted August 25, 2010 at 9:35 am | Permalink

    RIP Satoshi Kon indeed. I’ve only seen his movie, Millenium Actress, but I highly recommend that too. It’s an absolutely beautiful film with a brilliant, twisting narrative and lots of interesting historical, cinematic and psychological (esp to do with the effects of love and memory) references. In short: it’s awesome. :)

    Regarding this week’s OA, man I hear ya about those chupawatsits not putting up much of a fight. Maybe this show is like a game, where the beasties/ bosses start off easy but get more difficult to fight later. I mean, Maya didn’t even have to fight the first one, I think it just melted from the light emitted by her dad’s journal. Pathetic. I love that first screencap, though, that’s some impressive pouting going on from JK!

    • Scamp
      Posted August 25, 2010 at 3:53 pm | Permalink

      I’m planning a Satoshi Kon marathon once I get back to Engerland. For now though, I’ll have to do with some of those other assorted 80’s OVA’s I’ve got downloaded.

      The Mothmen were a bit scarier. Then again, they were scared off by JK playing a keytar. At least these guys required physical contact to defeat

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