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Natsume Yuujinchou episode 9

I’ve got so many things I want to share with you folks, such as the crazy happenings in the English Premiership. I could also blabber on about the fact that I’m now 18 so now I can legally drink, smoke, gamble and buy x-rated movies. I could also mention the fact that I only yesterday discovered that yaoi paddles actually exist, which made me wonder whether there is some sort of connection between homosexuality and rowing.

But no, instead I will write about Natsume Yuujinchou episode 9, because that’s what you all really want to hear about.

No Natsume!!! What did I tell you about wearing that hat!

No Natsume!!! What did I tell you about wearing that hat!

Natsume took Nyanko for a walk. If the episode had ended there it would have made my day. But nah, we had to have a story, a fight, a cyclops and someone who was feeling a bit lonely. So cue a certain member of the Ouran Host Club.

I wish everytime I smiled that roses appeared behind me

I wish everytime I smiled that roses appeared behind me

So this guy is a movie star. I thought he was Natsume’s older brother originally, but unlike Natsume he probably could pull off that hat.

Out of all the baddies in this show, a flying sheet of paper was one of the least scary

Out of all the baddies in this show, a flying sheet of paper was one of the least scary

Natsume was then visited in the night by a flying piece of paper. Yeah, not so scary but Natsume decides he doesn’t want any paper cuts and jumps out of the window. It turned out that it was sent by that bishie from earlier to check if he could see youkai. Which seemed a bit silly to me, he could have just showed him his cool tattoo…

Now I really want one of these. It’s a tattoo that crawls around, which is like the coolest thing ever! What it actually is is a youkai that feeds a bit of his life force or something. Either way, I want one

Natori, the bishie movie star, picks Natsume up from school and asks him to tea. This was all kinda funny since Natsume was embarrassed to be seen with him. Natori explains how he could see youkai as well and how he has done a fair amount of research on them. He asks Natsume to accompany him as a sidekick/apprentice but Natsume declines, with a bit of help from Nyanko (as usual).


Although I generally try to stay away from using internet slang, this moment is too good to pass up: PWNED!

Natori has all these female youkai at his beck and call to do his bidding, so he assumed Nyanko was the same. Obviously Nyanko was annoyed and attacked Natori, which angered his youkai fangirls which resulted in this..

Unfortunatly, this fight didn't happen.

Unfortunately, we never got to see who won

Natori and Natsume still weren’t getting along so well even after all that. In fact, the whole thing took a turn for the worst when a angry youkai attacked them. Natsume was all ready to do his stander ‘punch ’em inna face then connect with them’but Natori instead stabbed it in the head.

Far scarier than a sheet of paper

Far scarier than a sheet of paper

The anime has yet to have a cyclops or a lonely person (Natori isn’t lonely, he has his fangirls). So cue our obligatory cyclops shot.

Natsume had talked to her earlier but she had been a bit rude to him. This time though he was able to chat away to her. She had been tied to a house in order to protect a cellar, which funnily enough was the place where Natori had his little job he had to do. Actually her story was quite sad. She had tried to escape but only succeeded in injuring her hands. So of course, she just sits around feeling very lonely until one day a certain boy shows up…

Cute, but not as cute as little Natsume

Cute, but not as cute as little Natsume

Yup, Natori was that little kid who bandaged up her hand. However he doesn’t recognise that she is the one he’s exorcising. So in hops Natsume to try stop him. Natsume was a wee bit unsuccessful so in hops Nyanko to save him…as usual. So how does it end? The youkai is saved, Natori remembers who she is and she becomes one of his fangirls.

Impressions (this is meant to be underlined but my underlining button has gone awol for some reason. So can you just pretend that it’s underlined, thanks!)

Be unbelievably sexy

So apparantly there are now two ways to get an army of youkai. 1: You could get them to write their name into a book of friends or 2: Be unbelievably sexy

What was interesting about this episode was the fact that Natori was able to get info on the youkai, which suggests that there are a fair few people who have been able to see youkai. They probably have their own internet site. Also, if he had done so much research, you would think he might have heard of the book of friends, but apparently not. Or he might have and that’s why he came to Natsume in the first place. Maybe the book of friends isn’t all that well known.

Or, the one I think is most likely, is that Reiko was the first one to test the idea of getting their name and being friends, up until then it had been unheard of. It would explain why youkai are always kinda confused when Natsume starts talking to them.

This guy has been tossed aside a bit. I thought he would feature more but oh well, it means we get more Nyanko

This guy has been tossed aside a bit. I thought he would feature more but oh well, it means we get more Nyanko

I feel I should say what I think of Natsume Yuujinchou as a whole right about now. It is a good show, it’s relaxing and intelligent. You can’t really fault it on anything it does and so far it’s only had one poor episode. But it doesn’t do a whole lot. It’s enjoyable but only to a certain extent. Meh, its a good foil to the madness of Geass I guess.

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