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Natsume Yuujinchou episode 3: Houston, we have comedy

2008 has been a Good Year for anime so far. We’ve had Geass R2, Kaiba, Spice and Wolf and many other really good shows. What 2008 has completely failed in is bringing us some decent comedy! I mean so far we’ve just had two sequels with Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Minami-ke, neither of which was as good as the original. Then came spring and what was the best comedy we got? Kamen no freakin’ Maid Guy! It doesn’t look like Summer will bring us any comedic goodness either.

So when you find comedy in a show that isn’t labeled as comedic, you lap it up like its the last laugh you’ll ever get. Code Geass and Kurenai both decided to be funny on occasion, so why not Natsume? So that’s exactly what they decided to do. It may not have been the most intelligent humour, but it sure did make me laugh!

Anyway, Natsume continues his problems at making friends due to things like that happening in the middle of the night.

Just like the last episode, more of these yokai things (I’m just gonna call them spirits) come to his house to get their names back and Natsume, with much less enthusiasm than before, gives them their names back. Two of these are a cyclops (another one) and a ram dressed in traditional japanese clothes. They want Natsume to go exterminate a human, and they won’t take no for an answer. However, since they can’t transform into a giant wolf like Nyanko-sensei they decide the only way to get him to do it is to stalk him.

I just like this picture because of where Nyanko is. If I was any good at photoshop I'd make this into a desktop wallpaper

Natsumes has another day in which making friends is impossible due to the fact he keeps yelling to his invisible friends, so he decides to at least see what human needs extermination. When he goes there he suddenly gets sexually assaulted by lots of little spirits. At least, according to the fansubbers. You never really know if they are translating them properly or if they are having a laugh. I’m afraid I don’t know ‘sexually assulted’ in Japanese.

It certainly looks like he's being sexually assulted. Or maybe thats just because I'm a teenager and must see everything with some reference to sex

It certainly looks like he's being sexually assaulted. Or maybe thats just because I'm a teenager and must see everything with some reference to sex

So anyway, Natsume, with the help of this big scary monster, found the guy that was causing the ruckus. Turned out it was some harmless Buddhist monk he thought the spirits might be lonely. Sound familiar? That’s exactly what the last episode was about. I think we’ve pretty much found out what this show is about.

Awwww, its little Natsume

Awwww, its little Natsume

During the course of the episode we had flashbacks of an incident in Natsumes past when he found a women who could also see the weird spirits. He was understandably delighted, right until the point he found out that she was a spirit herself. ouch… Her reason for doing that though was just so she could talk to him, again with the lonely theme. Either way, Natsume found someone in who was human and could kinda see the spirits, so it looks like Natsume might have a friend.

Hooray for Comedy!

Hooray for Comedy!


De lafs!!!!!!!!11oneone… Seriously, I loved the laughs we got in this episode. It wasn’t exactly intelligent humour, relying on the weird antics of Natsumes two new stalkers, but it was very effective. But they also managed to get across the serious message clearly as well, which showed the strength of this show. But will it stay being funny? Or will it return to being Mushishi-lite. Either way I loved the episode and hooray for comedy, no matter how silly.

Note:We frequently have ‘anime sex’ as one of the most used terms to find us on a search engine. I wonder if it will increase now that I’ve talked about sexual assault. Hell, it may even increase now that I’ve written this note

Another Note: Yet again the spellchecker has a problem with normal words, this time with the word ‘like’

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    Not your fault, mate. The “anime sex” search term had always been there as far as I know it. I guess I too made sexual reference in the past. LOL!

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