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My problem with Nodame Cantabile: Finale

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Stupid side characters who’s names I can never remember

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  1. Posted February 15, 2010 at 6:46 pm | Permalink

    There seems to be a simmering conflict of interests in regards to this, and it spreads across a lot of shows. One camp favors developing the side chars to round out the picture, while the other wish for a more centralized focus.

    Personally, since everything in Nodame started with S-Oke, I find the friendship between musicians to be a very integral part of the show. Yet that being said, I don’t really feel the attachment with most of the paris/finale chapter support characters (except Rui, and maybe Kuroki). Frank, Tanya, and Yunlong just don’t have that past experience, or current level of expertise, which holds them on par to Chiaki and Nodame.

    I want to see some glimpses of Kiyora and Bro Mine.

  2. kadian1364
    Posted February 15, 2010 at 8:54 pm | Permalink

    The problem is that they don’t develop the side character very well, if at all. Years pass by in the anime, yet a supporting character might only get 10 minutes of real time awkwardly slotted in the middle of an episode to explore his or her life ambition. Alas the curse of a shortened episode count.

  3. Posted February 15, 2010 at 11:51 pm | Permalink

    This has been a problem with Nodame Cantabile since the first season. The first set of side characters they introduced were great: Masumi, Mine, Stresemen. These guys rocked. Then, about half way through the first season, they started introducing these side characters who would quickly disappear after an episode or two. It’s hard to build a rapport with these characters and care about their stories if they’re only going to stick around for a couple of episodes at a time. (I also think the way Kon is going about directing this doesn’t help the situation either.)

  4. Scamp
    Posted February 16, 2010 at 5:03 pm | Permalink

    Generic comment at everyone:

    The purpose of Nodame side-characters used to be to further some part of the relationship between Nodame and Chiaki and their own personal goals, Stresseman being the classic example.The problem with Finale is they’re trying to give these other characters stories of their own and I just couldn’t care less.

    The problem is intensified by the fact that Nodame and Chiaki are my favourite anime duo of all time, just nudging aside Horo and Lawrence for that coveted award. Imagine Spice and Wolf if they started giving side characters stories that don’t effect the main characters at all.

    It’s the sudden jump to giving these characters stories of their own when the show has always been about Nodame and Chiaki that’s annoying me.

  5. Chen
    Posted February 17, 2010 at 3:53 am | Permalink

    This is stupid. You’re stupid.

    Seriously though, the relationship between Nodame and Chiaki is progressing rather steadily. When it’s not the show gives supporting characters some much needed depth lest they be cast away as stereotypes (Chinese are stingy, Russians are flamboyant and the French are quirky).

    I’ve enjoyed these diversions in the first season to be honest. Instead of focusing on Nodame and Chiaki as a happy couple 24/7 (well one of them anyway), they showed the other side of love with Chiaki’s past girlfriend, Nodame’s classmate, Masumi the timpanist and Kuroki the oboist to name a few.

    The fact that this season is only 1-cour instead of the original’s 2-cours might explain your withdrawal. It’s a shame, because I’m loving it so far, savoring it every week.

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    […] For guys like Scamp who believe Paris and Finale are focusing too much on side characters at the expense of Nodame and Chiaki’s relationship (a totally warranted complaint btw), I think this episode does at least a decent job of integrating the side characters’ stories with Chiaki and Nodame’s continued development, whereas with, say, Rui’s story, the action mainly focuses on her. It’s not perfect, since Chiaki in particular feels a bit like he is tagging along for the ride (even though he has some hilarious reactions to all the goings on), at least the stories intertwine to a solid degree: Nodame gets inspired by the song she hears at the concour Li and Tanya entered . . . and Chiaki of course realizes that is the same song Rui wants to perform with him. (What are the odds??) […]

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