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Interviews With Monster Girls Episode 1: Interview With the Vampire


Do you remember Monster Musume, that other show about cryptids and half-human amalgamations? Did you want more? Well a completely different studio heard the world’s collective cry for more and made a completely different show with only the most superficial resemblance to 2015’s smash hit series, i.e. it also has monsters in it who happen to be girls. And just like its estranged cousin, it’s surprisingly not shit.

Interviews with Monster Girls, or Demi-chan as I’ll be referring to it from here on out, follows a milquetoast biology teacher who wants to walk and talk with demihumans such as succubi and vampires in order to better understand them and/or write his thesis. It’s an effectively simple setup for elaborating on how the likes of vampires survive without murdering everyone around them, and the first episode makes me excited to see how it validates other demihumans getting by without them being too inconvenienced by their differences.

I like how Demi-chan portrays these differences with levity without downplaying them, making them seem like key parts of the characters’ lives, but not in a way that’s socially or physically crippling. The humor is driven by neat little visual touches, most notably the dullahan girl who carries around her head, nodding or shaking it with her hands in order to convey a response, or the succubus teacher having to go to great lengths not to touch men or look remotely attractive (though this largely fails), or the vampire sneaking up on her teacher and pricking him on the neck with pencils as a classic “Hurr hurr I didn’t really bite you even though I’m a vampire” prank after talking to him about how she drinks blood, without actually hurting anyone in the process. It’s cute in the right way without being cloying.


Long story short, I can really tell that it’s a show with its heart in the right place, and thus it comes with an appropriately subdued recommendation.

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  1. fathomlessblue
    Posted January 9, 2017 at 6:34 pm | Permalink

    Having read Scamp’s preview guide, I was also unimpressed by the girl’s barely having any traits reflecting their natures, and expected it to be due to the type of laziness you see in bad anthropomorphized moe titles. Then the show aired & it became obvious that the metaphor regarding people with physical disabilities made that decision the entire point. Of course the teacher expecting some kind of obvious reveal wouldn’t even notice the differences with most of the girls until he paid more attention towards how they navigated their environment. Barring some great giveaway like a wheelchair, or a missing limb or a severed spectral head, most people would have no idea upon first glance.

    I also loved how they used the dullahan to enforce the idea of embracing people for their differences rather than in spite of, and that treating what makes them unique as an elephant in the room to be awkwardly ignored will only result in a greater point of exclusion. Telling the audience that being anti-discriminatory is not the same as attempting to fit everyone in the same mold regardless of circumstances isn’t the first thing I’d have expected from a high school slice of life show. Well done, Demi-Girls.

    Here’s to more episodes of the maths teacher intentionally trying to avoid triggering flags.

  2. Outcast
    Posted January 10, 2017 at 1:05 pm | Permalink

    This is the second time (that I know of) that Yoko Hikasa is playing a Succubus. I don’t know who her agent is, but I only have one thing to say to him: Keep up the good work!

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