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Internet group ‘Fighters Against Racist Television’ launch attack on Hetalia fansubbers

I was beginning to wonder why we weren’t seeing subs for the latest Hetalia episodes. I guess this explains it then.

The internet group known as Fighters Against Racist Television have launched a remarkable attack. Their statement is up here but to paraphrase for you, they’re pissed off that Hetalia, or as they call it, this ‘racist and slanderous cartoon‘, got a new season. However they don’t have enough power to get it cancelled from being made by Deen so instead they are making sure it’s word is not spread across the world by preventing it being subtitled.

We have acquired sufficient skills to attack these ‘fansubbers’ to prevent them from distributing the material. This ranges from spamming and breaking their IRC channels, their primary means of communication, and taking down torrents and streams of any raws or subtitled versions of the latest episodes of this racist propaganda‘.

They don’t mention Funimation once in the entire Declaration of War and I’m sure fansubbers will be able to get their subs out anyway somehow but with this much fuss being made over Hetalia yet again, it’s only a matter of time before this new season gets cancelled and the entire series gets pushed underground.

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    Nice April Fool’s acronym there, hehe. Figured it was at the beginning, then once I noticed the group was called FART, well I didn’t even need the link.

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    I keep falling for every one of these except for the official ones so far. :I

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    Lol, it almost fooled me, except you placed the link too early =9

    Sounds like something the crazy anti-hetalia peeps would do though =[

  5. ateos
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    well done …., i forgot about the date, in my country April’s fool doesn’t exist, en cambio feliz semana santa.

  6. Raiga
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    The sad thing is I would not be in the least surprised if someone actually tried to pull this. Sounds exactly like the bluff some hyper-fundie conservative who thinks he knows technology would make.

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    lol Are you a fan of Futurama, by any chance? :p

  8. Scamp
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    An April Fools is always better when it borders on realistic

    And yes Shinmaru, I am a fan on Futurama. I was wondering if anyone would get that~

  9. SAM
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    In all seriousness though, who’s gonna sub Hetalia now that gg seems to be going through some problems?

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    You almost got me with this joke XD The last few Hetalia fansubs did take a while to come out so that’s probably why. It also says on MAL that the (second?) series has ended at 52 episodes and the third started last week. But I haven’t seen any sign of it after the 52 episodes. Am I missing something? ~_^

  11. heyheyho
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    Ahahaha, ok. XD
    Pero aquí el Día de los inocentes es el 26 de Diciembre.

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    Ah, I love April Fools day.

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    You got me. Give yourself a pat on the back. :P

  14. luffyluffy
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    …. I gave this to a friend.. and she almost posted it on the Hetalia LJ community..

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    Ahahahaha– Almost had me there for a second. XD;;

  17. Humanity_Cat
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    Nice. XD But when the hell is the new season subbed versions gonna come out?

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    lol. nice.

    it would have been funnier, for me at least, if the link went to a rickroll video though. it might be old and overused, but i laugh everytime.

  19. Scamp
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    gg have obviously stopped subbing this and no experienced group have picked up the new season yet. Chances are it’s going to be a group of fans banding together to form a new group to sub it but that could take a while yet. Hetalia has a large enough fanbase and I’d assume someone would pick it up eventually so for now we have to sit tight and instead watch all these glorious new anime coming out of Japan this season

  20. luffyluffy
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    But… BUT…

    gg dont HAVE too! The name change ensured this too!

  21. luffyluffy
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