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Hunter x Hunter 42 – Gettin’ Drunk and Playin’ the Devil’s Fiddle

Don’t know about you guys, but the idea of Melody and a friend getting crazy drunk one day and saying, “Hey, you know that music you got that was written by the Devil? We should TOTALLY play that shit!” is hilarious. Could they even process what happened while blasted out of their minds?

Ah, new Hunter x Hunter, why must you tease us so! It was probably farfetched to hope we’d get the beginning of the Spiders’ grand plan since there wouldn’t be a non-awkward place to conclude the episode, but still. Let me whine. I suppose arm wrestling will have to be enough for now. I’m forever amused by how Togashi uses arm wrestling to establish the strength of the Spiders — Gon uses his full strength to put down Shizuku’s weaker arm, so obviously that means she’s actually stronger than Gon at the moment. Not surprising considering she’s a member of an elite unit of thieves and Gon barely learned Nen like a few months ago.

You know what’s also not so strong about Gon? His acting ability! Gon’s lucky everyone concentrated so much on the arm wrestling matches that they missed his obvious cues whenever he pretended to struggle against some weaksauce opponent. It’s against Gon’s instincts to act unnatural — he can’t help but be himself, so when he has to hide an emotion or something, the poor kid’s just terrible. Gon just bursts with honesty. Too bad for him that wrecking everyone’s shit with ease would drive away every potential customer since nobody wants to participate in something they think they can’t win.

A few of you all in the comments last week were annoyed that Hisoka unleashed the rapeface while leering at Chrollo in the previous episode. I didn’t think it was that big a deal, but I do agree that it was out of place, even for this version of Hisoka, so I’m glad Madhouse dialed it way back this week. The direction does a solid job of showing up close just how intensely and insanely focused on Chrollo Hisoka is, but once the camera pulls back, it only appears as if Hisoka is taking a quick peek around the room after getting bored with his cards. Not totally subtle, obviously, but definitely much more so than last week.

And the return of Leorio! Bet that made some of you happy. Poor guy gets so little to do in this arc (and in the rest of the series, I presume, though of course I know nothing past Greed Island), but he shines well here. Leorio has to be one of the most pro hagglers in this world — not only does he sneak up behind Gon and Killua while they’re shopping for cellphones, but he picks out the best cellphone at the shop and talks it down to nearly half-price. Now that is some elite bargaining skill. That’s how Leorio could make some nice coin: just advertise himself as the Ninja Haggler and hire himself out to get people the best bargains. You’d think that wouldn’t work, since hiring Leorio would offset the bargains he is creating for customers in the first place, but Leorio is so persuasive that he is able to glide over that point like nothing.

And then we’ve got Milluki, international assassin/hikikomori. Is Milluki among the first portrayals of hikikomori in anime/manga? I’m guessing he appeared in the manga around ’99 or 2000 at the latest, and the Welcome to the NHK novel was like . . . 2002, I think? There may be others I am overlooking, but that’s certainly the earliest I can remember. Oh, the days when a character like Milluki was a novelty.

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    Eh, they spent too much time on Melody explaining her circumstances to Kurapika, although it doesn’t really matter for the plot. Things were just painfully stretched out at the end. They should have shortened this in change for some additional screentime of Leorio trying to get that mobile phone. I especially missed the line when Leorio was showing off, telling Gon & Killua that he got the same mobile phone for 80000 Zeni. What a smart bastard!

    Arm wrestling was kinda cool and it’s quite hilarious to see that the Spiders don’t really care about strolling around in the public. And am I the only one who found it strangely arousing when Shizuku lost to Gon? Ewwwwww.

    Also: Milluki’s a real otaku. You can tell by his pink mobile phone. Every otaku has a pink mobile phone!

    Other than that: I’m the first to comment and therefore back to my top spot, yatta!

    • Posted August 5, 2012 at 9:02 pm | Permalink

      Ah, yeah, I actually forgot about that line, though now that I think of it the ’99 anime had it. Just more evidence of Leorio’s expert haggling.

  2. Posted August 6, 2012 at 4:47 am | Permalink

    Hisoka rapeface is never out of place.

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