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Hunter x Hunter 146 – Ging Is Father of the Year




All credit to Ging, though: Once he got over the initial “HOW IN THE HELL DO I DEAL WITH A CRYING CHILD” hump, he actually gave Gon some good, basic advice. Take responsibility, try to better yourself and move forward. I mean, he could’ve done better taking that damn advice himself and actually raising Gon all these years, but do as I say and not as I do and all. Ging’s not saying anything untrue here. Kite DID underestimate the strength of the Chimera Ants. Gon WASN’T strong enough to take them on at the time. He doesn’t say any of this in a disparaging way; it’s just a truth that Gon can learn from. Shit happens, and you deal with it the best you can.

And then Ging tries to get out of talking with Gon some more later, which leads to the audience crapping all over him. Baby steps!

That whole scene is nice, though. Poor Gon just cares too much — he’s been trying to find his father for a long ass time, and when he finally sees him, he’s afraid that Ging will hate him because of what happened with Kite. Nobody wants their parents to hate them! Poor, poor Gon. Someone needs to hug him a lot. If only Ging weren’t terrified of interacting with anyone on an actual human level. (I bet Ging is very active on Twitter and the Internet in general.) I just want Gon and Ging to have a nice heart-to-heart that I can get way too emotional about, IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?!?!?! ;______;


Speaking of things I get way too emotional about, HOW MANY TIMES ARE YOU GOING TO BREAK MY HEART THIS WEEK, HUNTER X HUNTER JEEZ. It turns out that all I want in my media is characters I like hugging each other. I’m not sure what that says about me. But I love this so very much. It’s Killua briefly forgetting that what makes his relationship with Alluka so important is that he’s the one who treats her like an equal. Killua loves Alluka, but he thinks he’s protecting her by doing to Something exactly what his family did to Alluka — trapping her. Is it dangerous if someone tries to abuse Alluka’s power? Of course it is. But that didn’t stop Killua from freeing Alluka from the Zoldyck mansion. Why? Because he didn’t think she deserved to be locked up like that just because other people might take advantage of her. Alluka is being punished for what other might do.

It’s the same thing here. Killua obviously loves both aspects of Alluka, but he tries to protect her by essentially sealing one of them away. Again, it’s Alluka being punished for what other people might do, except Killua actually has the empathy to listen when Alluka gets pissed and chastises Killua. Stick together and help each other out, y’all. Be a good sibling. And give out lots of hugs, except when people aren’t huge on getting hugs because they don’t like their personal space to be invaded. Then it’s cool to back off. I don’t know why I am giving out dopey life advice all of a sudden.


Also, how much do you want to hug Pari– OH MY GOD THOSE EVIL EYES

Pariston is one of those classic villains who has me laughing, shaking my head and saying, “Oh, you bastard” as I curse his name with everything he does. Pariston just saying “haha whatever Cheadle is the chairman now bye lol” isn’t surprising, but the indifference in his tone is so infuriating. He had his fun time, so he’s off to do whatever he wants and be vaguely threatening to Cheadle on his way out. Whatta jerk! Pariston being genuinely (I think) sad about Netero’s passing makes it worse. Netero was a guy who honed his power by building supreme calm and focus, so OF COURSE Pariston would miss trying to get under the skin of a guy like that. It’s like chasing the ultimate prize.

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  1. Magicmew
    Posted September 10, 2014 at 10:29 pm | Permalink

    So what about the Chimera Ant eggs? Are they going to deal with them on the last 2 episodes or leave it as a hook for the next arc?

    Also hxh s2 when

    • Kenjeran
      Posted September 10, 2014 at 10:48 pm | Permalink

      It’s stuff for the next arc which will be animated 10 years later.

      • Suryce
        Posted September 11, 2014 at 11:31 am | Permalink

        The point of the eggs was that Pariston would have obtained the possibility to make an army of Nen users if he were to become Chairman and Ging seemed to think that was his motive. But turns out he was mistaken and it’s the reasonable Cheadle who is in charge now, so this plot thread is actually already solved. Unless Togashi still has some other use for them, the newborn Ants are probably just going to live quietly in NGL.

      • kamen rider Dragon
        Posted September 13, 2014 at 9:44 am | Permalink

        No it’s a plot point for the next arc

  2. Kenjeran
    Posted September 10, 2014 at 10:52 pm | Permalink

    God, two weeks more and I won’t be able to smile again ;_;

    Also didn’t expect Phinks to be a hunter (1st screenshot)

    • fordalels
      Posted September 11, 2014 at 2:04 pm | Permalink

      Phinks is blonde, that background hunter is just a recycled design.

  3. Nagisa33
    Posted September 10, 2014 at 11:20 pm | Permalink

    This is probably the 5th time I either teared up or flat out cried. I’m beginning to lose count now. Hahaha. :) This series should be called “Emotion X Emotion.”

  4. PapaGreg
    Posted September 11, 2014 at 3:18 am | Permalink

    I like it when Ging gets angry, it gives Yusuke Uramashi Flashback

    • hurr
      Posted September 11, 2014 at 7:58 am | Permalink

      Ging is basically Yusuke if he became a father and moved to another world.

      • hint
        Posted September 11, 2014 at 9:18 am | Permalink

        And Takamura Mamoru having the same VA.

    • Posted September 15, 2014 at 4:34 am | Permalink

      What if Ging IS Yusuke? He’s in a coma and all of this is in his head.

  5. fordalels
    Posted September 11, 2014 at 2:07 pm | Permalink

    “I bet Ging is very active on Twitter and the Internet in general”

    I bet Ging is a Youtube comment troll.

  6. Posted September 12, 2014 at 3:48 am | Permalink

    Another great anime series will soon end.

  7. MysticMad
    Posted September 12, 2014 at 8:39 pm | Permalink

    He did do the responsible thing with Gon and left him with someone who was better able to raise and love a child then he could, when you think about it. Mito did a pretty good job at that!

    Now about Pariston even though the manga is on Hiatus I can say that Pariston and Ging will be interacting and getting more of a focus. What’s happened so far has been super interesting at that.

    • Gan_HOPE326
      Posted September 13, 2014 at 9:08 pm | Permalink

      Best excuse for parental abandonment ever.

      “Your honour, you claim that, by abandoning him and leaving him in another woman’s care, I committed a crime. But seriously, have you SEEN me? This kid’s already able to bust a hole into a concrete wall with a punch at the age of 12. Can you imagine what kind of trouble he would bring about if he was raised by someone like ME?”

      Instantaneous acquittal.

    • Pusswookie
      Posted September 17, 2014 at 7:47 am | Permalink

      Thank Gawd. There wasn’t enough of either.

  8. tales_of_chris
    Posted September 14, 2014 at 4:59 pm | Permalink

    As I read up to this part of the manga I hated Pariston. It was at the moment when he resigned after winning the election and showed a bit of emotion over the chairman’s death that he became one of my favorite characters. Cosplaying him has became a goal of mine, but which shiny suit would be best?!

  9. Pusswookie
    Posted September 17, 2014 at 7:50 am | Permalink

    Does anyone actually hate Pariston? Or are they just saying that because he’s the “Villain?”

    Because characters like Him, Hisoka, Chrollo, and I’m sure a few others along the way really drove the show.

  10. Desi
    Posted October 7, 2014 at 4:49 am | Permalink

    Hey, remember episode 30? Does this count as a revival? Is Gon Jesus now?

  11. lmm
    Posted October 16, 2014 at 9:40 pm | Permalink

    > It turns out that all I want in my media is characters I like hugging each other.

    But I thought you hated Sakura Trick?

  12. Hunan
    Posted November 30, 2014 at 2:55 pm | Permalink

    I will never forget ging’s father problems.

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