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Highschool DxD episode 1

I could be watching Shinbo in his most unrestrained form with Nisemonogatari. I could be watching the most hyped show on twitter with Bodacious Pirates. But no, instead I am watching Highschool DxD. And I am determined to like it.

The story is about Potato-kun, a teenage boy who, like many young men his age, is obsessed with breasts. He spends his days doing nothing more than objectifying women. This is highlighted pretty well by when his friends talk about their classmates, not by their personalities nor their grades, but by their 3 sizes. When all seen through the eyes of Potato-kun, the camera remains fixated on breasts and nipples of steel, but it’s only when he’s not around do the various female characters start displaying something resembling personalities and emotions.

It’s an interesting take on how teenage boys lose sight of the idea that females are people and not just objects, which comes to a head when a girl asks him to go out with her. We never see them interacting or doing anything to display a personality. They do generic date activities and the main character never expresses interest in anything other than her body. His idea of a relationship is so shallow that he doesn’t recognise that there’s something up, coming to a head when she stabs him. A fascinating take on how teenage boys need to learn to grow up or else they will only end up hurting themselves.

The main character’s development doesn’t finish there though. That would be boring to end it so early. In fact, even with his dying breath, he cries out for breasts. He still hasn’t learned how damaging his shallow attitude is for him. You could almost call it a pro-feminist message: continue objectifying women and you will never get anywhere in life. He has started some development though, highlighted extremely cleverly by how he loses interest in the group porn viewing session with his immature friends. Once upon a time he would have fapped alongside his comrades, but his new experiences have already started to change him.

Highschool DxD is a big story about adolescence and the painful growth into a man. It’s fitting how his first real contact with a naked women isn’t the ecstatic thrill he thought it would be, but instead a frightening and confusing experience. The first full sight he gets of a pair of breasts, the holy grail of chesticles he had been searching all his life, and what does he do? He covers his eyes. Evangelion 3.0: You Do (Not) Want to Grow Up. Why yes, I do believe I have successfully argued why Highschool DxD is deep and meaningful. You guys were just too busy focusing on completely shallow aspects rather than the story. Just like the main character. Oh how fitting~

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  2. Gunslinger
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    You have taken reading into something to the next level … are by chance a templar conspiracy theorist ?

    • Scamp
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      The moon landing was a hoax!

      • Daniel
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        It was filmed on a stage in mars!

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    I didn’t think the first episode was that bad. Then again my taste famously sucks. Besides, his longing for breasts always comes with extreme pain and peril. If that’s not a positive message, I don’t know what is.

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    They should totally air this on noitaminA. The deepfags are bound to get a boner.

    • Scamp
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      Totally aimed at a wider audience

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    U trollin’ cool

  6. @aogukip
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  7. mcm038
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    I actualy didnt want to watch it since it seemed much more like the many very unclever highschool terrible anime. You got me rollin there.

  8. Ty-chama
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    Not sure if serious

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    wow, the site i watched it on gave it a 4.9/5 so i was determined to believe this was not a piece of shit & i was not watching this for the breasts. About 5 minutes in i saw those “nips of steel” & i found myself giving it a 5 as well before seeing any hint of a good story. Shame on me.

  11. lmm
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    There’s no trolling my readers tag, therefore I can only assume this post is completely serious.

    • Scamp
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      Is there a single part of this review that you can contend? Didn’t think so

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    • gw_kimmy
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      I agree.

  13. kero92
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    Ultimate troll mode ACTIVATE

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    Is this post serious? I’m just asking, I haven’t seen it.

  15. Alterego
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    At first, I thought that this is just a generic “I say the opposite of what I really think about this anime” joke, and that it’s rather primitive, After all, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. “Durr, hurr, I found the worst anime of the season, and I’m funny because I’m calling it the best!”

    But after actually watching the episode, I can appreciate it more. It sounds more like you honestly did what you stated in the first paragraph, and tried to say something positive about this piece of shit, so you tried to overstate it’s least shitty elements. This way, it’s a pretty good satire how anyone can reasonably present their preferred anime as a masterpiece, by focusing on the few scenes that at least try to form a coherent thought, and coating it it in words like “emotional” or “subversive” and “meaningful”.

    • Scamp
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      Why thank you, I do try

  16. Erif
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    Nisemonogatari aired today, you arse whore. D:<

  17. Scamp
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    All you guys calling this a troll: please point out the parts of this review where I didn’t tell the absolute truth?

    • Alterego
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      You said that “He cov­ers his eyes”. Actually, he only covers his face, while very obviously keeps looking. :P

    • lmm
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      “Troll, n: A post designed to attract predictable responses or flames”. You can troll while telling the absolute truth, like when I say Hidan no Aria was a top-3 show for 2011.

    • DarkEnergy
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      This could be a historic post where a new form of humor is made that focuses on the bright side of life.

    • kero92
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      “The main character’s devel­op­ment doesn’t fin­ish there though”
      There is no character development whatsoever, there is just a bunch of stuff going on and he happens to be in ethe middle of it. This is obvious when the MC was facing death and going all “I wish I could die on some big bewbs”, and no, he didn’t walk out of their friends watching porns because he had changed, but because he was confused about what just happened and he suddenly seeing red everywhere.
      “You could almost call it a pro-feminist mes­sage” right, because feminism is all about anime with girls showing their boobs at every single possiblility (not to mention pantyshots), there was no hint that this would be satyrical for the shots of nudity were intended for the viewer to get a aroused (not all nudity or “ero” scenes were from the MC’s POV mind you).
      “High­school DxD is a big story about adoles­cence and the pain­ful growth into a man. ” As long as you are willing to accept GC is the same (different themes blah blah).
      And yep, he didn’t cover his eyes as in “GROSS” or “God damnit what just happened, I’m so afraid”, he did it in the perverted kind of way, you know that “I’m covering my eyes so you won’t hit me for piping but in the end I’m watching anyways”

      Also even if I were wrong and you were wright, it doesn’t make this post any less of a troll.

    • Scamp
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      ok fine you guys win, I was trolling

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