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Hetalia Axis Powers episode 25

My local Borders, the only bookshop near me that had a decent selection of manga, is shutting down. Luckily that means all their books are at 50% off so I guess it’s shopping I shall go! Hopefully I’ll find something funny because Hetalia isn’t really doing it for me any more.


Hetalia hasn’t made me laugh properly in a while now. In some ways this is because it’s a comedy that’s coming to the end of it’s tether. This usually happens with any comedy, even great ones like Cromartie or Hare+Guu. The thing is that these episodes are only 5 minutes long so they really shouldn’t be running out of material already. So it’s not because Hetalia is getting old yet. It’s because it isn’t even trying to be funny anymore. It’s busy being ‘cute’ and I just don’t like cute. Don’t give me bloody moe and don’t give me chibi’s, give me Germany trying to train Italy to become a world beater and failing miserably.


The episode continued the story of Liech and Swiss, which was never funny in the first place. It’s not exactly touching either. What made the America’s storage cleaning sorta work was because we knew the characters already so it was seeing a different side to them. We’ve only seen Austria appear in one episode where he played the piano in the middle of the sea and as for Switzerland…the only time he’s appeared was for about a millisecond in the first episode where he yelled at Japan.


I guess I just need a break from Hetalia. Of course now would be the ideal time since the first season of Hetalia is finishing but instead of a little break they’ve decided to air the second season straight away. I suppose it is an Internet release so they don’t have to worry about getting a TV spot or any of that but a break from Hetalia for a few months would have done me the world of good. In the end it comes down to those Koreans again…heh heh heh.

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    Awww, the Borders book store in my local mall closed too… the closest one after that is about an hour or so away (I still have 2 Barnes & Noble and a somewhat close Books-A-Million, but I do like Borders) oh well, a sale is a sale~

    As for Hetalia, I don’t think that it’s problem is cute, but rather, that it focuses to LONG on cute. Because I’ll watch it and go ‘aww, that adorable……. now I don’t care move on’ and it doesn’t. Hetalia is great at being funny when it tries, but sometimes I don’t know what those producers are thinking. Still, I enjoy all the episodes.

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