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Hetalia Axis Powers episode 24 (plus 500K views reached!)

::Edit:: Holy shit I only just spotted this. 500k views! Thanks to all you guys who somehow managed to find this blog through the ‘boobs’ search term ::Edit::

Another week, another 5 minutes of slightly rascist humour and another week of looking at that dopey grin of his.


They should hand out Italy to all the dangerously depressed. Just look at that face and try to feel grumpy. See, you can’t do it.


I’ll admit, I like this gag now. Not just China building China Towns everywhere (that too is hilarious) but the abandoned island gag. If you think about it, it’s not that much different from the training gags (you know, the one where Germany yells ‘numbers!’). It’s the same basic idea, take the same beginning point and same characters and toss in a new gag every time. It’s the same as the Allied conferences, it does what Hetalia does best: letting it’s characters play off each other in each new situation. Probably more amazingly was China was funny for a second time! OK, it was the same joke but still!


Right...Prussia...since when were you in this anime?

The Liech./Swiss part though I’m just not enjoying. I suppose the simple reason is it’s trying to be touching. That’s not what I watch my Hetalia for, I watch it solely for the laughs. That said, Hetalia is capable of making the more serious work, such as the last episode of America’s Storage Cleaning. But here…I dunno, I just don’t find it funny. The only thing I really like about it is how moe Liechtenstein (fuck that is hard to spell) is.


Maybe it’s just because she’s in an anime full of bishies that the true power of moe-ness has been unleashed upon me. As I said last episode, have a show entirely devoted to moe and I get bored really quickly. However spring it on me like Hetalia has and I’m a hopeless mushy ball of adoration.


Well that would explain why I don’t like these sketches as much. It’s related to chibitalia :(

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    If I must say something, I’m glad that you’re still updating this blog. As much I wanted to, I’ve been working round the clock everyday now, except weekends. So I’m kinda working my timetable around and hopeful, can squeeze some free time to blog. On another note, I fear that I won’t be updating myself with any new animes, no thanks to the campus webfilter X(

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