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Guest post: Hetalia character songs

Remember several episodes ago when I invited someone to make a guest post about the Hetalia character song? I’ve never really had any interest in them (unless it’s an ending song) but many people certainly seem to love them. So today for you all I’m taking the back seat and I invite Camille to take the reins. So I’ll shut up and leave the talking to someone who knows more about Hetalia than I do.  


Hello! Welcome to the guest blog post of the awesome me! *shot*
Alright, lets get this started. 
A little about myself! 


,  That said, now enough about me. Sealand. In terms of favorite characters… GERMANY, GERMANY, GERMANY. THAT SEXY GERMAN STUD CAN— *cough* I also like Canada, Denmark, France[When he isn’t being a creep], HetaliaRebecca introduced me to  frauAlchemist. My best friend, and  FullmetalMy name is Camille, and I got my humble start on anime from the original


Lets start from the very top.  

Italy(Feliciano Vargas) – Daisuke Namikawa 


Lets Boil Hot Water! 
“Hey, this feeling inside me…you’ll listen to me, won’t you? To my huge…HUGE love… for pasta!” 


Alright, the first character song is.. Something Italy would probably sing while on a LSD trip. MACARONI CLOUDS~!!  Now, in terms for a song, it’s sounds very… Italiany, which isn’t a surprise, seeing as North Italy is singing it. That said, It is quite the fun little song to sing, relaxing and simple, and Italiany sounding. And who cant say that they haven’t bobbed back and forth in their, singing the last lyric of the song: 


“Pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta
Pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta 

Pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta, pasta…yay!”  

Romano’s Delicious Tomato Song 



This song is… An ear worm. There’s no other word for it. Sung in the voice of South Italy Romano, this song is.. not surprisingly, about tomatoes, how France keeps trying to come after hi, how he hates Wurst and potatoes and German things. But that’s not what makes the song amazing. It’s this:  

“Bouno tomato bouno tomato bouno bouno Uu-! Tomato!!”
Yes. Read that again. A simple refrain.  

It’s addicting as hell.  Hell, even my mother, who hates anime with ever scrap of her sole was singing it at some point. IT WAS EPIC. I swear, I’m singing this song at my wedding, that would be epic as well.  





 I take pride in work that needs delicacy, but my fingers are fat, That’s why, Even if I’m said to be “generally adequate”, strictly speaking, I don’t understand..” 

Alright, this shirt song is haunting. Utterly haunting. Ludwig’s voice in itself is haunting. This song is so haunting, it’s better than Halloween!


This song is… The lyrics themselves aren’t the happiness. The song is about Germany’s loneliness as a person. That’s what the German in the title translates too, Einsamkeit, IS loneliness. Now, the drawback of the song is… Are we meant to take it seriously? Is Ludwig a kind person, who’s had too much misfortune in life, or is he a harded Nazi who’ll stop at nothing for glory? 
Germany’s Anthem/I am German-Made! 

”fünf, vier, drei, zwei, eins


Aka, the Nazi Song. This song is a march, and it challenges the ideas Germany set forth in Einsamkeit. The song itself starts simply, In German. One, Two, Three, For, Five! In it, Germany orders his men, and the Italians around, “POLISH THIS ROOM, PROTECT THE ORDER, DON’T WHINE ABOUT IT, I AM MADE IN GERMANY!!” 


The refrain is simple, changing once, for different lyrics. It goes:  

“Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit  

I want to eat some Wurst (ah, and beer too!) 


Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit  

And I want to eat it with some mustard “ 


Now, if you’re not a nerd like me, you won’t know that “Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit” is the German national motto. Well, now you do. And Germany sounds SMASHING while chanting it. “Unity and Justice and Freedom!”  

Now, the song isn’t ALL Nazi, as one would expect, as the last line reveals a bit about Germany’s character.  

“Listen up! No matter what happens on the battlefield don’t lose focus! 


Don’t boil pasta!  

Don’t bake pizza!  

Hold on to your pride and endure! That’s all!”  

Japan(Kiku Honda) – Hiroki Takahashi 


Country From Where The Sun Rises, Jipangu

Lets start with a little about Japan himself. He’s the sheltered Hikikomori, who sees the world as an RPG. With that said, lets begin. Now, my opinion on Japan’s songs are that.. Well, Japan’s voice isn’t the best. It’s very flat, and it’s almost the same sound, over and over, and while that makes for a calm song.. when you’re looking to get pumped up(I am German-Made! Does a better job) Now the song itself, sort of sucks, but the lyrics are…. Oh Japan <3


“To America-san’s unreasonable demands
I raise my experience points and do my best every day” 
“If it’s miniaturization, please leave it to me
I am also offering one in each color
If it’s two-dimensional, then the body will not be tainted
But the heart will be slightly tainted” 


Excuse me, I am Sorry  

[ Scamp: Insert TV tropes page “Those Things that go Doink” ]  


*Sumo yells*  

This entire song is about how Japan LOVES modern things. Western food? Good! Kotatsu? Good! Oranges? GOOD!  

… But that doesn’t save the song from being rather crappy and un-remember able. However, the refrain is rather catchy, and fun to sing in Japanese:  

“Atarashii mono daisuki  

Hayaritteru mono motto motto suki  

Minority ibarenai  

Osoreirimasu, sumimasen.”  

England(Arthur Kirkland) – Noriaki Sugiyama 


Absolutely Invincible British Gentleman 

AKA, the song that everybody forgot. This song is all about how, “ENGLAND IS GREAT, ENGLAND IS GOOD, THE SUN NEVER SETS ON THE BRITISH EMPIRE!!”  

… *coughs*  

The song itself is very good sounding, a welcome break from Japan’s flat voice. Sasuke I mean, England, has QUITE the nice singing voice, but here’s the problem… His English sucks. ARTHUR KIRKLAND, CANT SPEAK ENGLISH. *claps* I am sorry, but that is… Oh god Arthur <3  

Pub and GO!  

When this song first came out… I do believe I downloaded it in light speed, played it full blast from my computer(Blew out one of the speakers too 

…. Now, most of you know… Arthur cant hold his liquor for the life of him. So what does he do mid song? … Get drunk.  

The refrain is quite, capped by the memorable line “FISH ANDO CHIPS!” in Arthurs PERFECT English *cough*  

So, now, mid song, as he’s dancing around, singing about Fairies. He stops.  

“Omae wa Ikuso! Ikuso? IKUSO!”  



And then, at the end, He gets even MORE DRUNK, BECAUSE, YA KNOW, HE’S ARTHUR KIRKLAND!!  





Why Hallo thar Vash the Stampede <3  

Embrace the Très Bien Moi!  

… God France’s songs suck. They suck so hard, I’m sorry, but they just do. What a disappointment.  

This song in itself is a disappointment. It’s… not memorable. Literally, it is a DEAD struggle to find ANYTHING good to say about this song.  

… I guess going “TRES BIEEEEEEEEN” is fun sometimes… or something. Hnn, again, disappointing.  

Paris is Indeed Splendid  

The better of the two. So help me god. The song starts off, with something THANKFULLY catchy.  

… Catchy as hell.  

“Paripappari Parappapara Paripaparedo Paripappari Parappapara Paripaparareru”  

Well? IT EVEN LOOKS CATCHY!! Of course, being France.. The song even includes it’s own ear rape! Mid song, the silly Frenchman stops, and exuberantly says “Ooh~ I like!” In some… Weird sensually sounding kind of voice.  

Then, suddenly! A door closes! The saxophones kick in! HOLY SHIT, EARRRRRRRRR RAAAAAAAAAAPE!!!!  

And finally, as it kicks up with one final moment! Ending happily with “I love you so much I want to eat you…” and then BLOWS A KISS INTO THE MICROPHONE.  

This listener was felt violated </3 Then this listener pretended it was Germany. Then this listener enjoyed the violation <3  

America(Alfred F. Jones) – Katsuyuki Konishi 



This song is… the sort of song that once you hear the preview, you just cant wait for it. How like the most powerful country in the world to see about Hamburgers(Love you Al <3). So, the song itself is QUITE enjoyable. It’s not serious at all, sort of like America’s version of Pub and GO! However, one flaw of the song, is that, right in the middle, America starts practically having sex with a burger, and his moans of pleasure are as nauseating as the off screen noises a Boomer makes( See Left 4 Dead ), which are cringe worthy to say the least, However, the song also has some good points. The refrain itself goes:  

“When you’re alone HAMBURGER (I’m shake shake)
Even during a conference HAMBURGER (Bon Appétit!)
Every day, the seasoning I change it so I don’t grow tired of it”  

Now.. with America’s Engrish… and the combination of the music… IT SOUNDS LIKE AMERICA GOES “I’M SHHEXY” INSTEAD OF “I’M SHAKE SHAKE”  


W.D.C~World Dancing~

When I heard the preview for this, I was like “… This sucks”  


Upon listening to it.. This song is amazing. The English is perfect(“Going my way way way way way….”) …  

Guys, the song has Obama references. Alfred screams out “YES WE CAN!” Not to mention, he suddenly screams out “FREEEEEEEDOOOOMM!!!”  

… This song makes me feel proud to be American, oddly enough. It even includes the National Anthem!  

Russia(Ivan Braginski) – Yasuhiro Takato  

To be Announced
To be Announced  

China(Wang Yao) – Yuki Kaida  

To be Announced
To be Announced  


Prussia(Gilbert Weillschmidt) – Atsushi Kousaka 

The Song of the Amazing Me, For Me, According to Me  

This song… I don’t even know the Genre of this song. That said, it’s FUN. First of all, PROPS to Atsushi Kousaka, for singing in German AND Japanese, so beautifully. Second of all, Props for including EVERYTHING ABOUT PRUSSIA THAT MAKES HIM AWESOME, MINUS THE FIVE METERS 

Into the meat of the song.. It doesn’t make sense. Serious. Prussia is crazy, to the very last drop <3  

“I will fry it! Pancakes! Maple syrup! It’s the best!
Come here! I will share some with you!
I’m so damn happy! I’ll do it! “The Great Me” Honor Award!
Three meals a day! You can eat it (kesesesesesesesese)”  

And who can forget the sweet little bird, that perches upon his head?  

“Kneel before me! Praise me! Give me praise!
Come here! Let me pet you!
I am so fucking awesome! Seriously! Like a little bird!
Little bird! It was riding on me! (Haahhahhahhahha!)”  

There is a reason why this song is Number 1 on my iTunes play count. It honestly makes me want to learn Japanese, so I may go around and karaoke it.  

This song, is Boss. 

 Onosaka Masaya) – BonnefoyFrance(Francis

 Yasumoto HiromiGermany(Ludwig) –

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  1. luffyluffy
    Posted December 14, 2009 at 3:06 am | Permalink

    … You forgot France’s CD cover~ D:

  2. luffyluffy
    Posted December 14, 2009 at 3:46 am | Permalink

    F’wah, Germanys too… The formatting is akaward.. :O I think we messed something up Scamp D:

  3. ('''\_(O_O)_/''')
    Posted December 14, 2009 at 4:01 am | Permalink

    Italian songs ARE songs that easily stick to ur head. I still remember singing Viva Tutti in 8th grade.

  4. Posted December 14, 2009 at 4:22 am | Permalink

    WordPress ate the pictures the first time around…

    I think copypaste from word or an e-mail leads to a whiny wordpress. I had to do an awful lot of cleaning up whenever wordpress randomly put a word onto another paragraph for now apparent reason. I think it’s pretty much fixed now though. Hopefully no more pictures will randomly dissapear.

  5. Posted December 14, 2009 at 4:34 am | Permalink

    I’m addicted to Pub and GO and We are German Made.

    I found two versions of the latter; one has Prussia singing part of it, and another doesnt. Strange…O_o

    I was listening to Prussia’s song really loudly, and my mum came in wondering what the heck i was listening to. I just looked up and said, ‘PRUSSSSSSSSIAAAAAAAA’.

    …she hasn’t questioned me on my music since.

  6. luffyluffy
    Posted December 14, 2009 at 4:54 am | Permalink

    By the way~!! Russia’s song names have been realised! They are “Winter” and “My Heart has a Light”

  7. luffyluffy
    Posted December 14, 2009 at 4:56 am | Permalink

    Oh! Fix the part at the bottom, after “This song is Boss!”

  8. Posted December 14, 2009 at 8:21 am | Permalink

    Man, that review was fun to read, especially the review for Prussia’s one.

    Is it weird that my favorite song of all time to ever be spawned from Hetalia’s anime is Absolutely Invincible British Gentlemen? I really don’t understand why everyone ignores it. Second place is, of course, the Delicious Tomato song. Everyone has to love that one.

    Great job!

  9. Ow.My.Eyes.
    Posted December 14, 2009 at 10:00 am | Permalink

    Would it have killed you to proof read this? This hurt to read on so many levels.

  10. Mysterious Anon
    Posted December 14, 2009 at 12:22 pm | Permalink

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who was unimpressed by Japan’s songs.
    The comments regarding the previews in one youtube video are ridiculous.
    “The voice of an ANGEL!”

    And America’s character songs are made all the more amusing because Katsuyuki is actually a fantastic singer. A big part of the LJ fandom was actually quite ticked that he didn’t use his Soubi/Hagi/Ren/Kou voice in the songs.

  11. Humanity_Cat
    Posted December 14, 2009 at 1:13 pm | Permalink

    Whoo! Great job Luffy! ^^ (shit I totally forgot to get back to you…oh well, I have a whole ‘nother season! :D )

    Also, am I the only one who thought France looked like he had boobs on his CD cover…?

  12. blissfullynaive
    Posted December 14, 2009 at 6:05 pm | Permalink

    i love France’s songs, actually. .__.

    Pub and Go & Delicious Tomato song are very very catchy~ ♥

    Can’t wait for Russia’s! :D

  13. heyheyho
    Posted December 15, 2009 at 3:40 am | Permalink

    Yeah, so:
    N. Italy:
    Feliciano alunating from starvation. While floaaaaating in a gondola.
    It’s pure crack. I love crack.
    -“Advance over any obstacle!
    Hail to the German blood!”

    Japan: Hey I don’t think his voice is THAT bad you guys.
    -Yeah I like it. It also sounds like Para-para.
    -It’s ok. :|
    -“See S. Italy”

    France: Francis is awesome,his voice is awesome, but the songs suck.

    -*Laughs uncontrolably*
    -Ditto. I DO like 80’s songs, so…
    Come on you know the stars and stripes part was cool.

    NO…just…NO. But it’s amusing in a “Watching a hobo singing in a street corner” kind of way.

    I still listen to all of them anyway.

  14. blogger
    Posted December 15, 2009 at 4:09 am | Permalink

    Hey luffyluffy! I enjoyed this blog so much :)
    Apart from some of the sentence endings (did wordpress screw that up as well?) I liked it. I heard Japan’s a while back… not really appealing… but I did like the French one and of course, the English.
    Just to let you know, the minute I saw you start on South Italy’s song? Oh god, that tune’s stuck in my head now.

  15. Faye_Zhoa
    Posted December 16, 2009 at 4:47 pm | Permalink

    I like England’s song, it’s more “modern” than anyone… (Coz it played like a band on Absolutely Invincible British Gentleman song)

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