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12 Days of Anime #10: Jesus Christ Drifters

Recasting historical figures into future warriors with a variety of super powers is a popular plot point for fantasy stories, but in these sorts of stories there are always a few people you’re not allowed to represent. Hitler is rarely used, mostly because Hitler is so cartoonishly evil it’s kind of boring to make him […]

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The Perfect Insider Episode 2: Spoiled Moe

Holy fuck, this is the most stereotypically noitaminA show in recent memory. I mean that in an actually good Paradise Kiss way, not in a Guilty Crown way. And I don’t know how the fuck this slipped me by last week, but I’m going to make up for it by hopefully touching on what it did […]

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Gakkou Gurashi Episode 3: School UNliving Club

I’m sorry. Well I sure didn’t expect Gakkou Gurashi to have one of the best-directed episodes all year, managing to effortlessly get across an instructor’s insecurities in a way that makes her immediately sympathetic, while making that only a complement to the existential terror of reality itself breaking apart for all but a select few. And […]

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