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Anime Expo 2013!

This is how I am greeted wherever I go. Hello, friends! This past weekend I attended my hometown convention, Anime Expo. I ducked writing about my trips to Sakura-Con and Anime Boston earlier in the year due to being quite busy and because I rationalized that people wouldn’t be too interested in reading about me […]

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5 Year Anniversary

It’s been one year since I brought on the two new servants writers, 3 and a half years since I migrated to my own domain at The Cart Driver Dawt Cawm, and 5 years since I started writing about anime on the internet with the expectation that people out there would actually want to read what […]

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Updating the franchises page

Just over a year ago I made the anime franchises page, which was an attempt to inform people what order to best watch various anime franchises in. Which is the best gateway drug and whether you should follow chronological order or release order and so on. It still gets plenty of hits, but there’s a […]

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Anime Boston 2013

(I needed a picture and haven’t used this in a while.) Hello, friends! A couple of months ago Inushinde and I attended SakuraCon in Seattle, and after the trip I regretted not making a bigger deal of it on here, because the one reader I met was pretty cool because he liked JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure […]

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Throwing My Hat Into the Cart Driving Ring

I don’t know why, I’ve just really loved that image lately. Hello all! I’m Inushinde, proprietor of the not-so-illustrious Shinde Iie Anime Blog & Review, and as can probably be surmised from the introduction, I’ve had my writing talents bought out (asked for nicely) by a soulless corporate machine (Scamp) for all the booze and […]

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My Name Is Shinmaru, and I Like to Drive Carts

Hello, Prospective Readers, My name is Shinmaru. Perhaps you have heard of me. I made it to the group of 64 in the prestigious Japanese Animation Web Loggers Tournament, so clearly this means I am an Important Person. I ran UNMEI KAIHEN for nearly three years, but both the site and I know it is […]

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4 year anniversary and big changes ahead

Not strictly my anniversary. Technically it should be on the 6th July. Actually if we’re being accurate, the birthday of The Cart Driver as a website is on Christmas day 2009, rather than the day I happened to start blogging at Bokutachi no Blog. Heck, the real date I started blogging is sometime towards the […]

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Need help with bug list

I’ve managed to rope Grand Cart Driver Designer Mr. Eugen Rochko back into fixing all the little bugs that have appeared on the site over the years. If you guys have noticed any bugs on the site or problems you’ve had with the design, leave a comment and hopefully we’ll get them fixed (or go […]

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