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Vote for your best anime of 2016

As I’ve done for the past few years, I’m opening a poll for my readers (what’s left of you at least, although hopefully everyone is streaming back with all this hot content I’ve been posting lately) to vote on their favourite anime of the year. Same rules apply as ever. It must be an anime […]

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The Long Goodbye

One more Popee for the road. I’ll cut to the chase right away: This is my final post for The Cart Driver, in all likelihood. Maybe I’ll feel the itch again in the future to write about anime. Maybe not. For the foreseeable future, however, I’m done. It’s been a long time coming. I kept […]

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Reader’s Poll for Anime of the Year 2015

Here’s the poll for folks to vote for their Anime of the Year for 2015 before we all tell you why you’re wrong and we’re right. Unless you vote for what we chose, then in which case you are right and good. The same rules apply as last year. It’s specifically for anime that ENDED […]

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I write for MAL now

I sold out! As some of you may have heard, the website MyAnimeList, the site for obsessive compulsive anime fans like myself who feel the need to track their viewing habits of all their anime, were recently bought out. With their new owners comes new plans for the site, including featured articles written by highly […]

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The Cart Driver’s 2014 Anime of the Year: Reader’s choice poll

Normally each year I throw up a Reader’s Choice poll on the sidebar for Anime of the Year without any fanfare or introduction. It doesn’t need any because it’s self-explanatory. However this year with split-cours anime being all the rage, I thought I’d put up a little notice first so people don’t choose the Other Not […]

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The Cart Driver at Anime Expo 2014

For the second official time, the two Cart Drivers that you all like the most (both the non-Scamp ones) will be in the same Los Angeles Convention Center at the same time. It’s almost like there’s a convention going on or something.

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6 year anniversary

In my 6 years I like to think I’ve been as calm, collected and dignified about the expression of my feelings towards your favourite anime as Hanakawa is here. Seriously though, 6 years. I’ve been blogging for 6 years. That’s as long as some peoples’ careers before they decide they want to do something else […]

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brb I’m underwater

I recently got a new job working as a reporter in Somerset in the UK. If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, particularly if you live in the UK but it’s been making a few international headlines too, you may have noticed things have been a little wet over here. The above picture […]

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