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Fall 2017 Anime Season Preview

There is a new season of Fireball! And it’s only 3 episodes long. My disappointment consumes me the way shittiness consumed the ending of Rage of Bahamut Virgin Souls. To drown my sorrows from both of these facts, let’s make fun of all the anime coming out next season. Yes it’s The Cart Driver Dot […]

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Summer 2017 Anime Season Preview

I might not get Tanya faces anymore but if Compulsive Gambler can bring me these sorts of delights, I might be all right.\ Welcome to The Cart Driver’s legendary Anime Season Preview, Summer 2017 edition. I am your host Scamp and with me today are a whole lot of great new anime and a whole […]

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Spring 2017 Anime Season Preview

Welcome to one of The Cart Driver’s fabled anime season previews, spring 2017 edition. Just 6 more until I’ve been doing these for a full 10 years. Yup, this site aint over until I’ve stopped posting these. Yes I know technically the first episode of the new My Hero Academia has already aired, but that’s […]

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Winter 2017 Anime Season Preview

While writing this season preview I found myself thinking of the laughing producers in Girlish Number and their hair-brained ideas for how to create a hit in the hottest new craze. I’m pretty sure half of the anime from this season came from their think tank. There’s a bar somewhere in Tokyo with a number […]

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Fall 2016 Anime Season Preview

Anime blog? No, this is a Taiwanese puppet drama blog now. Welcome to The Cart Driver’s slightly late Fall 2016 Anime Season Preview. You may only declare this blog dead when a new season passes with no season preview. Plus this season looks all right. It has a gay Russian figure skating, bikini-clad boob wrestling, bisexual prison […]

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Summer 2016 Anime Season Preview

Wait, what date is it? Why is my twitter feed talking about anime I’ve never heard of? Oh shit, the new season has started already? I have a half-written season preview that can’t go unpublished! Damn, got to finish this thing right now. Quick, shut off Overwach for the first time in a month and […]

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Spring 2016 Anime Season Preview

Are you ready for Diamond is Not Crash? Welcome to The Cart Driver’s Relatively Famous Anime Season Preview, Spring 2016 edition. Without trying to get everyone’s hopes up too high, I think this might just be the greatest season for anime of all time. Yeah. For real though, it’s certainly the season with the most […]

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Winter 2016 Anime Season Preview

You mean…the new season starts tomorrow? Oh dear, I better finish that season preview then. Welcome to The Cart Driver’s Legendary Anime Season Preview, winter 2016 edition. The new season doesn’t air its first anime until tomorrow so it’s all good, I’m still on time. This is officially the latest I’ve ever gotten a preview […]

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