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Danganronpa episode 2 – Lazy

At the moment my blogging plans for the season are in a 4-way tie. Do I cover the Nisioisin squirting his hot steamy words all over my screen? I had fun blogging Nisemonogatari, but this season is going on for 2 cours and there’s only so many ways I can phrase the question “smutty art […]

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I made an anime openings quiz

>Quiz Here< 100 anime openings from the past 20 years. Post your results in the comments, preferably in the form of a screenshot of the results page. No cheating by looking at the comments first. In case the audio doesn’t work for you, here’s a direct link to the audio needed. Guessing anime openings has […]

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50 Questions

I wasn’t going to answer these 50 questions thing going about the aniblogosphere (there’s too many to even try to link to). I thought it was a waste of 50 perfectly good filler post material, many of which filler posts I had already written. Plus I’d already answered a bunch of questions sent in by […]

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Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing episode 2

My impressions for the first episode of Last Exile were largely the same as they were for Guilty Crown. Looks hella pretty, room for the plot to improve, please add some depth to these characters. Guilty Crown took this advice on board, tied them up, stuck them in the boot of its car and drove […]

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The readers have spoken part 3

Final batch of responding to reader questions. If you want to ask me something more, then I’ll answer them in formspring itself.

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The readers have spoken part 2

Terribad video? Sorry, still on holiday. Too busy rotting on buses and getting drunk tipsy by 1000 foot high cliffs to be doing any of that nonsense. So instead, here’s more responses to reader’s questions. Next post will be the last piece of responses I’ll be doing, so speak now or else forever hold your […]

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The readers have spoken part 1

So as I said in my last post, I sent out a question on formspring asking people what I should write about. Then, in turn, I write my responses in this post, like Answerman or Ask John, except I haven’t a clue what I’m talking about. There was quite a lot of questions, so I’m […]

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The Evolution of Gaming

I never became part of the xbox/playstation generation of console gamers. The most advanced console we had in our house was the Sega Megadrive (called the Sega Genesis in North America). The two games we had for it were the original Sonic the Hedgehog (a game where you held down the right button and pressed […]

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