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Aldnoah.Zero Episode 10: Aldnoah.Zero-Effort Character Development

For awhile now, I’ve been pretty lukewarm on Aldnoah.Zero. Normally I wouldn’t have anything to say on it that isn’t just lamenting Slaine getting utterly shafted while Inaho smugly, and improbably, deadpans his way through life-threatening situations. But the category is still nominally up on the site for some reason, so now’s as good a […]

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Aldnoah.Zero Episode 2: Aristocrats are Dicks

Scamp may have written his thoughts on the first episode, but I saw Butch from halfway across a packed auditorium, so I think I’m just as, if not more, capable of judging Aldnoah-dot-Zero’s merits. And since it has martians who arbitrarily invade through New Orleans, rather than the capital like in every other country, I […]

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Danganronpa episode 2 – Lazy

At the moment my blogging plans for the season are in a 4-way tie. Do I cover the Nisioisin squirting his hot steamy words all over my screen? I had fun blogging Nisemonogatari, but this season is going on for 2 cours and there’s only so many ways I can phrase the question “smutty art […]

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Girls und Panzer Episode 12: Tank You Based Tanks

Girls und Panzer is hardly perfect. The girls themselves aren’t great characters, relying more on their specific gimmicks to endear themselves to the audience, the matches end invariably in favor of Miho, and there was severe underutilization of Darjeeling and Katyusha, the two best side-characters. But fuck that noise, because the finale is one of […]

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Girls und Panzer Episode 11: The Best Tanks in Life Are Free

Girls und Panzer being delayed for three months back in December was like a punch to the gut, the bastion of light at around the middle point of each week’s tunnel being pushed toward the back of several months’-worth of tunnels, the echo of the Sensha-do March acting as the siren song to move us […]

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Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing episode 2

My impressions for the first episode of Last Exile were largely the same as they were for Guilty Crown. Looks hella pretty, room for the plot to improve, please add some depth to these characters. Guilty Crown took this advice on board, tied them up, stuck them in the boot of its car and drove […]

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Fireball Charming episode 2

So, blogging plans: No Tiger and Bunny because the second episode was kinda lame. No Hanasaku Iroha because, even though the second episode remained around the same quality, I’m not too fond of melodrama and don’t feel like covering that sort of anime. No Nichijou, which I could probably say a lot about because wacko […]

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