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I wrote a lot about Mass Effect

When I finished Mass Effect 2 last winter, I created some flimsy justification in order to write a big auld post on the game. People then expressed an interest in reading my thoughts when I finished Mass Effect 3. So here you go, I’ve given you guys that plus way more besides. Perhaps my anime […]

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I’m using the Mass Effect: Paragon Lost anime as thin justification to write about Mass Effect

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost is Bioware teaming up Funimation and Production IG to make an anime movie version of their game, because we all know how much the gaming community loves anime. It’s a story about James Vega fighting the collectors. I don’t know who James Vega is because I haven’t played Mass Effect 3 […]

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Demonbane – Visual Novel Review

Almost 2 months since the last visual novel review, and I finally get out another one. Was this because I was so entranced by Demonbane that I had to play through each and every single route of this mammoth game to get the full experience? Or was it because I kept putting off playing any […]

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The Devil on G String – Visual Novel Review

I was originally going to post about the last Break Blade movie, but my internet provider sent me a message complaining about how much I was downloading this month. Not sure if it would be particularly happy if, as soon as I got that message, I went off and downloaded a 1 gig video. So […]

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Saya no Uta: Visual Novel Review

I like Steins;Gate a lot. It’s an anime with strong emphasis on good writing and engaging characters. What I found surprising was that it was based off a Visual Novel, while previous visual novel anime adaptations I’d seen had been notable for insipid writing and bland characters. Interest piqued, I asked my readers what visuals […]

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