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12 Days of Anime #10: Jesus Christ Drifters

Recasting historical figures into future warriors with a variety of super powers is a popular plot point for fantasy stories, but in these sorts of stories there are always a few people you’re not allowed to represent. Hitler is rarely used, mostly because Hitler is so cartoonishly evil it’s kind of boring to make him […]

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12 Days of Anime #11: Saiki Kusou visits London

Working in London is weird in ways I hadn’t imagined it would be. I wouldn’t have thought myself a country boy by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s something a bit different about an international city and one of the most iconic places in the world. So much so though random gag anime have […]

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12 Days of Anime #12: Mad Max: Luby Road

The 12 Days of Anime project are a series of posts run by anime writers during the Christmas period where they write about 12 particularly notable moments in anime in the days leading up until Christmas. I’ve been taking part in this for several years now. Heck I used to help organise it until this […]

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12 Days of Anime No. 1 – Catharsis

Gif yanked from this good as heck article about 10 great moments of animation from 2015 by Twitter user @Yuyucow. Beautiful! From the moment I thought about this project, there was no doubt in my mind regarding the final moment I would write about. More than anything, this simple victory is what Shirobako built to […]

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12 Days of Anime No. 2 – When Your Best Isn’t Enough

First off, apologies for the delays in getting these last two posts out. I ended up being busier than expected on Christmas Eve and Christmas (wow, who would expected someone to be busy THOSE days???), so instead of half-assing a couple of posts, I decided to just put them off until I could concentrate a […]

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12 Days of Anime #1: The #1 Character in the #1 Show of the Year

Okay I’m just fucking with y’all, it’s Hana from Prison School. Even I don’t think that highly of Sore ga Seiyuu, the poor man’s Shirobako made by a poor man’s studio about poor man’s voice actors, that had more than a poor man’s quality.

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12 Days of Anime #1: Code Gay-Ass

Rewatching Code Geass was scary. I mean, I had always really liked the anime, but when I go as far as to name the blog after it, it took on a greater significance. The name for the site was suggested in passing by my sister when I was expressing frustration with the difficulty of coming […]

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12 Days of Anime #2: A voice actress meeting

There were 2 contenders for my potential Shirobako 12 Days article. The other one was the moment in the second last episode where they reveal which voice actress they chose for the new role. It was a moment that put a perfect cap on everything the series had been working towards (and then proceeded to […]

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