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May 2015 Roundup

Another month, another season slowly fizzles away as almost everything turns out to be poop on a stick. Which is the case each season, but hey at least there are some anime worth talking about. And if not…well we can just talk about something that aired previously because fuck trying to find something from this […]

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April 2015 Roundup

Before we jump into a monthly roundup, I was in a book! Lauren Orsini of Otaku Journalist wrote a book Build Your Own Anime Blog with a load of interviews from prominent anime bloggers and me (doh ho ho self deprecating wit). It’s a pretty sizable old read there with tons of interesting stuff from […]

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March 2015 Roundup

Wooh the spring season is here! All these shiny new anime to watch and then subsequently dismiss as trash. I can’t wait! I suppose there were some old and smelly anime that just finished and we should probably say a little something on them. But they’re not the new hotness so we shall keep this […]

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February 2015 Roundup

Winter anime season continues being good. Some of these anime have entertained we great writers at the cart driver dot com. Less of them have failed to entertain. We wrote about both. Because we are balanced reporters on Japanese cartoons so we are.

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January 2015 Roundup

Another month past, another month with no laptop or no internet. By this stage surely I’m in dire need of a peacekeeping mission from a powerful nation to prevent this deprivation of human rights that’s going on here. I’ve had to download anime at libraries and motherfucking McDonalds. Still I got to watch some pretty […]

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December 2014 Roundup

It’s been a hectic end of the year for me to put it lightly, but this is the final piece of 2014 content to get out of the way before we truly move on. What’s that? We’re 9 days late? Well shut your face and take this load of monthly roundup right into it.

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November 2014 Roundup

The year is nearly over. Time to start deciding the best and worst of the year. Now would be the ideal time to go back and watch that anime everyone is talking about so you can decide your favourite anime of the year too! Or you could just spend more time procrastinating on the internet like […]

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October 2014 Roundup

New season and new anime. No longer can we rely on Shinmaru giving the What’s Hot reward to Hunter X Hunter every other week. He has to give the award to something new and not to another long-running franchise….can he?

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