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August 2014 Roundup

I’m on holiday this month so wooh behind on anime. I’m sure Hanamonogatari was fantastic and would have got the What’s Hot spot. But nope. Instead I’ll just have to hope Inushinde does instead. He wouldn’t just put some idol show in there instead would he….right?

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July 2014 Roundup

In this monthly roundup, Shinmaru, Inushinde and myself will express our feelings for our favourite anime through the medium of interpretive dance. *dances* There you go. Now you don’t need any words. Well OK maybe a few words then.

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May 2014 Roundup

Mushishi is the best show this season. You can stop reading this post now. That is all you need to know. …ok maybe here’s some other stuff

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April 2014 Roundup

New season is here. Time for all new anime to watch, all new praises to sing, all new shows to recommend, all new cocks to su-what’s that? Shinmaru is still raving about some dumb long running shounen? Scamp is most excited about a sequel to a show that’s almost 10 years old? Welp, so much […]

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March 2014 Roundup

Savour this variety of anime featured in What’s Hot, because this is the last time you’ll see it. For the next 6 months all you will be seeing are endless streams of MUSHISHI JOJO MUSHISHI JOJO MUSHISHI JOJO MUSHISHI JOJO MUSHISHI JOJO MUSHISI JOJO MUSHISHI JOJO MUSHISHI JOJO MUSHISHI JOJO MUSHISI JOJO MUSHISHI JOJO MUSHISHI JOJO MUSHISHI […]

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February 2014 Roundup

With the first season of Twitch Plays Pokemon over, I can finally get into my backlog and catch up with all the airing anime again. Maybe even write some new posts. I’ve wanted to write those OVA reviews. I might even get the season preview done in time… What’s that? They’re starting Gen II? Welp, […]

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January 2014 roundup

It really was high time I started including the year in these monthly roundups. I’ve been doing them since 2009, albeit in a slightly different format back then, so that means there’s been many different January Roundups. Some January’s have been better than others. Some had Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood still airing. Others had to […]

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