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The 12 Days of Anime call to arms

The one moment that will be on everyone’s list, if they have any sense. I’m a sucker for tradition, doubly so if it involves Christmas, and triply so if it enables me to write about all my favourite anime. Quadruply so if it means I get to eat pizza, but we can’t have them all. Every Christmas, […]

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Anime Blogger Interrogation Game

Like an STD in an after-hours party for the anti-contraceptive brigade, the Anime Blogger Interrogation Game has been spreading across the aniblogosphere. I would ignore, but the rules say that anyone who has been tagged is ‘obliged’ to respond. I’m not sure what would happen if I refused to answer. Probably the person who tagged me […]

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That Tourney Thing

That old beast, The Aniblog Tourney, has started up for the second time. The aim is quite simple. Smash the egos of bloggers who get crushed under the weight of voters from well-established blogs who barely register the tourney’s existence. Actually the aim of the tourney is to provide a tool for people to discover […]

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Anicorpse First Impressions: Mysterious Girlfriend X

How far can curiosity take us? What does a single, absent-minded moment weigh? The decisions we wear can alter our lives in ways we can’t imagine. Bringing us to locales we never fathomed, consequences we never considered, love we never expected. Just a single moment, just a puddle of spit, and your life, too, could […]

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The state of anime blogging

I recently sent out a formspring question asking people to give me something to blog about. Chances are you don’t have a formspring yourself, but if you want to send me a suggestion you can still ask me something without having a formspring account. I’ll have all my responses in one post later on. However, […]

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My Twitter Experiment

The anime blogosphere is dying. Well, perhaps dying is too alarmist a word, but there are certainly signs the anime blogosphere is regressing. There have been many theories tossed out for why this may be the case. Blogging in general is losing its relevance, equally so in the anime world. Perhaps the 2006-8 period of […]

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12 Days of Anime #3: The Aniblog Tourney

The Aniblogosphere is- So what better way to spend our time by pitting them against each other!

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Ore no Imouto episode 5

Episode 4 sure caused a lot of discussion across anime blogs. Since my post was one of the first out, I wasn’t able to respond to them  in a post of my own, leaving it to the relevant comment sections. But it was really interesting to read all the various interpretations and thoughts towards the […]

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