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Top 30 Essential Anime Movies List (MAL article)

I got Odin on a essential anime movie list, I’m so proud of myself. This article on the best anime movies was a lot of fun to write, particularly once I made the rule of only one movie per director. You’d be surprised just how many lesser-heralded but often considered classics were all by Mamoru […]

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Gen Urobuchi’s Puppet Show Thunderbolt Fantasy is Kind of Awesome (MAL article)

I’ve been watching a whole lot of Thunderbolt Fantasy lately since it’s on Crunchyroll. Let me tell you it’s a pretty goddamn amazing show. So much so that I decided to write a piece for MAL about why you should all go watch it. What has surprised me most is how solid the dialogue is, […]

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Why Did People Hate the Second Half of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress? (MAL Article)

I wrote a thing for MAL. I used to write these MAL article roundup posts but at some point they stopped making sense when I was writing primarily listicles. However the type of stuff I’ve been tasked to write has changed a little (a bit more attention grabbing, shocking headline type pieces), so it makes […]

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How Psycho Pass Got Its Mojo Back and Shimoneta’s Cyberpunk Dystopia

I got two particularly great articles for you folks today. The first of which is me finally getting to write about the Psycho Pass movie and how it was so welcome for a fan like myself who was so burned by the second season. Go read that on MAL as I get into the movies […]

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MAL articles roundup #7 – Best anime of the season!

From now on I’ll probably start writing first impressions posts back on here since I’m not sure I can sneak them into MAL, particularly given all the negative pieces I’m likely to write in a given season. But for now I have written about the best new anime of the season and what I think […]

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MAL articles roundup #6 – Tsunderes, twintails and new season

New season, new articles, new writing about random anime fetishes. Wait, did I say fetishes? I meant archetypes. There’s also a new season of anime to write about, which means I’m on board the Owarimonogatari and One Punch Man trains. Not the Gundam train though. Turns out too few people care about Gundam to make […]

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MAL articles roundup #5 – Yanderes and season finales

Listening to some Yandere Boys, having the time of my life. Summer season over. I’ll probably do some first impressions post on this site rather than MAL. However for anime I’m going to cover weekly on MAL, that will include Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans which had a quite strong opening episode. Owarimonogatari I’ll obviously cover […]

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MAL articles roundup #4 – Shimoneta is incredible

Due to being on holiday lately, posts have been restricted to episodics. Not that I’ve had any lack of things to talk about, what with Shimoneta being incredible. Between it and Prison School I’ve been pretty happy with this season.

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