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Top 10 Anime Moments of Suck 2016

It’s been fun this last year. Anime has been generally quite good and we just had our wonderful Christmas meals and a big comfort sleep after a massive dinner and too much chocolate. But before we enter the new year, there is one final cleansing exercise we must all embark on. On the day furthest […]

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The Top 30 Anime

It was time we updated this damn thing. Back in 2012 when Shinmaru and Inushinde joined the blog, we came together to draft our joint top 30 anime of all time. It’s been four years since then and the list was looking increasingly dated. So we came together again to draft a whole new best […]

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Shinmaru’s Top 30 Anime + tags

ok Turning Girls isn’t actually on my list, but i didn’t know what to use as a lead image and kaerun rules so fuck it The more anime I watch, the more the idea of ranking anime makes me uncomfortable. How the heck do I compare series with vastly different goals and methods of storytelling? […]

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Inushinde’s Top 30 Anime 2.0

Better a few years late than never, but here’s an updated list of what anime are objectively the best according to somebody who, for some reason, can’t seem to get enough of cartoons aimed at little girls. In order to keep portions of the list from feeling too same-y (i.e. ARIA-y, Ghibli-y), some of the […]

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Scamp’s Top 30 Anime

It’s time to update this thing. It’s been almost 4 years since we last collaborated to produce a definitive list of the best anime of all time, so I figured it was worth returning to see what new anime have made it. But before we go onto that, I first have to give you the […]

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Shinmaru’s Top 10 Anime of 2015

WAIT FUCK I HAVE TO MAKE A LIST WHEN I PROBABLY HAVEN’T WATCHED EVERYTHING THIS YEAR CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP My watching habits took a sharp turn in the second half of the year for personal reasons. I am rarely able to watch most of the shows in a given year that I might […]

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Inushinde’s Top 10 of 2015

Boy this year went by fast. It seems like only yesterday that I was struggling to think of ten anime to put on my year end list, and debating whether to replace Parasyte with Valkyrie Drive. Wait, that was only yesterday. Onward to nine anime that I feel deserve to be given accolades (and Valkyrie […]

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Scamp’s Top 10 Anime of 2015

This was a very difficult list to compile. In previous years the final list usually picked itself with little issue. In fact even as I’m writing this intro I still don’t know the proper order between 3 and 7. It’s been a year full of anime that really struck a chord with me even while […]

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