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Shinmaru’s Top 10 Anime of 2015

WAIT FUCK I HAVE TO MAKE A LIST WHEN I PROBABLY HAVEN’T WATCHED EVERYTHING THIS YEAR CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP My watching habits took a sharp turn in the second half of the year for personal reasons. I am rarely able to watch most of the shows in a given year that I might […]

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Inushinde’s Top 10 of 2015

Boy this year went by fast. It seems like only yesterday that I was struggling to think of ten anime to put on my year end list, and debating whether to replace Parasyte with Valkyrie Drive. Wait, that was only yesterday. Onward to nine anime that I feel deserve to be given accolades (and Valkyrie […]

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Scamp’s Top 10 Anime of 2015

This was a very difficult list to compile. In previous years the final list usually picked itself with little issue. In fact even as I’m writing this intro I still don’t know the proper order between 3 and 7. It’s been a year full of anime that really struck a chord with me even while […]

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10 Moments of Suck in Anime: 2015 Edition

We just spent the last 12 days celebrating the best moments in anime. We will soon have everyone posting their Anime of the Year lists. Everyone is feeling pretty great about anime right now. That’s why I’m here to put a stop to all this celebrating. Christmas is over, it’s time to stew in miserable […]

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Shinmaru’s Top 10 Anime of 2014

Keeping the run of cute folks pointing going strong!! Stop for a moment and listen to the air. There’s a fierce pounding in the distance. Whatever could it be? Why, it’s the rush of THE ACTUAL TOP 10 ANIME OF THE YEAR!!!!! I know my cohorts have already posted their lists, but they are scummy […]

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Inushinde’s Top 10 Anime of 2014

I wasn’t quite as down on 2014 as I thought I’d be. It didn’t have the highest heights of 2011, and it gave us the likes of Mahouka and Rail Wars, but it also gave us the above screenshot and at least ten great shows. While there were plenty of other good shows, with the Denki-Gai’s […]

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Scamp’s top 10 anime of 2014

2013 was a decent year for anime with some great surprises, but it was rather lacking in depth once you looked outside the top of the pile. “That was nice” I said to the Gods of Anime. “But how about next year we have a greater variety of decent anime”. So the anime gods responded […]

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10 Anime Moments of Suck 2014

This has become something of a tradition for me. Every year for the past 4 years on the day after Christmas, I go down and list the moments from anime this year that irritated me the most. Not necessarily the worst moments from anime because that would require me to get through more than 1 […]

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