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I guess this blog title is canon now

He was the cart driver all along  

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Does this anime have BL in it?

The anime viewer must always remain vigilant against two letters: L and B. No, not Little Busters, although you definitely shouldn’t watch that either. It’s BL, the horrific, sudden, and irreversible discovery that the new anime you have picked up turns out to have been a Boys Love anime. With gay people. Sometimes kissing. Or […]

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My anime character World Cup 11

World Cup starts today! What’s that, it’s being run by a horribly corrupt organisation that tramples over the poorest of societies, banking massive profits that could be used to assist the country it’s being held in as so promised when they bid to hold the competition in the first place? Sorry, I can’t hear you […]

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Of Giant Tentacle Slugs and Men: A Sword Art Online Episode 21 Fanfic

The two men held Asuna firmly in place on the floor, Reki continued, drool running in rivulets from his mouth as his fingers banged inelegantly on the keyboard. The thin one had her pinned to the floor, and the computer terminal that held her only means of escape sat open and unused, the logout button […]

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2001 Anime: Scryed/s-CRY-ed/SUCKURYDOH/Kazuma punches things

Kazuma wakes up. Kazuma gets out of bed. Kazuma realises that he has gotten out of the wrong side of the bed. This makes Kazuma angry. Kazuma punches wall.

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Up for the Irish Blog Awards

For the third year running, The Cart Driver is up for the Irish Blog Awards. The first year I was a finalist in the Best Blog by a Youth, but lost the final because the mother of the winner bribed the judges with cake and pasties (this has not been verified). The second year I […]

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Project Horizon on the Middle of Dick Punching

He might have been asking for something else when he requested a “fisting.” Once upon a time, there was a woman who came from the heavens above. “Lo,” this all-powerful goddess said to her minions. “I decree that you shall each watch an episode of the second season of Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere […]

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My Rating System explained

It appears that many people out there find rating systems complicated. Either they feel the need to explain precisely what each score means, or they fail to understand why people would use such a rating system in the first place. Why do you attach arbitrary numbers to what you watch? Some explanations of rating systems […]

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