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Blood Blockade Battlefront 1 – I Can’t Believe This Interdimensional God Monster Just Granted Me New Eyes?!

Please never look into my room at any time. Thank you. BBB definitely has a standard sort of premise. The world is more or less normal until one day an interdimensional portal opens and all sorts of aliens and monsters and what have you spill into the world. You’ve got folks with super powers who […]

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Sound! Euphonium and Houkago no Pleiades Episode 1: Starry Starry Eyes

Thanks to work and post-con illness conspiring to make me as unproductive a brick as possible while at home, I didn’t manage to get a Sound! Euphonium write-up done until a couple of nights ago. And then, to keep things somewhat relevant, I chose to add another moe show airing at a later date, because […]

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Punchline episode 1 – Cats having sex on youtube

Best joke of the episode. As for the rest of the episode, the overriding question is why. Why on so many levels. The plot is about a guy who is booted from his body (why) to be taken over by another spirit (why) and now whenever he sees panties twice in a row an asteroid […]

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Mikagura School Suite episode 1 – Yay anime!

First impression posts continue. Inushinde appears to be suffering from post con flu and I’m surprised he even managed to get the Plastic Memories post out. Meanwhile Shinmaru hasn’t taken part probably because he’s not allowed to write a first impressions of the new season of wrestling. So it’s left to me to act like an […]

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Ore Monogatari episode 1 – Adorable troll anime

Ore Monogatari is the story about an adorable big troll. He has leopard print shorts and a ginger afro reminiscent of a certain FAVAROOOOOOOO! He wants to make friends with people but he’s just not cute enough. It’s like a sort of reverse Shreck. Oh right, and there was also this other generic shoujo anime […]

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Seraph of the End episode 1 – Kill all the adorable children

When the important climactic moment of an episode has an evil vampire, for whom child prostitution metaphors have been dangling around uncomfortably, kills off an entourage of adorable children who had all been promised freedom and curry as their parental figures stand around and watch it happen in horror, you know you’re not dealing with […]

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Plastic Memories Episode 1: Moegan’s Run

I was hoping that I could start this with a joke at the expense of Plastic Memories’ name. Something like “Hey, it’s a shame that I won’t have any memories of Plastic Memories”, except phrased without the haze of sickness strangling my capability for wit. But no, Plastic Memories is just garden variety memorable—maybe it […]

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The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato episode 1 – Nothing happened today either

I will admit that I do not give every anime equal opportunity to prove itself. Sometimes I go into a new anime with high expectations and a huge benefit of doubt as it stumbles through early material because I have convinced myself I will probably like it. Other times, usually for light novel adaptations, I […]

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