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Nanananananananana’s Buried Treasure episode 1 – Noitaminanananananana

This sure is a positive direction to take the Noitamina block. I remember back in the day when it hosted award winning josei manga adaptations which otherwise weren’t getting made into anime, or ambitious high concept original sci-fi anime. Nobody wanted that though. What we wanted was an upskirt shot of a dark-skinned KanaHana(nanananana) voiced […]

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Knights of Sidonia Episode 1: The Characters Look Like Fish-People

The Innsmouth Look aside, I haven’t slobbered over anything this much just from the first episode since Penguindrum. What really managed to sell the series for me is two really brief scenes, and how it makes them work in conjunction with each other to create a vibrant, breathing world with only a few minutes of […]

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Ping Pong episode 1 – China saves the show

Anime fandom needs to upgrade how it talks about the visuals in an anime. When I see people talk about the animation in Ping Pong, it’s pretty evident that they’re not using the phrase correctly and are referring to something different. While I’ve got my nark on, we also need to upgrade how we discuss […]

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Dai Shogun episode 1 – Musashi Gundoh’s long lost cousin

This is awful. You should watch it. I’m actually a little staggered by Dai Shogun. This is an anime with big name talents behind it with as the writer of Cowboy Bebop Dai Sato. It has character designs that have clearly had effort put into it. It has an actual animation studio that can do […]

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Chaika the Coffin Princess episode 1 – Unicorn guts

While there are little niggly things about the first episode of Chaika that could only be called as “fucking anime bullshit”, I was quite impressed by the structure and storytelling capabilities of this episode. We establish our main character. He is a fighter of sorts who has fallen on rough times and is struggling to […]

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Akuma no Riddle Episode 1: Tokaku and Haru’s Excellent Sapphenture

Akuma no Riddle probably has one of the least informative first episodes of the season. All we know is that our protagonist Azuma Tokaku transfers to a school with a suspiciously segregated classroom of mostly assassins to kill one of the students, the mystery of which student is to be murdered is quickly resolved because […]

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Haikyuu episode 1 – Frowny face

Don’t worry mate, if your volleyball career doesn’t work out, you can always pursue a career in scowling. First off the bat, Haikyuu is the best animated thing this season. It was even better animated than the Bones anime original mecha series and that’s saying a lot. Some of this fluid animation is used for […]

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Brynhildr in the Darkness Episode 1: It’s Just Balls

Say what you will about the first episode of Brynhildr in the Darkness, but it made me go through an emotional exodus the likes of which I haven’t had in years. Or rather it was a constant stream of bemusement, before the episode finished and the preceding stream of absolute dreck caught up with me. […]

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