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Terror of Resonance episode 1 – Terrorism cures bullying

Terror of Resonance is about two teenage boys with Dark Pasts involving lots of dead children. Their names are Genki Boy, who thankfully actually has a brain and isn’t genki because his skull is filled with nothing but adrenaline, and Broody Boy, who lives in his own dark and serious chuuni world. According to one […]

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Sword Art Online II Episode 1: Gun Gale Online? More Like Gun GAAAAY Online

To answer the question that’s most likely going to crop up, yes SAOII sucks and probably will suck worse as it progresses, just like last time. And yes, the first episode does an abnormally good job of disguising this fact, just like last time.

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Akame ga Kill Episode 1: All Authority is Bad as Long as You Disagree With It

Say what you will about Akame ga Kill, but it sure knows where to place the annoying male childhood friend—in a cage to be tortured and slowly poisoned to death by a girl pulling jarringly silly faces. That doesn’t mean that the writing isn’t patronizing, but at least we won’t have to deal with another […]

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Shounen Hollywood episode 1 – Creepy idols

It took me until halfway through the first episode for me to realise the cast of Shounen Hollywood were supposed to be teenage boys. Supposedly they’re between the ages of 15 to 19. I thought they were in their 30s. When the main character started narrating about his early life, I thought he was a […]

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Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun episode 1 – Please don’t become the thing you’re parodying

Remember the name of Gangan Online, the online manga publishing arm of the Gangan brand. The manga that have been turned into anime that came from Gangan Online so far have been Watamote, Daily Lives of Highschool Boys, Barakamon and some crappy 4-koma about cute girls that nobody watched. Now they’ve got Nozaki-kun, which judging by […]

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Aldnoah Zero episode 1 – Terrible things happen to everyone

After this episode, I have decided what I would like Butch Gen to do next is a ridiculous parody of his own writing style. There was a scene at the end of the episode where two little innocent kids saw shooting stars and wished that the world would have eternal peace. It just so happens […]

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Barakamon episode 1 – Slow-mo old man face punch

Another season, another anime that people would have known that they should watch if they had just read my season preview. Too many times I caught people describing it as “urgh another pedo show in which dudes makes friends with loli”, which says an awful lot about what fucked up expectations anime has hoisted upon […]

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Tokyo Ghoul episode 1 – Tasty censorship

Tokyo Ghoul brings up an interesting question in my mind. For context, the story is a brutally violent one about our lead character becoming a cannibal. It’s a little more complicated than that and involves scary flesh eating humanoid monsters with creepy eyes, but the episode ends with the main character having a bloodied disembodied […]

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