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Winter 2015 anime first impressions – second take

It’s been tough to keep up with the new season. Between no internet and no laptop, I had to download anime illegally at libraries like some drug addict who had to keep his addiction going by burning random household medicines when his dealer disappeared. However I’ve finally caught up so it’s time to lay some […]

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First Impressions Bonanza No. 2

This has nothing to do with this season of anime — I just missed having the opportunity to use Hisoka and his glowy dong. As promised, here is the second batch of first impressions! I decided to stick to the same number as I had yesterday; thus, I watched a new show purely for the […]

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First Impressions Bonanza No. 1

Howdy, everyone! Usually The Cart Driver Dot Com is abuzz during the first couple of weeks of the new season, but with our Fearless Leader Internetally indisposed for the time being, we’ve fallen behind on first impressions. I cannot speak for my cohort, Inushinde, but it turns out my work schedule is not particularly suited […]

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Kantai Collection Episode 1: You Slightly Damaged My Sendai-Class Light Cruiser!

Kantai Collection, for the unititiated, is probably one of the most profitable franchises based around both a random number generator and vague endorsement of Japanese imperialism. Also there are ships that are girls, and girls that are ships. Keeping with tradition, the start of the anime is probably the finest adaptation of a random number generator/vague […]

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Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! 1 – Naked Rainbow Transformation

Any first episode of a show that features a naked guy dressing in magical clothing via bracelet rainbow automatically earns at least a look at the second episode from me. The quick skinny: A magical wombat from another planet arrives on Earth to bully a group of five high schoolers into become a fighting force […]

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Yurikuma Arashi Episode 1: Bearly Legal

I really don’t want to be too hard on the first episode Yurikuma Arashi, despite it being about as cohesive as two rocks duct taped together. I may find it aesthetically and narratively garish, but there’s an undeniable spectacle in two bears licking a lily sprouting from a girl’s chest, and the show may actually become translatable […]

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Shirobako episode 1 – Drag racing

My favourite part of this episode was the 5 minutes of fake-out at the beginning. You thought it was going to be a story about a bunch of high school girls in a club together being aggressively happy about everything, telling the story of an idealised youth. You know, that same story PA Works have […]

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Psycho Pass season 2 episode 1 – Girl Force

At the end of the first season of Psycho Pass, Akane had gone through a pretty significant shift. She had gone from this nervous rookie to a badass who jumped onto the side of moving trucks. Her more naive view of the world was broken but she kept her ideals and continued to fight for […]

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