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Steins;Gate Movie review

There are two kinds of anime movies from existing franchises. The first is made because the creators wanted to continue the story in movie format. The second is made because the original TV series gave them a lot of money and they didn’t want to waste the brand. Steins;Gate is the second type. Of that […]

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Steins;Gate episode 25 (DVD/BD special)

Remember this shot? Remember these characters? Remember when everyone was losing their minds over a visual novel adaptation for something other than emotionally manipulative melodrama? Remember Steins;Gate?

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12 Days of Anime #3: El Psy Congroo in Sardinia

After the shocking discovery that those people on twitter and in comment sections are, in fact, real people, let me rock your world again by informing you that I too am a real person. Yes, these wonderfully formulated packets of wisdom known as blog posts do come from the fingers of flesh and blood and […]

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Steins;Gate episode 24 (finale)

Typical, isn’t it? The final episode of the series I’ve being loyally covering for the past 6 months and the one time the internet fails me. But hey, here I am, enough about me and my desperate search across town for a working wifi connection and onto Steins;Gate episode 24. The finale.

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Steins;Gate episode 23

I really liked this scene. Where the two of them were sitting in the time machine and Suzuha said those white balls appear every time she travels, but nobody knows why. It gives this notion that there’s a vast world to explore in the area of time travel. There are other anime that do this […]

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Steins;Gate episode 22

Are you the kind of person who shuts off the video as soon as the ending song starts playing? Did you do that for this episode of Steins;Gate too, even though the ending song was different and you probably should have realised that something was up? If you did shut it off, then quick, go […]

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Steins;Gate episode 21

I’ve been struggling to come up with a topic to talk about in this post. There’s not much more I can say on Okarin at this point, beyond the fact that he has finally reached the end of his tether and started attempting suicide to change events. I can’t really talk too much about Mayuri […]

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Steins;Gate episode 20

Apparently going on holiday and not checking the anime news isn’t a good idea. I turned my back for barely 4 days and BANG Black Rock Shooter in Noitamina and Project Ice is getting an English dub. *sigh* oh well, back to the bread and butter of Steins;Gate episodics.

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