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Psycho Pass season 2 episode 1 – Girl Force

At the end of the first season of Psycho Pass, Akane had gone through a pretty significant shift. She had gone from this nervous rookie to a badass who jumped onto the side of moving trucks. Her more naive view of the world was broken but she kept her ideals and continued to fight for […]

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Psycho Pass episode 22 (finale) – We’ve been here before

The new face of Psycho Pass moe. I can’t say I was expecting this sort of ending to Psycho Pass. Mainly because I was expecting the story to…you know, actually end. Instead we get this weird downer non-ending where the main threat is dealt with but nothing is ultimately resolved and the whole cycle resets.

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Psycho Pass episode 21 – Cyberpunk Gandhi

Is this…moe? Rather reminiscent of episode 11. Also maybe this will stop people saying Gen Urabuchi is sexist because he writes female characters that suffer emotional trauma, which makes them totally different from the male characters who suffer emotional trauma in equal amounts. Because logic.

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Psycho Pass episode 20 – Stump speech

Moe Akane practically doesn’t exist anymore. She’s too steely faced and serious to offer any prime cutesy photo ops. The only way we get that Akane is if we get a flashback to her time prior to joining the police force. That’s some good old character development for you.  Go from moe to no moe […]

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Psycho Pass episode 19 – SUPAH OATS

Akane’s face when she realises I’ve been calling her moe the whole way through the show. You know the way the earlier episodes of Psycho Pass had the character travel to different locations that fleshed out the world they live in? How society runs and how people think as a result of the Sibyl system. […]

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Psycho Pass episode 18 – Derp faces

Lawdy me did this episode have some animation issues. I’d heard about them before I watched it so I knew what to expect, but it was still fun to laugh at the extended long-distance shots of people’s faces stuck on a in-between where all their facial features were distorted. Derp faces I’m sort of used […]

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Psycho Pass episode 17 – Over 200 juries

After me going on endlessly last episode about how dangling the Sibyl reveal over us for the rest of the series would be suicidal and only lead to disappointment, I feel a little bit silly that they pulled the Sibyl reveal in literally the very next episode. In amongst the many theories I threw out, floating […]

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Psycho Pass episode 16 – Good old fashioned punch-up

Because I’m getting bored of Akane moe pictures, have some Akane looking angry. Because there was quite a hefty amount of characters looking angry in this episode. Almost as many shots as there were of people getting into good old fashioned fisticuffs. Sure were a lot of people getting elbowed in sensible areas. Although my […]

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