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Space Bros beating the same gong

Upon returning from my self-imposed hiatus, the first anime I caught up on was Space Bros. The intent was to do a quick post summing up my thoughts on the latest batch of episodes so I could get back into the groove of episodic blogging. I figured this might be difficult though. Trying to cram […]

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Space Bros episode 3

In this episode of Space Bros, Mutta gets various items shoved up in his arse, proves he can blow for the longest (but gets narrowly beaten by The Girl) and dreams about his brother taking his clothes off. In short, a considerable improvement on the last episode.

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Space Bros episode 2

The readers have spoken. According to the poll on the sidebar, you lot want me to blog Space Bros. Admittedly I planned to take that poll more as a suggestion than gospel, so while I won’t be covering Tsuritama, Jormungand, Lupin III or AKB0048 (thank fuck), I can still cover Appolon, Eureka Seven or Mysterious […]

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Space Bros episode 1

Something is awfully strange about this spring. Normally a season lays out all its crappy fanservice titles right at the start so everyone can judge it to be crap after 3-4 days, proclaiming anime to be going downhill and all that usual rubbish. Instead, what they’ve decided to do is lead the season off with […]

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