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Nisekoi episode 10 – All girls get equal time

A lot of people like this show And while I watch without translation I fail to see why they bestow This one worthy of celebration Take this episode for instance Before we get into a war of words The show will never take a stance On which girl the guy leans towards

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Nisekoi episode 9 – Shinbo’s censorship innovation

From the harem genre’s bottom shelf Comes the hot spring episode trope I could write this episode myself Because it won’t go beyond that scope Nisekoi never had ambitions To be anything other than tame To resolutely stick to its guns So that everything remains the same

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Nisekoi episode 8 – Girls just want to be told they’re cute

My Japanese isn’t all that great But even if the sound was on mute I could still quite easily translate That all girls need to be is cute We have this girl who’s a badass But as soon as he starts to flirt She loses all grace and class And starts flouncing around in a […]

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Nisekoi episode 7 – IT’S A T-otally obviously reveal

I’m sure you were able to tell The big revelation in this ep Long before the reveal fell But let’s go through step by step If you did’t see it then oh dear You brain must be just mush and pap Right from the off it was clear It’s a trap, it’s a trap, it’s […]

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Nisekoi episode 6 – SHE SPOKE ENGLISH

OH MAH GAWD SHE SPOKE IN ENGLISH I understood something she said It’s not just nonsense gibberish Subs didn’t need to be read (Then again, after Kill la Kill And my massive social foux pas Even with English subs I still Might as well be watching it raw)

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Nisekoi episode 5 – Forced relationships

The floods over here have not gone But Nisekoi is still here So the no-subs viewing lives on And the halfway point is near This episode reminded me that This show is for boys in their teens For whom going to girls for a chat Is way beyond their own means

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Nisekoi episode 4 – Hairless gorilla

I continue to watch this vanilla With no translations to help me parse Whether he’s calling her a gorilla Or is my understanding a farce Why is she similar to an ape The comparison makes no sense to me It’s not appearance or body shape Unless there’s something I can’t see

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Nisekoi episode 3 – Childhood friend loses

I continue to download the raws While Shinmaru watches Sakura Kiss And for that he deserves an applause But Nisekoi, I think I might like this If watching English it would be hard To sit through dialogue this crap But when playing the weeaboo card I can look past it being total pap

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