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Parasyte episode 24 (finale) – How do you see me

So that’s it. Parasyte is over. I remember thinking the manga ended kinda poorly, basically tying off random loose ends for a while even though the main narrative ended back when Reiko died. Watching the anime version I was surprised at how much content and material there still was after Reiko’s death and started wondering […]

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Parasyte episode 23 – We are the real parasytes

I never really liked the final portion of Parasyte when it came to the manga. It’s something that stuck out to me back when reading the manga that after Reiko died, it mostly spun its wheels while tying up loose ends. It hadn’t bugged me as much while watching the anime which I suppose I […]

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Parasyte episodes 21-22 – Which lady would you choose

Which ship do you side with? In the space of two episodes, our hero Shinichi slept with two women. No don’t try to argue with me, did you not see them sleeping next to each other in those futons? It may be my preference for older women shining through but I would choose the old […]

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Parasyte episode 20 – Ultimate being

The way the mass murderer was talking about boss Parasyte, there was more than a hint of Ultimate Being to him. The creature is well on his way to become the perfect specimen that Cars was from the end of Battle Tendency. I don’t think Cars could turn his own arm into the literal finger […]

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Parasyte episode 19 – Humanity fights back

I have completely forgotten everything that happened after Tamura Reiko pops her alien clogs in the manga. I guess in my mind that moment was such a big coming together and tying up of so many of the anime’s central themes that my head just sort of checked out after that. Hence it’s actually a […]

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Parasyte episode 18 – Cyberpunk

So I don’t throw out spoilers in the opening paragraph for people who glance through posts while scrolling the site, I’ll instead mention how nice of a surprise it is that Parasyte has really caught on with English speaking fandom. It was top of ANN’s user poll for anime of the year 2014 (questionable when […]

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Parasyte episode 17 – Mother

Yessss I’ve been waiting for this moment. The bit where Reiko meets people in the street, pulls her head apart and completely shocking them, then running off laughing like a maniac. There were 3 moments from the manga I desperately wanted to see. One was dickhand. Then there was this moment, and finally one that’s […]

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Parasyte episode 16 – Ostrich legs

After a couple of not so hot episodes there, Parasyte has been back to its best lately. If I’ve remembered the sequence of events correctly, this current arc we’re on and how it plays out is my favourite part of Parasyte. The other Parasytes turning of Reiko, the police getting more involved, Shinichi’s latest revelations […]

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