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Durarara x2 episode 12 – The Shizuo show

Shizuo has had some pretty great moments in his anime career. His introduction cleaning out Izaya with a thrown bin then proceeding to punch a thug out of his clothes was his previous highlight. However I feel we have a new personal highlight for the short tempered blonde superhuman. The way the entire sequence was […]

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Durarara x2 episode 11 – Post punch up bromance

As soon as I finished this episode and had fastforwarded past the awful ending song like I always do, the first thing I did was go look up what the hell Kabaddi was. Sorry people of Central and South-East Asia, that’s not a thing that exists in Europe nor America, according to some reliable American […]

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Durarara x2 episode 10 – Cute Headless Horse

I really like that they’re giving Shooter, Celty’s horse\motorbike\chariot\van\glider more personality this season, making it an actual horse rather than inanimate object. The scene where Shooter felt all hurt that the little girl was afraid of him was pretty great because it’s one of the first times in the show you actually stopped to look […]

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Durarara x2 episode 9 – Escape chariot

Celty really has stopped giving a fuck whether anyone knows her identity anymore. She used to drive around only at night and even then with her lights off. Now she creates headless horse chariots in the middle of a busy street in broad daylight with multiple people videoing her on their phones. I guess she […]

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Durarara x2 episode 8 – Some movement

It was nice to see Durarara actually have some animation again. People actually moved. Arms gestured while people spoke and people walked across rooms as they saw something, instead of fading in and out as the animators forgot to do the inbetweens. That said we are hardly out of the woods yet. While we are […]

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Durarara x2 episode 7 – In-between animation? What’s that?

The animation had been bugging me a little in Durarara this season, although every time I meant to bring it up I instead went on weird tangents about how great Yahoo answers is. Any full shots of characters standing up made them look like overly long noodle people. Not quite XXXHolic levels but still distracting. […]

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Durarara x2 episode 6 – Someone introduce this man to wikipedia

This man’s entire life appears to be based around Google’s auto-complete first suggestions when you type in something generic like “why do”. I just tried that and got “why do we yawn” which is a damn good question. Although I also got “why do dogs sit on cats”, proving again Google’s auto-complete function gets us […]

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Durarara!! x2 episode 5 – Izaya’s selfie cam

I enjoyed the opening scene of Izaya recording himself on his phone and he rambled on about the price of the human soul and how much someone was willing to sell it for. Not necessarily for its contents, although I do like that they didn’t go for the stereotypical “everyone has their price” routine and […]

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