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Bakuman episode 24

I could go on about how utterly dreadful Bakuman’s romance is for yet another episode, but what would be the point in that? I’ve covered that enough already and will cover it again in the final review. Instead, I want to talk about what it is that Bakuman does well for a change.

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Bakuman episode 23

I read somewhere that JC Staff were one of the few animation studios directly damaged by the earthquake. As in, they were hit by more than just the rolling power outages. You know, a few shelves get knocked over, a couple of jam sandwiches fall off tables, that sort of thing. Yet they were back […]

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Bakuman episode 22

I was delighted to see Nizuma come back into the picture again, which is strange since his purpose hasn’t really changed beyond ‘make funny noises’. But if it’s funny noises that Bakuman needs to entertain me, then I’ll take all the funny noises I can get over romances that don’t exist lalala.

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Bakuman episode 21

What on earth did they do to Nakai’s face here? He normally just looks like a regular slightly tubby bloke. Here he looks like the star of a rape-themed hentai. Not that very many character’s faces remained on model in this episode anyway.

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Bakuman episode 20

This is me looking and my blog post backdraft. In an attempt to organise my posting routine so I wasn’t publishing 10 posts in a single week followed by only 2 the next, I organised a whole load of posts in my drafts in planning  publishing chronological order. Basically, I have enough material to write […]

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Bakuman episode 19

Damn, even a lightning bolt can’t get rid of Mashiro. Would you look at the thing. It split in two just before it was going to hit him. What bad luck.

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Bakuman episode 18

Super Hero Legends anime opening is 50 bazillion times better than the current your wuvu~. It would have been a pretty daring yet cool move by Bakuman if they had Super Hero Legends as the opening song for Bakuman itself. Not that daring moves are exactly Bakuman’s forte.

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Bakuman episode 17

Great, another episode of Bakuman to write about. How am I going to come up with something worthwhile to say this week? Oh well, might as well get cracking… Is what I’d usually but woah Bakuman, where were you keeping this episode until now? This is more like it. This is what I signed up […]

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