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Comparing 8 popular anime discussion forums

You saw the latest episode of Super Title Robot Anime Harem Can’t Be This Explosion and thought it was pretty great/terrible. But you want to see what other people thought of it. Maybe you want to tell other people what you thought of it. So where do you do this? Well, apart from the fact […]

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Masaaki Yuasa’s “Kick-Heart” Kickstarter anime project

The facts: Masaaki Yuasa, the director of Tatami Galaxy, Kaiba, Mind Game etc, launched a kickstarter for a short anime movie called Kick-Heart. The goal is $150,000 and they’ve managed to raise 2/3rds of the funds required after half of the time period they had open to donate. I’ve waited until now to post about […]

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The forgotten case of the Platinumhugen Ordian subs

I’ve been picking out some awfully obscure anime from 2000 thanks to that Favourite and Forgotten post series I’m doing, one of which is Platinumhugen Ordian. It’s one of the many Evangelion clones that populated anime back then, and appeared to die out once Gurren Lagann was made (although the latest episode of Eureka Seven […]

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Addressing some common complaints

This may shock you to hear, but sometimes people take issue with the things I write on this blog. I know! People getting angry on the internet. Fancy that. While I usually respond to these criticisms when they appear, I’ve noticed that a few of the same ones crop up repeatedly. So I decided perhaps […]

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British Television News Satire

Welcome to another addition to Nothing To Do With Anime Whatsoever. It would be rather difficult to write about anime anyway, considering I haven’t watched any in well over a week. I’ve been too busy composing my final year university dissertation, which is focusing on British TV news comedy shows. The main driving force behind […]

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Why Sakuga MADs rub me the wrong way

We all know AMVs. Spliced together scenes from anime to the backing track of the creator’s favourite song. Everyone has their stories of how a certain AMV got them interested in a certain anime (although I’m struggling to think of a personal example). However some AMVs cobble together clips from various different anime. Sometimes it’s […]

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The difference between Fanservice and Sexy

Fanservice does not just mean boobs and panties. It’s anything that has nothing to do with the story and is only there to please the fans. An example would be showing a shot of an older character who has nothing to do with this plot, but the fans happen to like. Say, for example, the […]

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It did not need more episodes

When an anime doesn’t end up quite as good as the concepts and plot it tried to tell suggested it could be, varying theories as to how it could have been succeeded get thrown around. One of the most common gripes is that it needed more episodes. Off the top of my head, anime I’ve […]

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