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Watching anime on Twitch was an entertaining experience

For about a week Twitch and Crunchyroll paired up to stream anime on Twitch. Crunchyroll picked a couple of popular and well liked anime from the past few years and you could tune in, jumping in and out with the live stream as the chat scrolled down the side. I tuned in for a few […]

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Eromanga-sensei Review: Not Just a Town in Australia

Eromanga-sensei is a show that I didn’t have high hopes for. I expected it to follow a little too closely in its more well known sibling’s footsteps, without carving a strong identity of its own. While it does carve out the core of what I think is ultimately a better identity, my hopes were pretty […]

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Why I Don’t Like Flip Flappers: More Like Flim Flammers

Flip Flappers is unquestionably a vibrant show, dead-set on imbuing everything with a sense of whimsy. Even the threat of the lead being melted alive in a cage above a lava pit doesn’t dampen the Flip Flappers’ spirits, nor does being stuck in the Village of the Damned’s underfunded boarding school. Unfortunately, its attempts at […]

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The Bokumachi Finale Will Probably Suck: Or Why Episode 11 Sucks

I can say that for the most part, this is a well-made show with a lot of love behind it. I like the characters, and for the most part it hit all the right emotional notes. But the penultimate few episodes left me in the cold, in the same way that a hamster using a […]

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Anime Expo 2014 — Days 0-1

The amount of Zvezda promoted at AX this year gave me hope for the future.

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I would criticise anime very differently if I thought the original author was reading

Generally while having any discussion on the internet about entertainment, you’re not thinking about hurting the feelings of the creator. OK perhaps some of you are arseholes and like yelling at famous people on the internet, but for the most part you just bash the latest crappy movie you saw in peace. The harsh words of […]

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5 Light Novel adaptations announced in one day – further analysis

The light novel publisher Media Factory, a subsidiary of the publishing conglomerate Kadokawa, announced anime adaptations of 5 of their light novel properties. Usually I cover this sort of stuff in the season preview, but the 5 titles in question all have very noticeable similarities and re-occurring traits. It would be remiss of me not […]

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Anime Blogging is dying, Attack on Titan is the biggest anime of the decade, and more

Let me start this post with a big disclaimer: It is incredibly easy to create false narratives using google trends. The service tracks how many people are searching for a specific term, so you have to take several things into account when deciding what these numbers mean. People could be searching for them in different […]

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