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Cinderella Girls and Letting Dreams Change: Why Bunny Girl Depression is Great

I never thought I’d get so into the context behind an insufferable bunny-eared girl crying, but here I am praising just that only a day or so before the newest episode. I’ll just pretend that I haven’t been working on this post on and off for two weeks, and just wanted to get it out before more […]

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Gakkou Gurashi and GATE Combo: Dawn of the Apocalypse Now

I’ve wanted to talk for awhile about GATE aping the iconic helicopter approach of Apocalypse Now, and how it was incorporated into the larger picture with the grace of… well, a helicopter gunning down overzealous Conan the Barbarian cosplayers. I’ve also wanted to write something about this latest arc of Gakkou Gurashi that wasn’t just […]

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Non Non Biyori Repeat Episode 4: Of Shrimp and First Graders in Creepy Costumes

Like Ren-chon, my first encounter with the death of a beloved pet came in first grade, with a small aquatic animal that I took way more pride in than I had any right to. Except instead of it being a bunch of shrimp that didn’t do anything but be cute in unique shrimpy ways, it […]

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The Labyrinth of Grisaia: I Have No Personality, And I Must Scream

I’ll say this much in admiration for Grisaia, it’s kind of amazing how it crams every tragic childhood cliché under the sun into a 47 minute-long special, while tipping its hand at every available opportunity to make every step of wacky misfortune not only unsurprising, but downright expected. Without wishing to spoil, it starts at […]

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I really like the Yuri Bear Storm finale

While I wouldn’t go so far as to say I wasn’t understanding anything from Yuri Bear Storm, I was sorta letting it wash over me with happy bemusement. There were bears and lesbians and a distinct lack of storms along with adorably cute children chasing pots of honey and a classroom full of girls with […]

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Shirobako should be required viewing for anime fans

I think that Shirobako should be required viewing for anime fans. Not because it’s a timeless classic that shapes the anime field before it, which is the usual criteria for deciding what is required viewing. Not even because it happens to be an incredibly good show, although that certainly helps. The moment I realised how […]

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Inaho is terrible and Slaine is great

There are loads of great anime this season. More airing at one time than I can remember in my anime viewing life. So much so that couldn’t decide which one to start praising first and my natural instincts took over. As the adrenaline kicked in I started typing furiously at a keyboard and suddenly realized all […]

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Secret Santa review: Mind Game

Every year the anime blog Reverse Thieves have been running a Secret Santa for anime bloggers where anime bloggers give each other 3 anime to watch before the Christmas period and to write a review on one of them. The one I got this year was the last big Maasaki Yuasa directed anime I had […]

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