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2016 Anime Catchup: My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is fairly clearly inspired by American comic books and culture. This is about much more than the superhero aesthetic though. It’s more a deeper, symbolic inspiration, a lot of which comes through All Might. His muscle-bound body bears a far greater resemblance to American superheroes than that of Japanese skinny Sentai heroes. His […]

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2016 Anime Catchup: Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Grimgar feels like the anime staff resented having to adapt yet another anime about teenagers being caught in a fantasy video game RPG and did their darndest to drag the story in a different direction to what the source material felt like. Or alternatively (since I haven’t read that much of the source material so […]

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2016 Anime Catchup: 91 Days

Otherwise known as the story of how a guy killed his entire family and blamed it on a can of pineapples. 91 Days comes to us from Shuka, the sorta rebirth of the old studio Brains Base now that current Brains Base is a pile of crap (think Trigger from Gainax). 91 Days appears to […]

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2016 Anime Catchup: Gundam Thunderbolt

Thanks to moving countries, dodgy internet connections and Overwatch, I’ve fallen behind on a bunch of anime this season. Series have been left half-finished, first episodes watched then never returned to. With the end of the year looming, it was time for me to go through a mega catch-up period so I can still be […]

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Shelter Review – 2016: A Space Meander

So Shelter is pretty good for a six minute music video. Hell, it’s probably the best six minute anime music video about a girl stuck in a simulation while floating alone in the depths of space written by Porter Robinson I’ve ever seen.

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Re:Zero Review: A Re:Zolution That Leaves Some:Zthing to be De:Zired

Well it’s certainly been a little while since I last made my existence known on here. Not that I haven’t written anything, but the quality of my writing tends to decrease dramatically when I spend an entire summer bombed out on unexpectedly good Domino’s pizza/booze/a combination of the two. Anyway, here are some thoughts on […]

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We need more lightning to back up this sweetness

I really liked the opening episode of Sweetness and Lightning. It captured something about cooking that so many other anime about cooking never do. They captured the joy in seeing someone you care about eating your homemade food. It wasn’t shounen battle cooking where the actual cooking could be replaced with anything and it would […]

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Big Order Review: More Like Big Snore(der)

The opening of Big Order is, far and away, its biggest redeeming element. I say this not because it’s exceptional, but compared to every other aspect of the show, it’s the epitome of artistic expression. As Big Order collapsed into the realm of inanity, the decent OP remained its only consistent feature, setting expectations to […]


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