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Tokyo Ghoul Episode 4: A Touching Story of Inexplicable Gladiatorial Death Matches and Overly-Deranged Villains

The more that I watch Tokyo Ghoul, in all of its heavily-censored, meandering, not-so-vaguely homoerotic glory, the more it brings back fond memories of my Vampire: The Masquerade days back in middles chool. I’m like those people who whittled away countless hours of their life in online games latching onto Sword Art Online and Log […]

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Returning to: Kaiba

If you want real massive anime boob action, you don’t go to Eiken. You go to Kaiba. As I outlined in my last anniversary post, I’m planning to return to a bunch of my old favourite anime, although it feels weird to call something from the spring 2008 season ‘old’. That was the first season […]

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Sword Art Online II Episode 3: A Fear of Finger-Banging

To fill space in lieu of Aldnoah-dot-Zero not being very bloggable, I’m going to resume something I did on my old blog and write weekly about an episode of any show that does something good, bad, or just distinct enough to warrant analyzing. This week, SAOII Episode 3 has Sinon reduced from a potentially interesting […]

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Mahouka continues to be awful

When I stopped blogging Mahouka, I figured that would be the end of my involvement with the series. Yet here I am, 15 episodes in and I’m still watching it. Sure I’ve started watching it at 3x speed, but still I have some kind of weird fascination with it. Since I know a whole load […]

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Log Horizon Review: More Like Log BOREizon

I’d like to imagine that this image perfectly encapsulates the only two responses to that title. Also the show. 

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Mushishi special Sun-Eating Shade

Mushishi was fairly successful when it originally came out. Which seems strange if you have any familiarity with the source material. It’s a slow, thoughtful, muted, episodic anime with no action or excitement or sexy men or women. It’s just about some guy travelling from rural village to rural village in pre-industrial Japan solving their […]

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Secret Santa review: Kanon (06)

Kanon is the the last of the Kyoto Animation animated Key visual novels that I had to see. Somehow I’d managed to watch all of Clannad, Clannad After Story and Air. While writing staff and directing staff differ slightly with each iteration, there’s an incredibly clear singular style between each anime. It’s a style that […]

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Secret Santa review: Maria-sama ga Miteru

I’ll say right from the start that I probably experienced Marimite in the exact way that it wasn’t supposed to be watched—half-drunk, marathoned over the course of two days (save the first two episodes) while furiously wrapping presents for an abruptly rescheduled Christmas family get-together, and with more of an eye for Yumi’s goofy expressions […]

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