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Hanamonogatari Review: I’ve Used Up All My Arm Puns

Out of every main Monogatari girl, Suruga’s always felt like the most neglected. I don’t mean in the sense that Hanekawa and Nadeko were neglected, in that their being inexplicably sidelined played a role in showing the pathos that dwelt beneath their unassuming exteriors. I mean that it genuinely feels like Monogatari forgets that Suruga’s also a […]

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Zankyou no Terror Episode 5: They Changed It Now It Doesn’t Suck So Much

Zankyou no Terror is the one show from this season that I did not expect to like as much as I do. It takes too much stock in obscuring important details for the purpose of crafting mystique, without actually building it on a solid foundation. It has yet to give the characters human motivations, or […]

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Tokyo Ghoul Episode 4: A Touching Story of Inexplicable Gladiatorial Death Matches and Overly-Deranged Villains

The more that I watch Tokyo Ghoul, in all of its heavily-censored, meandering, not-so-vaguely homoerotic glory, the more it brings back fond memories of my Vampire: The Masquerade days back in middles chool. I’m like those people who whittled away countless hours of their life in online games latching onto Sword Art Online and Log […]

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Returning to: Kaiba

If you want real massive anime boob action, you don’t go to Eiken. You go to Kaiba. As I outlined in my last anniversary post, I’m planning to return to a bunch of my old favourite anime, although it feels weird to call something from the spring 2008 season ‘old’. That was the first season […]

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Sword Art Online II Episode 3: A Fear of Finger-Banging

To fill space in lieu of Aldnoah-dot-Zero not being very bloggable, I’m going to resume something I did on my old blog and write weekly about an episode of any show that does something good, bad, or just distinct enough to warrant analyzing. This week, SAOII Episode 3 has Sinon reduced from a potentially interesting […]

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Mahouka continues to be awful

When I stopped blogging Mahouka, I figured that would be the end of my involvement with the series. Yet here I am, 15 episodes in and I’m still watching it. Sure I’ve started watching it at 3x speed, but still I have some kind of weird fascination with it. Since I know a whole load […]

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Log Horizon Review: More Like Log BOREizon

I’d like to imagine that this image perfectly encapsulates the only two responses to that title. Also the show. 

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Mushishi special Sun-Eating Shade

Mushishi was fairly successful when it originally came out. Which seems strange if you have any familiarity with the source material. It’s a slow, thoughtful, muted, episodic anime with no action or excitement or sexy men or women. It’s just about some guy travelling from rural village to rural village in pre-industrial Japan solving their […]

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