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Tokyo Ghoul Episode 12: The Taming of the Ghoul

When it comes to finales, I always think it’s best to examine them on their individual merits, and what they add to their shows in general. After all, this is how shows choose to end themselves. They can be excellent individual episodes while being shit for the overall narrative, or conclude everything else while otherwise […]

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Returning to Eden of the East

In winter 2009, Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter was making headlines on ANN about how it was blowing apart records for audience figures watching late night anime in Japan (despite not being as good as the first season). I was still a pretty new anime fan at the time and was only vaguely aware that anime […]

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Tokyo Ghoul Episode 9: Yes We Kaneki Ken

I don’t know if it’s because Hannahmontanagatari made me pay closer attention to how my shows are framed, but I’ve found myself really interested in how series are driven by their protagonists, and whether the methods are competent, or involve pounding masturbatory compliments about the main character into the audience’s collective skull. Of all the […]

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Hanamonogatari Review: I’ve Used Up All My Arm Puns

Out of every main Monogatari girl, Suruga’s always felt like the most neglected. I don’t mean in the sense that Hanekawa and Nadeko were neglected, in that their being inexplicably sidelined played a role in showing the pathos that dwelt beneath their unassuming exteriors. I mean that it genuinely feels like Monogatari forgets that Suruga’s also a […]

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Zankyou no Terror Episode 5: They Changed It Now It Doesn’t Suck So Much

Zankyou no Terror is the one show from this season that I did not expect to like as much as I do. It takes too much stock in obscuring important details for the purpose of crafting mystique, without actually building it on a solid foundation. It has yet to give the characters human motivations, or […]

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Tokyo Ghoul Episode 4: A Touching Story of Inexplicable Gladiatorial Death Matches and Overly-Deranged Villains

The more that I watch Tokyo Ghoul, in all of its heavily-censored, meandering, not-so-vaguely homoerotic glory, the more it brings back fond memories of my Vampire: The Masquerade days back in middles chool. I’m like those people who whittled away countless hours of their life in online games latching onto Sword Art Online and Log […]

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Returning to: Kaiba

If you want real massive anime boob action, you don’t go to Eiken. You go to Kaiba. As I outlined in my last anniversary post, I’m planning to return to a bunch of my old favourite anime, although it feels weird to call something from the spring 2008 season ‘old’. That was the first season […]

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Sword Art Online II Episode 3: A Fear of Finger-Banging

To fill space in lieu of Aldnoah-dot-Zero not being very bloggable, I’m going to resume something I did on my old blog and write weekly about an episode of any show that does something good, bad, or just distinct enough to warrant analyzing. This week, SAOII Episode 3 has Sinon reduced from a potentially interesting […]

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