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Sakura Trick 6 – Kiss Me Deadly

My knowledge of “songs that I can recall off the top of my head with ‘kiss’ in the title” has run out, so I’m going elsewhere. This is why you shouldn’t ask me for music recommendations. Also, I have no idea who even cares about these posts anymore — bless you if you do — […]

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Manga Driver: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Steel Ball Run

24 volumes (complete) The year is 1890. Entrepreneur Stephen Steel has unleashed his grand vision: the Steel Ball Run, a race across America where the winner will take home $50 million. Among the entrants is Gyro Zeppeli, an Italian immigrant who has reasons for winning the race beyond the cash prize. He joins Johnny Joestar, […]

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Hunter x Hunter 116 – NO SERIOUSLY THOSE EYES

This all went about as expected. Of all the things I enjoyed about this episode, the horrible human complexity thrust unceremoniously in Gon’s direction is probably what I liked most. (“Liked” in this case meaning “it punched me hard in the gut.”) Gon asks Neferpitou how Pitou could treat Komugi with such care while being […]

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Sakura Trick 5 – Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

Any time is high-five time. If you see a friend, and you are reasonably certain their hand is clean, then dole out a high-five. It is always appreciated. Aside from that, I actually thought the reveal of the “Snow White” play being speech-only was legitimately funny. On the one hand, who the hell would want […]

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Hunter x Hunter 115 – Those Angry Eyes

Hey there, Gon! You look pretty happy to see Neferpitou. It’ll be interesting to see how Gon and Killua react to Neferpitou patching up Komugi. Will they rush Neferpitou right away? Will they let her stay at work? Will Gon try to curbstomp Neferpitou and Killua attempt to hold him back? Without even fighting there’s […]

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Sakura Trick 4 – Kiss Them for Me

This week’s Thing That I Enjoyed In Sakura Trick: these two making assumptions without the proper context. It’s all little things like thinking that Haruka doesn’t spoil Yuu too much when she actually lacks the money to buy a stuffed animal, but it’s amusing. This is the risk you take when you conduct undercover journalistic […]

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Hunter x Hunter 114 – Riding the Dragon

Let’s all take a moment and appreciate how fucking metal this image is. It’s a Chimera Ant King and the world’s strongest martial artist riding a Nen dragon to their battleground. Everything about this is incredible. So much emotion in this episode! First we’ve got Gon and Killua heading straight toward Neferpitou. Who knows how […]

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Sakura Trick 3 – Kiss Kiss Fall in Love

(Wow, I’m the last one to post this time around. Yeesh. It’s been one of those weeks.) In each of these first three episodes there seems to be one moment I latch onto and enjoy, that makes me enjoy Haruka and Yuu as two girls in a budding relationship rather than anime girls in a […]

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